Full Moon Finale of 2020 – December 30, 2020

Full Moon Finale of 2020 - December 30, 2020

The full moon finale of 2020 lands today in water sign Cancer. Nourishment, nurture, family and most importantly home will be the focus. For those of us who have been forced to stare at our four walls for much of 2020, this may seem like a cruel, cosmic joke. But this emotionally intense lunar energy is asking us to take a last deep dive before we head into 2021.

Questions Rising about Family & Nutrition

The questions arising are: ‘What does home mean to me?’ ‘What does it feel like to be nurtured and nourished? What does family mean to me?’ As the designer, William Morris said – ‘home is metaphor of the soul’ – look around with open eyes- how’s your soul doing? Is it bright, calm and clear or dusty and drowning in empty pizza cartons? The external reflects the internal and vice versa. Sometimes the issues on the outside are easier to see and by clearing up the outside we clear up the inside. The effort will be worth it – we need a clear, clean inner space to navigate the new year.

Full Moon finale of 2020

Many of us have lost loved ones this year, and/or been separated at crucial rites of passage- births, deaths and marriages. As we allow ourselves to feel our losses and remember our loves we are asked to consider what family values do we want to carry into the new year. Who are we blessed to have in our inner circle? Have we begun to be blind to them? Is familiarity breeding contempt? Are we desperate for space?

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by Davina MacKail

How to Wash off Psychic Debris

Take a breath, look deeper find compassion remember the love and return to kindness. We need to consider what we deeply care about because in 2021 we will need courage to stand up for our family rights and freedoms. Water will help your navigation through this emotional roller coaster- keep hydrated, take a long soak in a salt bath, a long shower visualising all your psychic debris washing off you, a walk by the river, a lake or on the beach if you live near one.

Full Moon in Cancer, the Crab

This sign’s signifier the crab, makes it clear – home is ultimately wherever we are – home is the eternal inner witness, our unchanging essence and sometimes a sideways shuffle is necessary for our survival. With so much full moon love and a large dash of courage inspired hope for the new year.

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