February Full Moon in Virgo – Cleaning & Healing

February Full Moon in Virgo - Cleaning & Healing

Full Moon in Virgo today.  The emotionally intense cosmic waves stirring our inner cauldrons during early February together with Mercury retrograde have forced us to face uncomfortable aspects of the past.  With the strong elemental focus on air our inner conflict will be mirroring external conflicts; the deep need for freedom enslaved in restriction. Analysis paralysis has ruled much of this entry into 2021.

February Full Moon in Virgo

The arrival of this earthy, early Spring moon (northern hemisphere) feels like a salve for the soul.  Finally, we get to ground and enjoy the blossoming of Spring.  Virgo brings its practical, organisational finesse to our scattered, frayed psyches.  It shines a light on the chaos and starts the re-ordering process.  We can lean into this moon’s energies and trust the guidance re-structuring our way forward.  We take a collective deep breath as the foggy road ahead starts to clear.

2021 will prove to be a transformative year but for now we can trust our inner process and progress.  We can stand on solid ground and trust the Earth beneath our feet.  There is a deep calm in this moon that reminds us of our internal power.  It teaches us to trust the changes and transitions as part of the natural order of things. To allow ourselves to be internally guided to a more hopeful destination.  How can you find peace within your current shifts?  How can you embrace and flow with the change rather than create the friction of resistance?  Any steps towards this inner soothing will pay masses dividends in your wellbeing.

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Energy of the Full Moon

Full moons usually ramp up the cosmic energies to warp speed but this one is softer than most. It knows our nervous systems are already overwrought.  This creates space to see the shocking events that may have occurred in the run-up to this moon from a new perspective.  Once that is revelational in its ability to create the internal shifts we need.

Cleaning & Healing

The virgin goddess who signifies Virgo was complete within herself, independent of the need for a partner as she connected to her true self.  This gift of self-knowing, self- care and self-love is the true power of this moon for all of us.  Reflect on what stops you from accessing your true self – bad habits? poor diet? busyness? addictions? Self-doubt?  Virgo symbolises purification and cleansing.  If we are to evolve as a species a collective cleansing of the past is essential.  Each of us is responsible for our part in that process. If you can spend time bathing in the full moon rays tonight and let her wash away those blocks and resistances and call yourself fully back to yourself.  If the Virgo super critic starts to wiggle its way into your thoughts drop back to your heart and breathe in the love.  Your higher self, your heart wisdom knows the way – let it guide you home.  With infinite full moon love

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