New Moon in Libra Oct 6th. Time for Radical Renewal

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

A radical new moon in Libra on October 6th heralds a cosmic upswing.  The great planetary juggernauts, Pluto (6th) spiritual transformation, Saturn (10th) contraction and Jupiter (17th) expansion are grinding their gears to a halt in preparation for shifting forward once more.  These mighty beasts take time ramping up to full power but here on planet earth we’ll feel the quickening despite Mercury continuing to retrograde until October 18th.

New Moon in Libra Oct 6th.

So, what have we concluded during these months of recapitulation? We can all sense the old is dying.  This prophesised shift in the human story is not easy.  The structures we have relied on, handed responsibility too, are creaking at the seams.  These ancient vehicles can’t propel us to the promised land.  We need to birth the future by the choices each one of us makes.  The overarching Aquarian energy governing these times says the foundation of the new needs to be based on the needs of all humanity not the economic privilege of the few.  We need to move from the unsustainable choices that are creating our collective destruction to sustainable choices that will ensure our survival for future generations.  

Libra’s drive towards balance, equity and harmony is governed in each moment by choice.  Do you choose to continue feeding the corporate monsters or are you choosing to consume differently?  These choices can seem bleak.  We’ve become addicted to the apathy of one click consumerism.  The dopamine hit of deliveries via inbox or doorstep.  But do they really make us happy? The statistics on depression and sickness suggest not.  We can only heal our world be taking responsibility for healing ourselves.  Step by step.  Breath by breath.  Choice by choice.

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Libra’s time

Libra wants to relate.  Her scales balance the energy between me and we. We find equilibrium through connecting to each other.  How does my choice affect your choice? Do we both get to win? Or does one of us tip the scales at the demise of the other? Separation is an illusion. We are profoundly interdependent and all of life is relationship.  

In my ‘new normal’ each of us takes responsibility for creating a healthy immune system for self, other and planet by becoming aware of the relationships we have created both internally and externally.  In this new normal corporations and governments make choices that primarily benefit planet and people not, profit.  That means choices towards clean air, clean water, nutritious food, reduced pollution etc. A world where effective ‘alternative’ healing modalities become mainstream. AND, we listen and support each other, finding the balance in the relationship that allows healthier choices to be made.  This is the technology of LOVE in action that Nature teaches us.  

Are you ready to make evolved choices? Choices towards the greater good of all? Yes, I know, we are exhausted, overwhelmed, confused and conflicted.  But that is a state constantly engineered via the ‘fear machine’ to keep us from the radical renewal required.  We have the choice to refocus, reset, rebalance.  To step away from the tilted scales of HIStory towards the rebalancing of Mystery (my story). Our planetary survival depends on it.  

We need to surrender into uncertainty and remember life is ultimately a game.  Are you up for playing?  And what kind of player are you? A good loser?  A team player? A strategist? A competitor? Or a collaborator? 

Nature of the New Moon

This new moon forms an exact conjunction with the Sun and Mars at 13 degrees of Libra.  That’s A LOT of cosmic juice creating a radical transformational impulse. Mars is initiating Libra’s need to act for justice and truth.  A New moon equals a new start.   Justice – it JUST IS. Do we fight for justice or by sinking deeply into the ‘just isness’ of life do we find a path to peace?  It can feel contradictory.  Mars wants justice for ‘me’, and Libra wants justice for ‘we’.  Yet paradoxically that strong sense of Martian self-determination allows us to collaborate effectively.  IF, we are working towards a genuine win/win.  If we continue with the old paradigm of ‘winner takes all’ then expect serious fights to erupt.  Libra continues to seek the balance between choice and compromise but admittedly she has her work cut out. She asks: can we serve truth rather than victory?  If we can pivot our energies towards Libra’s ultimate aim of coherency and away from dissonance there is nothing we cannot, together, achieve.  

We’re being pulled out of our perceived limitations.  Relationships are shifting, merging and diverging forcing progress within our inner and outer relating.  We are ALL human.  We all hurt. We all bleed. We all get scared.  And we’re all capable of supporting and collaborating when we perceive the real, vulnerable human behind the opaque screen of an opposing view.  Hate is a perpetually hungry ghost.  Love always has more to share.

October is a pivotal month marking the start of some game changing choices.  Six out of ten planets are in air signs.  Plus, the north node is in air sign Gemini.  Communication is KEY to this moon’s energy.  We’re approaching a huge fork in the road. A divergence in consciousness.  Air signs inherently conjure awareness of our dualities. Above, below.  Internal, external. Masculine, feminine. Being, doing etc. Choose wisely and be aware of where your attention is focussed.  It’s all too easy to get dragged into the soap opera of the 3D realm where mayhem and chaos will continue to reign.  Polarities will swing wildly as the pivot point seeks its equilibrium. 

Plans start to take off.  Ideas, socialising, communications, collaborations, new ventures.  It’s an active month offering us opportunities to capitalise on recent ideas and bigger inspirations.  We’ve been through a process whereby we recognise a little more of who we actually are.  Our new selves are itching for a trip down the catwalk.  No more compromise or comparison.  But before we preen and strut the wise amongst us will take an internal stock check on our deepest desires to ensure our GPS is pointing in the right direction.  What you most want, what you’re deeply feeling needs to be honoured and acknowledged.  Once you’re orientated, take the action. The cosmic currents are geared to swiftly carry you forward.  

Smooth, soften and slide your way through the first two weeks following this moon.  You will feel greater clarity and an acceleration. Gracious charm will conjure more miracles than wilful force. But it won’t come naturally. It will require conscious awareness.  It gets better with a spectacular full moon on the 20th…..whoa, there’s that Mars energy wanting to rush ahead! Ending with the wise words of Marianne Williamson:

“It’s a collective pregnancy, a collective labor, and a collective birth. Not neat and organized, but messy and chaotic. Not without fear, and not without suffering. But something amazing and extraordinary is on the other side of it”

Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

New Moon Ritual

Balance is represented by the element of Earth. Balance primarily comes from being grounded. Slowing down and connecting in with ourselves.  Life is constantly in motion so we need to check in with ourselves again and again and again….. This ritual I recommend as a daily practise to keep you balanced and grounded.  

Grounding and re-balancing Ritual – 

We are constantly stimulated these days with an overload of information constantly bombarding us.  Now more than ever we need to cultivate a daily practise of tuning into ourselves and simply reminding ourselves of our connection to the Earth.  

Go outside or into nature. If you live near a wood or have a park with trees nearby go there. Leave your phone at home. Find a place you can relax. Take your shoes and socks off feel your feet on the earth.  Say the following to yourself or use words that suit you better: 

“I am connected to the earth.  I am grounded and supported by the forces of nature. I am part of the earth and she is part of me” 

Sit or lie down without needing to “do” anything for at least 10 -15minutes. Listen and notice the trees, sky, birds, animals etc. Take it all in without needing to react to it in any way. Follow the natural pattern of your breath letting the inhale and the exhale remind you of the cycles of nature. Feel supported by the Earth beneath you and with each exhale relax a little deeper and feel held a little more fully.

End by giving thanks to the Earth and all that nourishes you. You can leave a single hair from your head as a gift if you choose too or sing a song to the tree that has supported you.

So mote it be….

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