Full Moon in Gemini December 19th 2021 – Time for New Narratives

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This last full moon of the year in Gemini, opposed the Sun at 27 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the galactic centre, packs a fiery punch.  It challenges us to go beyond our limits. To expand, to broaden, to unfold.  Where are you feeling your edges? Where is it uncomfortable? This edge, quantum biology tells us, is where the intelligence of the cell truly lies.  It’s where everything interacts with ‘other’.  When we hit that edge of the known self we get to learn and evolve through our interaction with our environment. Discomfort is a part of growth.

Full Moon in Gemini December 19th 2021

The North Node, dragons head, is at 0 degrees Gemini.  The cosmic reset button has been pushed. Planetary consciousness is birthing itself.  Become aware.  A new cosmic order is coming into effect.  The 2000-year age of Aquarius.  Birth is chaotic and painful and this one will take a few years.  Consciousness evolves, always towards the greatest unity.  In that sense globalisation is a natural evolution.  However, the power dynamics involved have not evolved to a frequency to allow this evolution a natural birth.  This is a forceps and incubator job. Only two countries out of 195 currently have no C19 border restrictions.  One acts, we all act.  Global dominoes.  This is the dark side of unity consciousness manifesting whilst under the governance of outmoded, top-down structures.

Higher consciousness is illuminating this full moon. Many different frequencies are currently swirling in the cosmic soup. We can lose our emotional footing and sense of self surfing these waves of evolutionary change. Many of us are experiencing strange physical symptoms, headaches, aches and pains etc as our bodies struggle to adapt to the quickening.  Amidst this stew of scattered energies slow down and contemplate.

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Embody the wise Sagittarian archer and consciously choose where to fire your arrow of attention. You will need those arrows to complete tasks. What must you accomplish by the end of the year?  What are you doing today that matters?  Where are you no longer willing to compromise?

Full moon in Gemini is all about communication and messages.  How are we thinking and receiving and choosing to interact with the world around us?  Gemini’s twins make us confront the uncomfortable paradox of our dualities. These energies can be super expansive on the 5D level as we realise our multi dimensionality and potential as intergalactic citizens and simultaneously restrictive and confusing in the 3D realm.

In alignment with this moon, Venus begins her journey into the underworld, where she will remain until the end of January.  Conjunct Pluto, she is forcing an evolutionary review. A transformation.  A death of outdated values.  She forces you to look at what’s important both personally and collectively. Where are you invested in the bigger picture?  What are you attracted to—beauty, money, love?  There’s no escape, we’re all going through it.  Retrograde Venus brings loss—of money, value, job, relationship. The ghosts of Christmas past will make their presence felt as old lovers return. What are they here to teach? Are your values aligned?   Be aware of obsessive emotions.  What emotions don’t you want to feel?  What feelings are a result of your conditioning?  Feeling all the feels allows clarity to arise.  Keep out of reactive triggers in response to relationship epiphanies.  Nervous energy is ramped up globally.  It’s important to stay deeply rooted and grounded as you explore what creates stability in your life.

Venus rules beauty, pleasure, sensuality.  All harder to come by when she’s in the underworld.  She also exposes our darker relationship secrets. This Christmas marks a period of deep personal excavation and a profound grief.  We need this wave of emotional release.  Most of us are in a weird place, no longer certain of anything.  Certainty was always a delusion, but an effective one. Until it wasn’t.  As we awake from the collective trance reality is hitting home big time.  It’s not pretty and solutions can seem impossible.  But it’s times like this when the human species comes into its own.  Innovative solutions arising from chaos is our speciality.  We’re experiencing seismic shifts in what’s important individually and globally.

As we enter the Christmas period the cosmic soup comes to the boil.  Lots of movement and action with Gemini affecting short-term travel and the galactic centre activating long term adventures. With Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, square to wounded healer Chiron, expect disruptions, causing upset and cancellation of plans.  Trust the gap. Uranus in Taurus will bring surprising gifts into that space. Gemini is mutable.  Stay flexible, improvise, wing it.  Don’t fight, flow with it or around it – remember air permeates everything.

