Libra full Moon Sunday March 28th – A New Chapter for Relationships

Libra full Moon Sunday March 28th – A New Chapter for Relationships

Libra full Moon Sunday March 28th: As the new astrological cycle gets into its groove our fundamental human story emerges for another turn of the wheel. Finding the balance of the ME and the WE, allowing the paradox of seeming separation and ultimate unity. Sunday’s full moon in Libra, in opposition to the sun in Aries, delivers this story through the lens of personal relationship. This lunar force is seeking the harmony between the Aries, yang, masculine individual impulse and the Libran, yin, feminine partnership one.

A New Chapter for Relationships

These two opposing but complementary forces walk towards each other across a bridge, as they meet on this full moon, they merge, and a totality is formed. In the meeting they discover they are simply different sides of the same coin and that together they form a powerful whole. With Chiron, the wounded healer currently traveling through Aries, the themes that arise will be soul deep. It is not time to bury or lick our wounds but to use them to fuel our evolution. Venus reminds us that we can do this through compassion and self-love.

A Grand Trine alignment between the Moon, Mars, and Saturn softens this full moon bringing, protection, flow and grace. Whilst Mars and Saturn usually force us to face our inner and outer demons, this trine brings welcome assistance, the will to power through blocks, to find structure and stability within our projects and determination to continue. It is a cosmic message that whatever our current struggles, there is a golden thread that will lead us through.

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Libra full Moon Sunday March 28th

That’s the dream, our human selves may create a few wobbles on the bridge before the urge to merge is reached. We are being asked to seek balance between our personal needs and the needs of our relationships. Aries signifies ‘self’ and Libra ‘other’. The power of the moon will illuminate where Aries authority issues are out of control. We only have to read a news headline to see this playing out daily on the Global level. Aries values truth over Libran tact which can cause a few inner cauldrons to bubble over. Luckily, Libra’s airy diplomacy has the upper hand bringing the right words at the right time allowing the necessary compromises to be found that will feed the health of the greater good. As this new cycle begins, we are different, the world is different, we have all evolved and adjustments of all kinds need to take place. With Venus in perfect alignment with the Sun there is genuine potential for resolving deep rooted conflicts.

Expect heightened emotions, potential drama and the occasional revelation. To navigate, invite conversation, pause and truly listen with all of yourself. Be present. Heart open, senses open. Notice how the words land in your body, feel into them, savour them, taste them, receive them before attempting to respond. In this way truth, balance, growth and joy may be found. The lunar energies are supporting us to accept the changes we need to make. To graciously let go what no longer serves us and encourage and embrace what does, bringing a new harmony into our relating. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

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