New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 14th 2020

New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 14th 2020

Total solar eclipse, new moon in Sagittarius today.  The ultimate new moon of 2020.  We’re moving into third gear, accelerating fast towards the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The biggest astrological shift for global consciousness in 200 years.  The winds of change are upon us fuelled by the fire of this new moon.  The stodgy, disciplined, patriarchal, stuck earthiness of astrological dominance in Capricorn gives way to the sweet humanitarian breezes of futuristic Aquarius.  More on this world changing shift in another post.

Energies of New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse

First let’s navigate the energies of this new moon.  Total solar eclipses are portentous events.  A power bomb thrown in the cosmic soup causing waves with far reaching effects.  What reveals itself over this new moon will grow to fruition over the next six months.  The fiery centaur asks us to contemplate what we have learnt in the time of Covid. Half man, half beast he invites us to reflect on right relationship with our co-habitants on planet earth.

We are an interconnected, highly intelligent biosphere where each species has a purpose for the health of the collective. We thrive through the paradox of unity in diversity.  This is the wisdom that our Sagittarian centaur teaches.  This is the abundance that Jupiter the ruler of this sign promises – right relationship with all our relations. Honouring the importance and significance of the sum of parts that gives rise to the greater holiness (wholeness).  History teaches us that when any individual entity grows too dominant, extinction and collapse is the outcome.

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Light at the End of 2020

Bringing darkness to our source of Solar light, our ancestors saw eclipses as omens of despair.  We can look to them for inspiration to mend our ways.  There is light at the end of 2020’s dark and twisted birth canal.  The year of double judgment is drawing to a close and this new moon asks what wisdom have we gained?  Can we see the truth of the destructive forces of huge corporations and industries that worship the false profit (prophet) at the expense of bio-diversity? Can we see through the veil?  See that as they seek the easily controlled and dominated homogenous vision that, left to grow unchecked, will ultimately destroy our species.  The wise Centaur says we need debate, we need diversity, we need ALL of our voices, we need to retain choice.  The right to choose, gives rise to the creative juice that creates the diversity that brings the holiness back to planet Earth.  Wishing you wise voices and new moon blessings with so much love.  [email protected]

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