Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon in Sagittarius – Time to Reboot the Hard Drive! By Davina Mackail

Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon in Sagittarius – Time to Reboot the Hard Drive! By Davina Mackail

Fasten your seatbelts. Eclipse season starts with a cosmic fireball – a full blood moon eclipse in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. This baby has the potential to blindside the best of us. Eclipses necessitate a re-boot; a re-vamp a re-order and a re-think. The Centaur’s bow is loaded and pointed: at truth; beliefs; law and order. Jupiter, the Archer’s ruler is squaring up to both the Sun and the Moon ensuring the ‘what’ of the reveal will be big and has nowhere to hide. Core be(lie)fs will be shaken, not stirred. Expect revelations, epiphanies, hard truths, upsets and questions, questions, questions.

Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon in Sagittarius

After the dark the light is blinding, and the shadows stand out in stark relief. Sagittarius won’t stand for the pretenders – are you wo(man) for the job or not? Glass ceilings will be shattering under the pressure of the Archer’s arrow of truth. With its unnerving ability to penetrate right to the hurt and heart of the matter. You may wriggle in desperation to escape but better surrender and allow the truth to be revealed. Old programs need disrupting. In the process we can feel betrayed, dis-honoured, let down, deceived. Remember we are ALL reflections and aspects of each other. The one’s that hurt most are the wounds we need to rip the plaster off first. Let them heal under the light of day not fester in the darkness. It is the truth that sets us free.

Time to Reboot the Hard Drive!

Saturn went retrograde in Aquarius on the 23rd and Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th. Double, triple, quadruple check your facts before mounting your high horse. Otherwise, you may find yourself dis-mounted and dis-counted at the first hurdle. Saturn’s old patriarchal structures are being challenged by rebellious Uranus. Those structures have ruled the roost for many a century it will take the element of surprise and the energy of rebellion to topple them. With retrograde energy mixing with the eclipse, we’ll feel bewildered and confused. But Confucius say that’s just what we need – a Be Wilding of self. Have you checked your inner truth versus be(lie)f rating lately? Where’s your inner wild one wanting to roar? What do you care about? What’s worth standing up for? And where belie the ego projections that are best let go? We are in uncharted waters. The old is crumbling. But therein lies an opportunity – to build anew in the spaces created. To rise like the phoenix from the ashes of those old programs. They don’t work in the new reality. We need to birth a new philosophy.

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Go gently. The cosmic waters are currently volcanic. Take time to dream into your future. Feel where your joy wants to be expressed. Listen deeply. See it clearly. Then when you take up your bow, centre your being, fire your arrow of inner truth – you know, with absolute certainty, it will reach its target. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Eclipse Ritual – Communing with our Inner Child

Our strongest and often simplest be(lie)fs are generally created in childhood e.g. “I’m not enough…”; “I don’t deserve…” etc. This lunar ritual offers an opportunity to check in with your inner child to see how s/he wants to celebrate a new story.

Do this ritual once the sun goes down in the darkness during the full moon period. Before you begin set your sacred space. Cleanse and smudge your space. Cleanse and smudge yourself. Turn off all electronic devices and ensure you will be undisturbed for an hour or two. You will need a candle and a notebook and pen.

Light your candle and spend some time taking calming breaths to let the mind relax, come into your body and drop into your higher awareness. You may like to call in your guides and angels to help you with this process.

And now imagine……

You find yourself sitting under a starry sky around a sacred fire. As your eyes become accustomed to the firelit scene you see that your child self is sitting opposite you. You feel delighted to see her/him and are looking forward to catching up with them knowing that you have all the time in the world to allow what needs to be spoken. You can see how excited your young self feels to be with you round the fire, camping out under the stars. With this conversation there are no expectations, no judgments, no limits. This is dreamtime space just for the two of you….

When you feel ready begin the conversation by asking some or all of the following questions? Remember if you receive an answer you don’t understand ask for more info.

What if you could do anything, what would you do?
What sets your heart alight with passion?
Where in the world would you most love to live?
What story do you want to write about your life? What kind of hero/heroine are you?
You have as much money as you could ever dream of. What do you want to do with it?
What do I, your adult self, need to remember about you?
What wild dream do you want to come to life?
What adventure would you love to undertake?
How do you most want to be loved?
What would you love to invent? What problem does it solve?
Is there anything else you dream of you want me to know?

When you feel complete. Thank your young self and write in your notebook all the answers. Look back at the end and feel how they ring true for you. At this point you may like to make a promise to the Universe that you will use these childhood dreams to guide your new adventurous life from this moment forward. You will also vow not to let any old limiting beliefs hold you back.

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