7 things that Drain your Energy

7 things that Drain your Energy

Everything around us is energy. Sun is energy. Leafs store energy. What we eat is energy. We are energy. The chair we sit on is energy. Matter is only an illusion. Witches knew that for centuries. However, things changed and the World adopted a more materialist point of view. But as science progresses, old Witches beliefs are once again resurfaced and studies. All is exchange of energy. Hence, there are things that charge and things that drain your Energy.

Obsession with Money

Energy is the currency of this World. Not money. Money is a mere symbol of energy.

Hence, and for many reasons, as dark forces of the world ask for more and more money, what they actually want is energy. Why? Because they genuinely lack of energy. They focused so much on draining others, that they forgot of the vast, endless source of energy – the Divine Realm. This is why they drain energy. Because they just can survive without it. In other world, dark forces may make us insanely focus on money. This make us willingly spend our energy – by overworking for example – to just get money in return. A mere symbol of energy.

Work is good. It helps us evolve. But losing ourselves in work is self-harm.

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Toxic People

Stephen King called it hunger. Hunger for the Shine. “We live in a hungry World” says the evil witch in Dr. Sleep. And she is right. Obsessive Hunger dominates our emotions. It is usually translated into Consumerism. Nothing is sufficient. Everything is perissable. Why? Because – exactly like the evil forces – we forgot the Divine Source from which we came from. This forgetfulness gave born to a void inside our hearts. Hence, we need to get more and more of the lower energy.

These people will try gaslighting to you. They will try to manipulate you. Why? To feed on your energy of course.

Lack of Spirituality

We are all born with a Spirit. The eternal divine seed lives in us. Religion was supposed to help us realise it and search for the Source of All Wisdom. What usually happens though is to bind us further to this heavy Realm. Many religions demand to sacrifice our needs and change who we are to fit into their wicked moral codes. This drives us further away from ourselves. Spirituality is the solution.

Social Media

The fake reflection of the World usually portrayed in Social Media is one the things that drain our energy. Why? Because we (sub)consciously criticize ourselves for not being as perfect as the “plastic” idols. This brings us down and willingly let them drain our energy, because “we are not worthy enough – like them”.  You are real and breathing. That makes you capable of anything. Abolish lower thinking. You are amazing!

Processed Food

We are not gonna lie. We love PIZZA! And not just that. We love comfort food. However, food is stored energy from the Sun. The closer we are to nature and healthy eating – the closer we are to absorbing the best type of energy from the Sun. Processed food makes us compulsive eaters. Usually, this lead to obsessive cravings. Hence, processed from lowers our energy further.


You need to be hydrated. We said this so many times and we are just gonna said it again. Water is a carrier of energy (and information). By staying sufficiently hydrated, we keep our cells healthy – and our energy vibrating high! As Davina proposes us in the School of Witchcraft – drink a full glass of water right after you wake up! Put reminders to drink water during the day!

Not letting go

Past is only an illusion. Present is the only truth. We experience a linear timeline as a result of our lack of awareness of the other Realms. Once we’ve transcended in the Astral Realm we realise how insignificant is holding on to the past. Hurtful memories lower our vibrations. This thoughts act as parasites which systematically drain our energy. What we need to do? Let go of course!

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