New Moon in Scorpio November 4th/5th – Nerve Jangling Intensity

The Dreamweaver’s of Pisces: New Moon March 10th - Birthing Celestial Revelations

Nerve jangling intensity ushers in this Scorpio new moon on November 4/5th, foreshadowing what to expect personally and globally for the next 6mnths. Clarity will come with the full moon eclipse in two weeks’ time. Meanwhile, pay attention.  Mars still has his foot to the floor whilst Saturn is putting on the brakes – individuality and freedom running up against control. 

New Moon in Scorpio November 4th/5th

At 13 degrees Scorpio in exact opposition to planet of surprise Uranus expect shocking, awe-inspiring, chaotic bursts of fast and furious change.  This will be specifically related to the signifiers of the Taurus/Scorpio axis – money and resources. Especially other people’s; mortgages, stock market, crypto, investments, loans etc.  Could be good or bad – with Uranus you can never tell. Planet earth will be signalling her shock waves with potential for quakes, storms and generally crazy weather.  Expect more supply chain issues. On the upside Uranus adheres to Universal laws and oozes cosmic wisdom gifting us a much-needed frequency upgrade.  

As within so without

As within so without – the planet’s immune system is as sick as ours.  Cells stir in response to a healing crisis and right now we’re experiencing a planetary healing crisis. Uranus has the potential to provoke the arising of a new collective intelligence.  Our thinking created the current crisis. Until we change those thoughts, we are doomed to repeat them.  We need new narratives, ones that serve the health of people and planet.  Individually we respond to a health crisis by changing our behaviours.  Globally it’s time to stop feeding the patient toxins.  We have the answers, we have the technology, and we have the power. What’s missing is the self-responsibility required for the radical thinking that will create the reality that our hearts dream of, but our minds can’t yet, quite conceive.  

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Human needs have been superseded by the false prophet of calculating market forces.  It’s time to liberate ourselves from the relentless tyranny of propaganda. We are not here to own more, kill more, compete more.  Those are the hungry ghosts of the ego. We’re here to evolve and expand our consciousness through the power of the heart.  We’ve been bullied by the system forever.  What motivates you?  Are you full of ‘should and have to’s’ or ‘I’d love to…”?

emotional new moon

Let’s use this emotional new moon to begin the paradigm shift by moving into loving compassion for self-first and foremost. The heart needs to reclaim its mastery, letting the mind once more become the servant.  We know this truth. In an emergency none of us hesitates to help another. Er….hello…..this IS an emergency.  The greatest we have collectively faced.  Where can you reach out that helping hand to another? Where can you choose to make a difference? Let us each find the courage of our inner lion’s heart and roar this new earth into being.  No-one’s coming to rescue us – that’s a story well past its sell by date. It’s time to save ourselves.

Uranus shocks us awake with his out of the blue lightning bolts.  On the global stage more revelations and shocking secrets will come to light in connection with the rich and powerful.  

With the Sun and Mars in Scorpio the energy is laser focussed on an unstoppable mission of revealing the deepest, darkest secrets. For human consciousness to be fully liberated the shadows have to be purged.  People versus Governments is a continuing theme escalating in momentum.  We will be rocked by the 3D dramas in these coming months.  The truths surfacing will fundamentally change narratives we’ve come to accept.  Focus on your breath, your frequency. Don’t fall for the delusion.  As the Zen master sayeth “– whatever happen “ha, ha, ha”.  It’s normal not to feel normal right now.  We feel rattled.  Challenged. Compromised.  Remember there is no absolute TRUTH on the 3D level.  You decide what is true for you and that can change.  

Set a strong new intention for this moon.

Set a strong new intention for this moon. Scorpio is the archetype of transformation. Overcoming our limitations. The depth charge of Scorpio requires us to dive deep into our emotional souls, feeling all the feels.  Understanding our fears.  Getting clear on what we are powerfully transmuting for our highest good.  This energy is a force to be moved with.  Resistance is futile.  Intuitive and private. Behind closed doors profound healing is possible. We’re scared of what we may lose. Yet this is the ONLY truth.  We are always ageing, changing, dying and birthing. When we allow what needs to change to flow through us, without resistance, it can be profoundly positive.

Even with great oppositional force on the 3D level you can’t lose yourself with the sun shining the light in Scorpio.   An awakening is occurring within your own shadow psyche. Scorpio likes to dig inside our inner closets.  He demands commitment to Self and Mars is forcing the agenda.  Stubborn persistence will assist you in pushing through what you really want.  We can’t hold on to everything – choose what matters most.  What nourishes you most mentally, spiritually? Taurus encourages us to clarify and simplify.

With Mars conjunct Mercury angry exchanges can be activated. Be mindful of your words amidst the confusing narratives. Say what you truly feel not what you think should be said. But also think before you act. Remember truth is relative. Confusion is part of the chaotic breakdown of the current paradigm.  Stay in the now. Fear based anger, judgment, wanting anything to be other – let it ALL go.  It’s engineered and all the power that ever was or will be is here now.    

Stay strong, find the calm in the eye of the storm.  Can you open into the chaos whilst remaining centred? Can you find safety with and within yourself in the midst of dramatic change? Listen deeply. Trust what you feel, where your power is rising. You’re the one that has to live with the outcome!  Rest when you need to – there’s nothing to prove. Keep the faith and radiate love. You are flowering into a new phase of life. Remember miracles surround us every day. The mystery never stops. Life is a process of continuous transformation.  Wishing you all infinite new moon love. 

Scorpio New Moon Ritual

With the Taurus/Scorpio axis activated by this new moon it’s vital to know our values.  Values are what motivate us.  They are the drivers for our behaviours. When we know what’s important to us, they can act as a strong guiding light for our actions.

Create a safe, sacred space where you will be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes.  Have a journal and pen with you.  Spend a few minutes in quiet meditation focussing on your breath.  When you feel centred and calm follow the instructions below.

Take one area of your life at a time. It could be career, money, love, relationships, health, family etc and ask yourself the following.

What’s important to me about X? and then keep asking and what else is important to me about X?  keep going until you run out of answers. When you feel complete look at your list and ask one last question “If I had all of these things is there anything else that would be important to me about X?

Eg “What’s important to me about relationships?  And what else is important to me about relationships? And what else…and what else…. Finally (looking at list) if I had all of these things is there anything else that is important to me about relationships?

Once you have completed your list put the list in order of priority i.e. THE most important thing first.  You should end up with a list of perhaps 8-10 items in order of importance.  Now you know your values.  When making a decision about this area of your life check your decision against your values. Is it in alignment with what is important for you or not?  If it is great. If it isn’t you might like to adapt your decision.

So mote it be….


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