Zodiac Signs as Halloween Costumes – 2020 version

Zodiac Signs as Halloween Costume

2020 was not just a rough year. It was really weird. Frankly, I feel like all year was an endless Halloween, or as we should say… Samhain! The days were the Veil between the Realms almost diminish. This is exactly why I felt like we needed this article, because we actually wear a mask for a whole year! So what’s your Halloween Costume based on your Zodiac Sign?

Halloween Costumes for All Zodiac Signs

Well before we have some fun let’s remember why costumes actually exist. Dressing up for Halloween is a way to confuse the angry Spirits, who can come back during these days and seek revenge. Now you know. However, nowadays dressing up is mostly for fun. So why not make it in a way it we both have fun and actually project how we feel?

Aries: the Deadly Gift

During these past two years and especially the last one, you really feel like you had enough from all these responsibilities at home and from work. Therefore you feel like gift which once open you can unleash dark forces around. Instead of actually doing that, you can just dress up like this!

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Taurus: Haunted Witch’s House

Yes you feel great about your house and yes you love spending time in it. However, this year felt like you’ve actually haunted your own house like a frustrated spiritual force. So why don’t you dress like it? Express all this frustration with this costume even though you probably are still in quarantine!

Gemini: Sexy Vampire

You live for freedom and the freedom of speech and travelling. However, this last ‘Halloween Year’ put many restrictions on who you meet and hang out with. Therefore, you felt like a vampire, isolated in your castle waiting for visitors to come! So why don’t you dress like a Sexy Vampire? Why sexy? Because there’s nothing sexier like your brilliant mind!

Cancer: Lost Ghost

The last 12 months felt like a decade of emotions and weird thoughts. During quarantine you felt like you were hanging around in your own house, like a ghost for lost its way. So why don’t you dress like one? Halloween costumes are meant to make you feel better, even if few people or no one sees them!

Leo: Spooky Eye

This is exactly how you felt during the last months. Like a spooky spiritual eye, stalking your past and seeing again and again memories or visualising how things could or should be! Although, you could not leave the way you really wanted, you need to break free and feel better with yourself right now! So why don’t you dress like a Spooky Eye and enjoy yourself?

Virgo: Angry Raven

You are probably one of few people who took 2020 so seriously. First of all you’ve been advising people you love to wear masks, wash their hands and of course stay safe. Unfortunately not all could follow your advice. This made you angry like the wise raven, the sacred bird of Odin. Hence that’s exactly what’s your costume should be!

Libra: an Exhausted Zombie

This was a year full of changes and unstable situations. It goes without saying that 2020 drained your energy, trying to establish balance in a really unbalanced year. Hence, why don’t you dress up like an Exhausted Zombie trying to find peace?

Scorpio: a Poisoned Hard Candy

Yes, both poisoned and hard candy. Your charisma was not appreciated in 2020 as much as one could hope. This made you angry inside trying to show who you really are. Hence, you are both attractive and dangerous, exactly like a hard candy!

Sagittarius: a Toxic yet Cute Spiderling

Throughout all this year you’ve been planning and working but your effort seemed fruitless. Furthermore, you felt like no one appreciated all these extra hours you worked. This is why you felt like you wanted to bite people around you in a guilty yet really cute way. Hence, why don’t you dress up like a cute yet toxic Spiderling?

Capricorn: a Luminescent Skeleton

This was a very challenging yet interesting year for you. Both Jupiter and Saturn were in your Zodiac Sign, making it impossible for you not to have weird yet extremely powerful moments. You felt that Light and Death played with you. So why don’t you dress up like a Luminescent Skeleton?

Aquarius: a Cursed Cupcake

This was a year of amazing events which also kinda felt bitter-sweet at some point. Hence, your heart felt like a roller-coaster trying to find balance between thrill and despair. So why don’t you dress like a Cursed Cupcake to symbolise these mixed feelings you hold tightly in your heart?

Pisces: a Wicked Witch

You heard that power and changes were coming but you were not sure what kind of changes we’re talking about. Now that you’ve seen all this madness you kinda wish that this would all go away! But instead of acting like a mad witch, why don’t you just dress up like one?


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