New Moon in Cancer July 9-10th – Time for Radical Self Care by Davina Mackail

New Moon in Cancer July 9-10th – Time for Radical Self Care by Davina Mackail

The theme of new moon in Cancer this July 9-10th is ‘home sweet home’.  Aspecting all three outer planets, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, it’s a transformative new start. The burning question is what does ‘home’ mean to you? Family? The four walls you live within? Your country? Your town? Planet Earth? Something else?  Ultimately as the crab symbol suggests home is wherever you are. It’s an inside job.  The crab’s hard shell reminds us of the boundaries we need, to keep our soft, eccentric soul selves safe from predatory aspects. Just as a physical home needs strong walls and doors to protect us from the elements.  As within so without – always!  Ultimately feeling at home is about sinking into radical acceptance of wherever we find ourselves, even when that place is scary, challenging or less than optimal.  It is from this deep acceptance that new possibilities arise.  

New Moon in Cancer July 9-10th

We’ve emerged from the craziness of eclipse season and this moon offers us solace and a sacred opportunity to make radical changes in our approach to self-care.  Eclipses rattle our inner cauldrons, blast open what’s lurking in the corners and, if we’re doing our homework, gift us with a quantum upshift in consciousness. They bring changes that outlast this moon cycle and embed themselves in our psyches for good. 

Our physical temple is our true home.  Where does yours need some attention?  This is not just about diet and exercise. The crab’s sense of home includes feelings of safety and security.  Do you feel safe within yourself? Have you ever even asked yourself the question? Until you serve yourself you cannot serve another. Despite what we are conditioned to believe it is not selfish to put your needs first – it is essential.  Radical self-care begins with gentleness, forgiveness and compassion for self.  It’s also about the courage to stand strong and protect your boundaries if called to. The bigger our lives get the more important self-care becomes.

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On the global stage we see how the issue of “safety’ has been writ large this last 18mnths. The truth of that propaganda lies within each of us. It is imperative we find security within our own being.  How can you find the balance between the hard outer boundaries of safety and the inner softness of heart compassion and connection?  Can you find that place of deep loving peace that self-parenting gives rise to?

With the focus on home this deep dive into hidden emotions could give rise to conversations and transformations within the family hub.  Neptune lends a dreamy, idealistic quality to proceedings and Uranus is in sweet aspect to the moon.  Summon your courage, find your voice you’ll be surprised how your feelings are accepted and understood.  Let the magic land at home but keep your feet firmly planted in the earth.

In Cancer the moon herself is at home, feeling strong and ready to nurture and nourish the seeds we plant. Use this lunar energy to re-vamp your homes, create that perfect nest, gather with your families and generally enjoy the ‘tribe’ vibe.  Allowing ourselves to accept and offer support is the sacred reciprocity that keeps life loving.  The more homespun the better.

Overall, this moon phase offers a harmonious opportunity to initiate new pathways glimpsed during eclipse season. But Cancer’s amniotic waters can also birth vulnerability, overwhelm and a desire to evade our personal questing.  Old wounds can be triggered, and emotional waves might need to be surfed. Those emotions are inner truth serum. Let the feelings flow and you will grow.  Healing breakthroughs guaranteed. Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

New Moon Ritual

Midsummer in the Northern hemisphere is the time of Mugwort (Artemesia). A Master plant ally for all witches.

She thrives in the liminal spaces. Often found on the sides of roads or the edges of fields. She has many magical properties, especially for women, and is the plant to work with during all female rites of passage; maiden, mother, crone.

She is also a protective guardian of thresholds. For this ritual you are going to find a local source of Mugwort (google images for recognition). She grows tall and has a silver underbelly to her feathery green leaves. She will also have flower pods at this time of year.

When you find her, before picking her, ask her permission and tell her that you are harvesting her to protect your home for the next year’s cycle. Ask her to only allow blessings, abundance and good energy to cross your threshold. Ask her to align you with your highest purpose in life (She’s excellent at that!) and assist you with your dreams.

Leave a gift in gratitude. This can be a pinch of tobacco, a little alcohol, a song, a poem or even a hair from your head.

Pick a bunch of Mugwort, always being mindful of the honourable harvest by not taking more than you need. Tie with string or a ribbon and hang above the main entrance to your home. Now the Spirit of Mugwort will bless and protect all energies that cross your threshold for the next year.

You can also dry some leaves and flower buds, sew them into a pouch and put under your pillow to aid your dreaming.

So mote it be.

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