Full Moon in Aquarius July 23/24 – Time to Design the New Paradigm Davina Mackail

Full Moon in Aquarius July 23/24 – Time to Design the New Paradigm Davina Mackail

Full Moon in Aquarius July 23/24: Full moon in Aquarius this Friday/Saturday depending on time zone. The first of two full moons in Aquarius. Time to embrace the inner rebel and the outer paradigm shift that human consciousness is clamouring for.  Awakeners, disrupters, change agents and visionaries – THIS is your moment.  A double full moon in Uranus-ruled Aquarius is doubling the cosmic drive for an innovative, cutting-edge approach to pretty much everything.  Aquarius embraces the paradox of this AND that by being highly individual AND collaborative at the same time—just the energy we need to redefine our relationship to self and each other.

Often referred to as the ‘thunder moon’ this lunation also falls in the second degree of Aquarius, whose Sabian symbol is ‘an unexpected thunderstorm.’  With the Sun having just birthed itself from the womb of watery Cancer into its own home of fiery Leo we find ourselves in the midst of fixed Air meeting fixed Fire. Spontaneous combustion is possible, particularly on the Global stage.  Watch closely! When the sparks die down, what creative phoenixes are we calling forth from the ashes?

Full Moon in Aquarius July 23/24

Despite its cool, eccentric nature, the water-bearer is the carrier of the collective consciousness. Its deepest desire is philanthropic and humanitarian. It wants to heal the world and for everyone to thrive. It knows that for this to happen we need to embrace diversity and technological advances.  It is no coincidence that the heralded ‘Age of Aquarius’ coincides with the greatest advances in the technosphere. Just last month, not one but two individuals made it into space. While that is only within reach of the super-rich today, their dream is to make it available to all.

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Aquarius’s superpower is its ability to allow our authentic, imperfect selves to flourish in collective belonging. Birthing a world where we genuinely celebrate difference and can embrace all. Airy Aquarius abhors convention.

This double dose of Uranus-fuelled lunar power asks us to accept ourselves, warts and all.  Check out all the ways you try to fit in or suppress your true feelings.  Yes, it could get a little explosive as you begin to peek above the parapet, but the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term discomforts.  Friends and family may not initially support your views but don’t let their insecurities dampen your enthusiasm. Ultimately, the water-bearer’s motto is ‘live and let live’ – ALL are welcome, all opinions are worth considering, no idea is too weird.  If we can open our humanitarian hearts to embrace this inclusive cosmic gift, bolts of inspired genius will surely result.

Full Moon in Aquarius July 23/24: A Utopian Vision?

Got a Utopian vision? An unconventional dream? A quirky invention? Dust it off, share it with friends, experiment and play.  Use the coolness of Aquarius’s objectivity to collaborate, communicate, invent and innovate.  Let the winds of change blow through. When in doubt choose the road less travelled, trust your authentic self and lead us all to pastures new with hope, optimism and humanitarian teamwork.  Let the (r)evolution begin!

Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon in Aquarius July 23/24 Ritual: With the elements of fire and air egging each other on under the influence of this full moon we need to keep a cool head and an objective view.  To do this practise 4 element breathing to keep your system in balance.

It is good to start and end your day with a few minutes of this breath technique you can also use it whenever you feel stressed, overwhelmed or unheard.

Take a pause, maybe place a hand on your heart to reconnect with yourself, notice your surroundings, settle more deeply into your body and…..

Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4 and hold for a count of 4… continue the same pattern for at least 9 rounds.

Let your breathing settle back into its normal pattern for a moment or two before continuing with your day.

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