Magical Portal of Manifestation New Moon 12th-13th January 2021


A magical manifestation portal opens for 2021 with the first new moon of the year between the 12th&13th January (depending on your time zone). Landing in earthy Capricorn, symbolised by the sea goat, this moon calls for an extraordinary intention for extraordinary times.

Magical Portal of Manifestation

There is no going back ‘to normal’. As the structures of our old world continue to crumble our new world is yet to be born.  Resilience sums up the energy required by this moon and for the year ahead.  As any mother knows, the final stages of labour are exhausting, it often feels there’s nothing left for the final push. We need to dig deep family, to keep focussed on birthing hope, faith and possibility. Let’s remember how extraordinary we humans are.

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Change is and has always been our only constant.  Modern living has largely anesthetised us to this truth. 2020 brought that reality back into sharp focus in painful ways. We are still purging the collective wounds of our individuated desires of assumed freedom.  But ultimately, we are a collective, a hive mind. Just as our bodies are a tribe of individual cells working within the shared vision of creating a human. That human collective works together creating the wider vision of humanity.

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New Moon 12th-13th January 2021

As our freedoms are curtailed, anger and rebellion are an inevitable result. Yet, if we are to truly birth new possibilities, we have to create new beliefs that will carry us through to the new dreaming.  To begin we need to rest in the nowness of our collective grief, acknowledge the deep sorrow of all we have lost. In the eye of the storm, we can find stillness, we can bring all of it home to ourselves and consider the deeper meanings.  Where are our old traumas still buried, old judgments, feelings of being unsafe, isolated, separated, less than etc?  What if we consider the possibility that this is all happening FOR us rather than TO us?  How does this new window of perception shift our choices? We are learning just how much of life we cannot control. However, we are in charge of our response and Capricorn’s earthy discipline helps with this focus.

What this New Moon stands for

This new moon is a sacred opportunity to get clear on our intentions and our strategies for moving towards them.  Find your inner lighthouse to guide you through the storm and when you have reach out and shine the light for someone else lost at sea, so they too can be saved.  In this way we can, together, one being at a time, reach the evolution of global consciousness that these times are calling for.  In this undertaking the sea goat lends us his gifts of determination, hard work and resilience coupled with emotional understanding and intuitive knowing.  His mermaids tail acts as the rudder of the ship that guides us up the mountain.  Conjunct Pluto, planet of transformation, regeneration and personal power this new moon is a sliding doors moment for each of us.  Are we setting our rudder towards our evolution or are we sliding into the abyss of despair?  The route is OURS to choose.

Be open to new opportunities and situations that arise during this next week they are likely to be powerful seeds for the future.  In the meantime, take a moment and reflect. 2020 was chock full of rare astrological alignments 2021 will be a quieter more reflective year of integration.  This new moon is the first portal of 2021’s integration so be aware it will stir the past as well as give rise to future possibilities.  The real question for each of us is – how are we changed? And what is our focus now?  How can we rise like the phoenix from the ashes of what we believed to be so?

Nothing is ever wasted, use the inner resilience you gained in 2020 to power you forward in your intentional journey into 2021. Capricorn carries a worldliness and a maturity.  We’re being asked to set our intentions from a new place of knowing rather than falling back into a nostalgic wishing for what has already died.  Conjunct Pluto it offers our souls the chance to grow through crisis. The sea goat will reach the mountain top – failure isn’t an option and there is plenty of cosmic support so ask for the help you need.  With so much new moon love to you all.


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