Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 19th – Birthing Your True Self Davina Mackail

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 19th – Birthing Your True Self Davina Mackail

Friday’s full moon partial eclipse (physically the longest eclipse of the century) brings a Changing of the Cosmic guard.  From the Gemini/Sagittarius axis to the start of an exploration of the Taurus/Scorpio axis.  Falling in earthy Taurus opposed Scorpio expect an emphasis on material security, land, property, values, secrets, power, control.

Lunar Eclipse November 19th

This partial lunar eclipse affords us time for rest especially if we feel overwhelmed.  It’s the longest eclipse of the century.  It marks a changing of the guard from the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse season axis. To the Taurus/Scorpio axis – six month start.

‘Money, Wealth, Material possesions, Land, Real Estate, Economy, Survival Needs, Values, Debts, Food, Secrets, Power, Control, Surveillance, Persistence, Determination, Beauty, Nature, Earth, Protection, Loyalty…..’

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A Beginning

Sun and moon opposed squaring Jupiter in Aquarius.  Whatever is going on in your lives is going to be magnified good or bad. This is expansive energy.  We’re being pushed beyond our comfort zones – we have to push boundaries growth spurt is essential. Jupiter in Aquarius is pushing you to be the true individual, unique you.  That demands courage we’re programmed to ‘fit in’ so to stick your head above the parapet takes guts.  Uncomfortable to speak your truth, you will need persistence and the courage of your convictions. 

Ready to answer?

What do you want to go beyond?  Where do you need to stretch into new realities?  What’s the grit in your oyster shell?  The itch in your pants?  What are you choosing to accept that if you were true to yourself you wouldn’t put up with it?  Are you willing to risk the herd response to honour what is true for you?  We know TRUTH when we hear it.  Now is a time to be attuned to this more than ever.  When you do speak out – do it consciously with awareness?  Do not fight like with like.  Do not become crazed in response to the craziness? Breathe.  Freedom and Control Uranus versus Saturn still poking humanity from above. 

The dismantling isn’t always happening easily – challenging but a more powerful sense of purpose than ever before.  We’re bringing in higher frequencies of love.  We’re learning to honour each other’s unique gifts.  Think of the astonishing garden of Eden we could birth if we allowed each seed of humanity to blossom to its own design.  Beyond the invented social constraints we have imposed upon ourselves over the centuries?

Delayed gratification. 

Self-control is a worthy trait – if we blow ourselves up it doesn’t help anyone.  Energy body will fluctuate massively – exhaustion and fired up equally interchangeable.

What is Taurus triggering in us? Uranus in that house – wealth, survival the economy etc We know material pleasures don’t ultimately bring happiness, but Spiritual treasures have the possibility to do exactly that. We’re re-engineering a new balance.  Practise loving kindness to all beings.  Taurus likes habits so time to cultivate some good new ones – random acts of kindness.  Use this powerful eclipse energy to set new positive habits for yourself.  Especially spiritual inner strength – the external structures are going to break have you built the resilience to weather the transformation.

Keep out of the drama deepen into the dream.  It minimises the emotional impact of shocking news.  New communities emerging that will be more aligned with your emerging values – perhaps you will begin one yourself.

Reclaim your Power

Reclaiming and clawing back your sovereign worth.  Stronger clearer and brighter and what uniquely supports you.  What am I investing in? Is it in alignment with my values?  Lightning bolt of insight and evolution is possible.  Big disruptive, ground-breaking changes continue on every level of being. What is the highest expression of your unique gift? Expect beliefs and values to be challenged of what is possible for you?  Something is being lit up and coming into awareness.  Sudden clarity is possible.  Blasting through at high frequency. Survival energies are present especially around power dynamics have you put up or shut up because of the inequal power dynamic?  The heart has been holding this secret seed for a long time – we need to know our self-worth, so last century.  Know your self- assurance.  It’s not connected to the old paradigm of act/reward – Pavlov’s dog needs to die and trust your inner seeds.  Do that and you have the ability to sail into eclipse season on a raft of new energy and self-assurance.  Accept all of you – and stay grounded – this is owning all of you.


Can we learn to live with genuine respect for each other’s sovereign self.  Can you embody your true highest self.  We each carry a seed of unique genus in our DNA.  Sometimes there has to be a forest fire that destroys everything in order for a very specific seed to blossom.  Our ancestors foresaw this time and the potential for our seeds of consciousness to blossom.  So be ready for something new coming through from deep within you.  Be wary of power dynamics – rise above, know your clear grounded own worth.  Creating the foundation within yourself that can handle anything that the 3D party pooper throws at you.  We’re breaking through some deep levels of human karma.  We have a choice are we going to perpetuate the old story or trust we hold the seed and a major role in the new one.

Watch the triggers – you won’t be able to avoid them – they serve to teach us where we need to change, where the shadows are hiding.  Acceleration in consciousness – have we reached the tipping point yet?  Deep themes and profound healing possible.  It’s tough admittedly but then the effort you put in is equal to the output received.  So, the work is absolutely worth it.  Involve yourself where you feel supported and accepted, withdraw from those places where you are not being supported.  New realities are being born.

