New Moon Aplenty! By Davina Mackail

New Moon Aplenty! By Davina Mackail

New moon in earthy Taurus arrives May 11th. Ruled by Venus planet of love, beauty and money we’re being asked to look under the bonnet of our core values. For many of us recent months have been plagued with an intensely uncomfortable, unknowing. Humanities patriarchal program of “progress at all costs’ has experienced an enormous, pandemic shaped, pattern interrupt. Our psyches are still reeling from the illusion of certainty shattering. We’ve yet to develop the tools to carry us into our brave new futures.

Questions tumble in and out of the gaps between ‘next episode’ binges. What do we want? Where are we heading? Who the hell are we? Do we still have a job/business/office to go to? Are our friends and family still speaking to us because we disagree with them? Will it ever get back ‘to normal’? ‘What’s ‘normal’ anyway?’ ‘Did we like that normal? Do we actually want it back?’ ‘What’s the alternative?’ ‘What now?’

New Moon Aplenty!

This grounded, new moon helps us regain trust. Trust in the ground beneath our feet. Trust in our hearts knowing. Trust in the simple rhythms of life, the inhale and the exhale. The cyclical rhythms of nature that we have forgotten; birth, death; re-birth. Stop to smell the spring blossoms; walk barefoot along a sandy seashore, hug a friend. Tantalise and enliven your senses with tastes, sights, smells, sounds and touches of sensuous beauty.

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It’s a window of verdant opportunity before eclipse season and Mercury retrograde launches us back into potential chaos. In its wake it brings an exquisite gift when Jupiter, sails into Pisces on Thursday. This planetary wish granter has been stymied by the influence of Saturn for the last 17 months. Now it takes a great cosmic sigh of relief. Using Pisces dreamy waters to carry its gifts of luck, abundance, expansion to all who still believe in the deeper dreams hiding in the chamber of their hearts. When doubts plague you and you simply don’t know, it’s time to let go. Let life, float like the leaf on the river, surrender, be carried. This new moon suggests you may well land on a shore more splendid than any you could have dreamed of. Wishing you infinite new moon love.

New Moon Ritual

Our homes as well as our bodies can energetically stagnate over time. To make the most of Jupiter’s magical abundance prepare your space to receive with this magical space clearing ritual.

  1. Write a list of your dreams. Stated in the positive as if you already have them and be specific! e.g. “I am truly grateful for the 3 new clients I have had each week this year”.
    Clear your clutter; empty bins and vacuum the house.
  2. Remove any jewellery and put a line of salt across the entrance of each door. Leave the salt in place for 24hrs before vacuuming. (this soaks up the negative energy)
  3. Walk round your home clapping or drumming loudly as you go.
  4. Walk round your home a second time burning a sage stick or an incense stick.
  5. Wash your hands to clear any negative vibes from them.
  6. Stand at your front door looking in and imagine a white bubble of light completely encircling your home. You home is now clear and protected.
  7. Walk round one last time calling out your list of goals and any other feel-good emotions you’d like to fill your home with. E.g. laughter, joy, love.
  8. Burn your list of goals and put the ash in a new plant, water well and watch your dreams grow into reality.
  9. Expect miracles!
- - -