Full Moon in Aries October 20th – Turbo charged Expansion

Full Hunter Moon in Aries on October 20th.  Creating a Cardinal (initiating) T-square between Pluto, Sun, Moon and Mars.

Full Hunter Moon in Aries on October 20th.  Creating a Cardinal (initiating) T-square between Pluto, Sun, Moon and Mars.  Situations can escalate to boiling point out of nowhere.  Intense doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Pluto insists on bringing out what’s hidden – humanity’s toxic waste that needs to be witnessed in order to be transformed.

Full Hunter Moon in Aries on October 20th. 

Globally we can expect more insanity from our governments, more economic instability, more revelations of corruption as matters continue to unravel.  It’s not pretty with paranoia, coercion and jealousy invoked by Pluto’s cosmic power plays.

This incendiary force does not just apply globally. The desperation to control whilst everything is disintegrating is heightened at this moon. Compulsive and obsessive behaviours, patterns and routines that no longer serve you will come to a head.  What do we need to stop doing as a human race and what do we need to stop individually?

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We’re all in this together.  There is no me and them. That’s the real power on offer here. Which is why those currently cresting the human pyramid are doing their utmost to stop us connecting and realising.  Divide and conquer power dynamics abound.  True power comes through relationship not ‘dominion over’.  Because life works through relationship.  The primary relationship being with our home, the Earth.   An organic sentient being who we need to understand, re-connect with and learn from.  This IS the big shift.  If we are intent on surviving as a species.

Fiery Passion

At 27 degrees Aries the Moon is opposing Mars in Libra. This is chaos driven by purpose – accelerating our human evolution as we breakdown in order to breakthrough. Libra’s need for harmony is being overridden by strong cosmic forces that are urgently insistent on action.  That fiery passion burning in your heart needs to find an outlet.

Full moons are culmination or breaking points. Aries rules the head. Matters are coming to a head. What’s true and what’s not?  This full moon Mars-ruled Aries is champing at the bit for a fight.  Issues could spiral out of control.  The saving grace is that Mars remains in Libra where he has been learning to cool his jets and channel his inner diplomat.

Maintain your peace.

Maintain your peace.  Master the arts of non-judgment and non-attachment. Blowing up your life for the sake of employing a little diplomacy is a small price to pay. The resulting rewards of clarity and rapid expansion are well worth pressing the pause button for.  Aries favours sprints but this is a marathon. Anger lowers your frequency, yet this is not a time to rest on your laurels and do nothing.  No, the time for compliance has passed. Turn the anger around and create the courage to act on what you believe in. Aries always fights for the underdog and with expansive Jupiter lending his power it’s time to light the torch of justice.

This energy has been building up for a while.  Three powerhouse planets, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, shifted into first gear this month and now Mercury has joined them. That’s a big shift forward.  With an emphasis on truth and freedom. New visions have been brewing.  This dynamic, yang cardinal energy is achievement-orientated.  It demands less navel gazing and more action.  What is it that you are itching to initiate?  What is asking your most courageous self to stand up?

The old order is crumbling.

The old order is crumbling. Over the next six months we will see a series of events that will irrevocably change our landscape. Where is your energy focussed?  Turn it towards what you want to manifest not what is in its death throes.  There has been a lot of activation between the new moon and this full moon.  You have a new awareness about who you are and what you need.  A sense of Self is returning but it’s a new self. More balanced from having journeyed through your most compelling relationships in the last two weeks.

It’s tempting to want to do it all right now. There’s a lot calling your attention.  But balance is key. There’s always time to take a pause, tune in, is this a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’?  Aries allows you to trust what you want and need.  Personal sovereignty is key. Some things in your life are wanting to expand rapidly. They won’t be hard to ignore as higher understanding and revelation coincides with this full moon.  We are always learning.  Whether we learn through pain or joy is up to us.  Aries favours courage to pursue freedom and outrageous dreams of a better world.

turbo charged time of great endings and wondrous new beginnings.

This is a turbo charged time of great endings and wondrous new beginnings.  Impulsive and reactive. Cool the intensity by remembering the peace, bliss and stillness that you can find in nature and within yourself. Love is the highest frequency so the more we can open into the closed places of our hearts the more we can accelerate the momentum of this birthing process.  Become masters of high frequency existence grounded in nature. Find this inner stability so, you can remain strong and clear in your decisions.

This moon holds the potential of Grace, a turning point for us all.  To get there we need to lean into opportunities and be wary of irrational, hot-headed impulsiveness. Good choices are ones that lead to a happier, healthier life not ones you spew out in anger.  Channel the Aries fire power to boost self-belief and potentise your dreams. One thing’s for sure there’s no in-between with this moon.  If you blow it up there’s no going back.  Keep present to the powers of kindness and compassion. Wishing you infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual for October 20th

With hot-headed fire sign Aries illuminating this full moon we need to bring some balance back with a cooling, cleansing, water ritual.

Limpia is the name for a mind, body, spirit cleanse using herbs, plants, flowers and water.

If you don’t have a bathtub you can use a foot bath, or a bucket poured over your head in the shower.

A limpia can remove stagnant, negative, angry energy around or within you.

Create your bath on the full moon in Aries, or within 2 days of the moons peak.  As you prepare your bath, be mindful and focussed on your thoughts and give gratitude to the herbs and plants you choose.  Thank the plants or flowers for removing any heavy, stagnant energies.  Pray into each herb, oil and flower you use before adding it to the water.

Use your intuition for the herbs and flowers you choose.  You know what it is you most need right now. Some suggestions include Rosemary for clearing your mind of negative thoughts and bringing clarity. Rose petals for softening the heart and increased compassion and self-love. Basil cleanses the aura and encourages prosperity.  Mint cleanses and awakens the auric field. Thyme balances your relationship to time. You can also add a few drops of essential oils in addition to or to replace the fresh herbs.  Frankincense purifies and raises your vibration.  Lavender calms and relaxes.  Peppermint cleanses and awakens.

For beauty and colour therapy add flower petals or heads of blossoms that call to you.  You could even add crystals if you felt called.  Rose quartz is an excellent bath companion for bringing you back into your inner truth.

Once prepared, soak in your limpia for at least 20minutes.  During his time feel any heavy energy simply wash off you and spend time focussing on what you are bringing into your life under this potent full moon energy.  Dream big with no limits.

It is good to wrap up warm and rest after a limpia, journal or play some soothing music or go to bed if you are ready.

So mote it be…..

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