Intense and transformational pivotal eclipse season going into next year. Eclipses are portals to the higher realms and downloads are possible.  This one close to the North node – our future destiny.  The collective purge continues.  Exaggerated responses to news freedom and human rights.  Expand your network find your likeminded support system.

Mid- month is strong energy.  Shocking news and information continues.

By 17th Mars is opposed Uranus – sudden, earthquakes, the pressure cooker explodes.  Frustrations erupt.  Political and geographical earthquakes.

Venus is trine Capricorn digitizing of the financial system.  AI will increase Aquarius supports this future technological – whether we like it or not it’s here to stay.  Aquarius brings benevolent tech – shadow side brings the exclusion of the heart and the emphasis on the cold rational, intellect.  Mental illness can result as it is out of balance.  Too much revelation the straw breaks the camel.  A tendency to want to numb out.  Shift the mental focus to where you want to be. The positive future not on the now.  Focus on the light not the horror.  Radiate, shine, what’s your legacy how can you serve the whole?

People on a mission.  Upsurging energy.

Energies are Hot, steaming even.

The heart is crucial in connecting us to our humanity to the galactic central Sun.

27 degrees Taurus eclipse – feelings and emotions coming to a head.  Fixed signs affected most.  20th November 2002 we had the same eclipse energy – what happened?  Echoes of these repeating cycles.  Climate and earth related issues, finance and economy etc food and food distribution, agriculture safety security – base chakra issues etc.

The shadow self is still making its voice heard.  Can we recognise and hold our pain body in compassionate self-love?  Can we find forgiveness rather than projection?  Skeletons and dark cupboards abound – shine the light and look at the truth.  Secrets have nowhere to hide.

What is the compulsion that has taken humans from the discovery of fire to boiling the planet? From hunting for food to destroying each other with ever more lethal weapons?   The (ID)entity that lives within.  The insatiable hungry ghost that in its attempt to escape from fear forever attempts to protect itself.  The great delusion.  The only protection from fear is to surrender fully into the mystery of life in the sure knowing that we are eternal consciousness.

Earthy energy we can feel Pachamama’s pain and yet feel bleak and rather powerless at the lack of enlightened leadership.  We know the old is corrupt and needs eradiating – everything always needs to change but our fear is currently preventing us from seeing the solutions the new generations of enlightened leaders already living amongst us.  We have always looked to the old for leadership perhaps it is time to turn to the young?

Sensual, loving energy to self.  Nurture and nourish your inner being.

With the first eclipse in Taurus this week, something’s at a breaking point. Maybe it’s time to power down and log off. Maybe a new life path feels impossible to ignore. Or maybe it’s time to hang out with your shadow self. Over the eclipse itself: rest, go dark, and let your schedule get eclipsed by as many naps or soaks as possible. Ground like it’s your full-time job.

This eclipse is pivotal for two reasons: it begins a new series of eclipses in the Taurus/Scorpio axis, and it is charged with the glare of the notorious fixed star Algol. The energy here is high-wattage, full of opportunities to observe our sacred rage and, as always, to be gentle towards ourselves and others.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Creating a New Story for Yourself

Create your sacred ritual space and ensure you will be undisturbed for at least an hour.

To begin you need to set an intention that it is possible for you to tell a new story about your life, despite where you are currently at or any past circumstances.  You are gifting yourself a second chance, a gift of grace.

You’ve accumulated many thoughts and beliefs in your life to date. You have experienced many things, some good, some not so good.  Now you wish to consciously choose the co-creation of a new more creative story for the years ahead.  The one where you get to birth your true genius.

To begin, close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths. Then imagine yourself traveling through time and space to a galaxy where anything and everything is possible.

Feel the high frequency energy of that higher realm galaxy flowing through you as you leave your current story behind.

Now, in this higher galaxy, see the vast array of all possibilities before you. Begin to engage and play with those possibilities by creating a new destiny for yourself, a new pattern for your future life.

Feel the energy of this new life moving toward you, rising out of the energy waves of possibility. Huge creative power carrying the elements of your new story. See it in your mind’s eye before you, inviting your engagement.

Now begin to sense and consider what new story for your life you are going to birth through you.

Allow all and any possibilities to emerge, new opportunities, adventures unfolding, perhaps a new skill or career? The seed of your genius already lies within. Let the knowing that these incredible changes are not only possible but probable bubble up within you.

Enjoy playing with each new story on the screen of your mind.  Choose the ones that feel good to you, feel right to you. Recognize their potential to manifest in the 3D realm. Continue to do this until you can really feel the energy of their reality.

Knowing too that the Universe will conspire to support you with synchronicities, blessings and resources to help you in the birthing of your new story.

The more you use this visualization, the more your new story will grow within, to the point where what begins as an imaginative possibility becomes a manifested reality.

When you feel complete return to your physical body in your physical space.  Wriggle your toes and fingers, stretch and come back into full awareness of the here and now.

You may like to journal about your experience.

So mote it be….

- - -