A Prayer for the Earth (By Davina Mackail)

A Prayer for the Earth (By Davina Mackail)

Aho Great Spirit, Mother earth, Father Sky.  Thank you for this sacred gift of life.  This opportunity to pray together.  Thank you to your song flowing through us that allows us to live and love, dance and sing.

Prayer is an ACTIVE state. I am not praying for something. I am praying for us to BE this prayer. To embody it and live it – in every breath we take, in every step we make.  This is a prayer of re-connection. To one another as a species, to our cohabiting species and to this planetary home we inhabit.  We are who our ancestors prayed for. We are the ones they dreamt of. We are the inheritors of that ancestral wisdom.  As written in all the ancient prophecies this is a time of great change and great opportunity. A great awakening to a potential golden age. Each of us are the gardeners and the guardians of that age.

The seeds we plant now are the ones our grandchildren will inherit and their children beyond them.

- -

So what seeds are you choosing? The ones that will give birth to that golden age? Save our planet, our species and those species we cohabit with?

Or are you planting seeds of extinction rooted in continued apathy? Another coffee in a plastic cup, a plastic wrapped sandwich for lunch and a processed plastic meal for supper? Conveniently forgetting that there are 7 billion of us using and throwing away plastic items. Every. Single. Day. Indestructible plastic trash that goes nowhere because there is nowhere for it to go within a closed biosphere.  There is no place on earth or beyond, in space, including our own bodies, that we have not polluted with our crazy plastic ways.  Plastic is just one example of what happens when we abuse natural law.  There are many, many more.

We are not separate.  From amoeba to humans we are a network of relationships. Everyone and everything is interconnected. We kill nature, we kill ourselves – it’s that simple. So let us become the prayer of the honourable harvest – to take only what is freely given – the energy nature generously provides via the wind, the sun, the tides and the geo thermal currents. We are taught that it is wrong to steal.  Yet we shunned these free gifts of energy in favour of raping our Mother and stealing her oil.  The oil was not in right relationship.  It was not freely given.  But in time honoured truth of natural law that nothing ever goes one way – it gave birth to our plague of plastic.

This is a prayer for our continued faith that there are solutions because it is always darkest just before the dawn.  This awakening, this recognition of our incontrovertible connection to ALL does not come without pain.  Deep pain.  A pain we have kept ourselves from for far too long.  A pain buried in our endless distractions and addictions, from heroin to Netflix; Cocaine to Coffee; Alcohol to Facebook; sugar to gluten; fast food to smart phones.

As we rejoice in the blossoming of life may we also pay attention to what we feel in our hearts.  The pain and deep grief of our dis-connected selves.  We may find ourselves challenged as the wild in us begins to re-awaken. The frozen grief in our hearts may crack open and overwhelm us. Through acknowledging this pain, giving voice to this pain, allowing ourselves to feel this pain we will find the strength to make new choices.  May we awaken to the truth of how we are polluting our one and only home to the point of extinction. If we choose to remain asleep there will be no home for our children’s children.  Let this prayer be our collective voice of forgiveness: In the words of ho’oponopono – Dear Mother earth, I am sorry. So, so sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you, I love you.

Today we face immense challenges – social, ecological and political. We can feel overwhelmed and undermined by the sheer scale of the problems. But herein lies an opportunity, that together, collectively, hand in hand, we have the power to create the change we need.  Let us build a critical mass of conscious commitment to cleaning up our collective planetary mess.

Let us be the prayer that re-evaluates our priorities and intentions. A prayer that find opportunities and solutions. Let us become a prayer that aligns our daily actions and resources with our awakened values of creating a world that sustains all of us.

Let’s choose to be the prayer that remembers our connection to all living things. A prayer that brings forth our ecological consciousness – that singularly empowering sense of connection and identity with all life.  Let us be the beacon of hope for future generations. Let us be the ones that hand in hand, together, stood up, spoke up and made a powerful collective choice to actively create a sustainable habitat for honouring and supporting life on Earth. Let us be grounded in this prayer of possibility and responsibility.  Let us do it consciously and do it constantly.  We are facing the extinction of our species.  I ask you, truly – do you have something better to do today?

For All our relations, Aho.

- - -