Sundays New Moon in Aries – ‘Can Do’ on Steroids

Sundays New Moon in Aries – ‘Can Do’ on Steroids

New Moon in Aries: Between Sunday and Monday (depending on your time zone) we land in the new moon energy of Aries. The zodiac’s fiery first-born gifts us with a brief return to innocence giving us the courage to go where angels fear to tread. This energy of the pioneer is beautifully aligned with the rising sap of Springtime (northern hemisphere). Newness, innovation, inspiration, fresh starts, beginnings and all things bright and bold will be grabbing our attention during this courageous new moon.

Sundays New Moon in Aries – ‘Can Do’ on Steroids

Those Piscean dreams of last month are now ready to take roots and be acted upon. The bolder, brighter and more courageous that impulse for action the better. Aries loves to be first, ahead of the game. Living life on the edge, riding the wave of bliss on the edge of chaos. This is not the time to follow the herd. This moon asks you to be the pied piper. To sing the soul song of your tribe and lead the march on a merry dance of inspired, impulsive action.

Ruled by go getting Mars, Aries brings ‘can do’ attitude in spades this new moon. After the stultifying energies of global lockdowns, we have the cosmic kick ass sass of a firecracker burning through blocks, opposition and obstacles with the white light of truth. The Emperor’s new clothes don’t stand a chance against this wildfire of pure courageous innocence. And oh, doesn’t it feel good? Deep gulping breaths of freshness, newness, movement. Like the spring bulbs exploding with colour nothing can stop this exuberant need to bloom. It’s time for passion, desires and dreams to steal the march on fear and lead us into the promised land.

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Action, progress – not, burn out

The underbelly of this moon warns against overly competitive energies. The ‘Me, Me Me’ clarion call of the unruly ego. So last century. Haven’t you heard? The new kid on the block is smart collaboration, unity in diversity, community. Overextending your focus can also be an issue. Action, implementation, progress – not, burn out, remember. Another good reason to call in that team, share the pain and raise your game. Aries is about power. We need power to start an engine, light a fire, ignite anything. But true power is never that of ‘dominion over’. No, true power lies in ‘relationship with’. That’s worth remembering when the need to ‘be right’ threatens a brilliant idea this month.

It’s time for a new story, or at least a new chapter. As you turn to face the blank page what adventures are just itching to be lived? They will want to be lived with all of you. This fiery moon doesn’t think much of half hearted, half measures. It’s time to ramp up the ante, invite your wild heart to the party and play full out. Because if not now, then when? Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

Aries New Moon Ritual

Both the sun and the moon basking in the house of the Zodiacs first born are pumping out some powerful manifestation vibes right now. This ritual is designed to tap you into that power.

You will need some sheets of paper, pen and an envelope.

Give yourself the gift of TIME for this ritual. Set aside an hour or so of uninterrupted ME time. Set your sacred space. Light a candle, burn some incense, play some beautiful music, take some deep breaths and spend a few minutes dreaming into your heart’s deepest desires.

Say the following invocation out loud (or choose one of your own if you wish):

“Aho Great Spirit, I give great thanks for this year and all I have been gifted. Thank you for bearing witness to my dream that I am calling forth from the unmanifest. With your help I trust we will spell my dream into the manifest for the highest good of all beings, and so it is and so it and so it is, blessed be.”

Now it’s time for some Aries new moon ACTION and serious SPELL casting. We spell our world into being through our words that’s why it’s called spelling. Speaking words is one thing but writing those words down amps up their manifesting power exponentially. Our writing hand is directly connected to the heart along the heart meridian, where all our deep truth and unmanifest potential lies.

Take your paper and date it one year from today ie 11th April 2022. And now write a letter to your future self as though that were you best friend (it is of course!). Telling her/him what an absolutely amazing, unbelievable, magical year you’ve just had.

EG “Dear Bestie, Ohmigod. I can barely write fast enough to share all my news. Wow what an incredible year 2021 was. It surpassed my wildest dreams and expectations. It began with me being offered the job of my dreams. I’d always wanted to work with young children and then a friend of mine introduced me to….etc etc

Writing in this way engages the feelings and emotions that are a fundamental ingredient in any manifestation spell.

Take as long as you need to complete your letter and really enjoy the excited feelings of writing it. When it is finished, sign it and then breathe 3 times into the letter to energise the spell. On each out breath say, “and so it is, it is done”. Put the letter in the envelope and seal it. Write on the envelope ‘To be opened 11th of April 2022” and keep it somewhere safe, perhaps under your altar cloth, or in some other sacred space until you get to open it one year’s time

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