New moon in Leo and Lion’s Gate Portal – Dream Big – it’s Manifesting Heaven! Davina Mackail

New moon in Leo and Lion’s Gate Portal – Dream Big - it’s Manifesting Heaven! Davina Mackail

Coinciding with the peak of the so called ‘Lions Gate Portal’ this new moon is a manifesting dream come true.  Dust off the passion projects hidden in the ‘one day’ folder.  It’s time to take a chance on yourself and boldly venture where you have never adventured before.

New moon in Leo and Lion’s Gate Portal

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a modern name for an ancient astrological event signifying a time of renewal and advancement.  It occurs for a few weeks during Leo season (hence the name) when the Earth and the Sirius star system align with Orion’s belt.  During this time Sirius, often referred to as the ‘Spiritual Sun’, rises in the Eastern sky as the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo sets in the West. This year its peak moment coincides with a new moon on August 8th.  Eight is the number of the Strength card in the Tarot, another symbolic Lion, symbolising infinity, power and abundance.  The 8th also falls on a SUNday this year.  These synchronous events amps up the cosmic charge to warp factor, making this a prime time to dream big.  No excuses! Make the time to plan your intentions for the cycle ahead.  This heavenly aura of creative, confidence boosting, solar power will be showering you in golden rays of delight.

The Sun and Sirius are also connected to the heart.

The Sun and Sirius are also connected to the heart. This new moon is delivering a massive cosmic love bomb.  Honour your sovereign selves and harness your inner sunshine and shine people, shine!  This is a time of romance, flirting and fun.  Basically, open your heart and love like crazy. Spread that high vibration love vibe wherever you are and see the cosmic portal respond in kind.

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Of course, with the big ears of the Universe listening intently, it’s good to keep our thoughts clean and focused. Whist generally benevolent there’s at least one cosmic clash capable of upending the manifesting cart.  The Sun and Moon are both squaring up to rebellious, wild child, Uranus. Unexpected bolts of lightning will undoubtedly scupper the best laid plans.  Instability, chaos, unpredictable and sudden events abound. Don’t resort to explosive anger born of frustration (a common Leo trait) instead look closer at what unexpected brilliance has emerged from the chaos. You might discover a hidden gold mine or an innovative solution to an old problem. Leo is not known for its pragmatic realism. Some of these crazy breaks may need revising further down the line. But for now, follow the inspired flow.

At times it will feel like a turbo charged rocket launcher but trust the singed edges of your relationships will survive the fallout and blaze forward anyway. This fireball needs to find its destination. Let your voice find its truest expression of open minded, imaginative, playful exuberance.  Leo is a fixed sign. That leonine stubbornness can hamper shifts and make unavoidable changes more explosive if you don’t allow what needs to re-arrange itself flow freely.

The darkness has nowhere to hide…

The darkness has nowhere to hide under the blaze of the Lions sunlit gaze.  Confidence boosting, life affirming cosmic rays are shining bright. Yes, it’s tricksy, unexpected, chaotic but also progressive, innovative and tolerant.  Traverse the wild plains of this moonscape with childlike glee and giddy joy.

You could find the direction of your life utterly altered by the time you emerge from this cosmic fireball. Trust what comes is for your highest good – especially if it excites your inner child.  With Mercury in sociable Leo and Jupiter in future-minded, inventive Aquarius, creative ideas, inventive solutions and self-expression will feel caffeine fuelled. An unprecedented opportunity to initiate changes that will last way beyond this moon cycle. Unleash your inner child and get messy. True creativity is always preceded by chaos and this moon delivers both in spades.  Breakthroughs before breakfast anyone?

An unnerving sense of impending change can be exhilarating and unsettling. Take heart, gather your Lion’s courage, listen to the free spirit within, state your intentions and move towards them.  Cosmic gifts are being delivered faster than Amazon Prime, but they do require a proactive approach. Sometimes, impulsive rash acts of heart centred crazy is just what the doctor ordered. Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

Lions Gate Portal – Leo New Moon Ritual

The Leo new moon coinciding with the Lions Gate Portal is a cosmically supercharged moment for manifesting your dreams. Make the most of this powerful energy with this abundance ritual.

Create a manifesting altar somewhere in your home. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Create it in a way that when you gaze upon it you feel rich and overflowing with gratitude. It’s good to put it somewhere where the sun shines on it for some of the day to supercharge the activation.

Place items on it that remind you of your dreams – these could be pictures; photos; ornaments, your vision board etc. To enhance the current solar energies, use yellow, orange and gold items. A vase of sunflowers would be perfect; citrine, tigers eye and pyrite crystals; gold framed photos of those you deeply love or inspiring quotes in gold writing; yellow/orange candles etc. Let your imagination run wild. Also place a grouping of 8 – this could be 8 seeds, or 8 crystals to activate the infinite possibilities power of August 8th (8/8) Lion’s Gate.

When your altar is ready.  Light a candle on it and some incense (frankincense is good for abundance). Say a prayer to whatever higher power you believe in to call in energy to awaken your altar and energise your sacred items.

Clear your mind, relax your breathing and meditate for a few minutes.  When you feel ready write two lists.  One made up of 8 beliefs, habits, things you no longer want in your life and the second list 8 passionate life dreams you would absolutely LOVE to manifest.  Tear up the first list and throw it away or burn it and scatter the ashes.  Place the second list under a gold or yellow candle on your altar.  For the next 28 days until the next new moon on September 6th.  Light your altar candle every day and spend a few minutes imaging how wonderful your life will be as your dreams come true.

So mote it be……

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