On the global level, all the action is in Capricorn, and it remains serious and intense. Our world is changing and will continue to do so. Pluto, Venus and Mercury insist on it. Expect a sombre Christmas fraught with breaking world events and government interference.  With Mercury in Capricorn delivering more disruptive diktats.  There will be monetary turbulence on every level, especially in the larger financial institutions.  Don’t be caught napping during the biggest global powerplay for control of the money.  Be aware. Stand up and protect your rights.  This is a highly unstable and disruptive period for the economy.  There is potential for mass revolution against the control systems.  Things that become too restricted tend to explode or implode.  The Sabian symbol for this full moon is “A man declared bankrupt”. Pressure needs to be released somewhere. A paradoxical release from the pressure of overwhelming debt can act as a comforting balm in these tempestuous currents.

freedom versus control

The key theme throughout 2021 has been of freedom versus control.  We can’t feed the world, but we can apparently spend infinite amounts on creating ineffective medical experiments. This is the influence of Saturn (control) and Uranus (freedom) squaring up to each other.  These two giants create their final square of the year on Christmas eve making annual festivities more tense than usual. As governments go all-out to bring in their controls, it will be hard to find our comforts this Christmas. It’s time to stop fooling ourselves.  Reality can be brutal. It’s easier to numb out to another helping of Christmas pud.  But remember, Gemini is the storyteller and under this influence of the Central Sun we can tap into the bigger story of expanded human consciousness. Here is an opportunity to see and think differently. Focus on new narratives, new perspectives.   What would you and our future leaders need to be thinking and believing in order to create the world we dream is possible?

Inflammatory opinion and judgments are at warp speed.  Despite the many temptations, stay out of the blame game.  That frequency guarantees a trip down 3D lane.  We are learning to stand in our truth without judging others. Self-care is paramount. What do you need to support yourself?  Build strength. YOU need to take responsibility for creating the container you need for whatever it is you decide to tune into.  3D or 5D?  Always your choice.  You can choose to believe you are simply too battle-weary to receive messages from intergalactic emissaries, or you can believe you are a being of infinite possibility.  A walking miracle and co-creator of miracles.

The consciousness of the planet is changing fast.  Parallel worlds happen simultaneously.  Different realities co-exist.  We can all feel the quickening and heightened energies.  The question is, will you ascend?  In your own unique way.  Find the curiosity and excitement in this moment of creative planetary shift.  Pinpoint your personal focus.  Keep the faith. Open into the closed spaces. Trust your heart and listen to the truth beyond the surface noise.  As viruses mutate so does humanity.  We need to change.  The cosmos is gifting us with the opportunity to birth some highly innovative, creative solutions.

Abundant, wise Jupiter brings in the cosmic salve. How can I solve this problem?  What’s the wholistic approach here?  Focus on the long term.  Ask yourself ‘Will this problem matter in a week, five years, ten years?” This helps with the mental strength required to navigate these times.  Jupiter trine this full moon brings feelings of expansion, freedom and wider horizons outside the planet.  Distant travel.  If we can’t do it physically, we can do it with our consciousness, which can travel anywhere.  Epiphanies are on offer this solstice if you choose to align with the powerful portal of the galactic centre.

Take time. Take responsibility.  Develop resilience. Find your inner authority within your culture.  Trust self not government, it will protect you against the continuing and increasing disruptions.  Use this lunar energy to network, widen connections, allow your consciousness to expand.  Mentally prepare. Rather than focus on what blows us up and divides us, what brings us together?  What unites us? Wishing you all a wonderful Solstice and infinite full moon love.

Winter Solstice Ritual for Manifestation

Davina Mackail

Depending on whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere December 21st represents a calling back the light or a descent into the darkness.  Whichever you are experiencing it is a moment of change, a pivot point in the cosmic calendar and one the ancients have celebrated for millennia.

You will need: bowl of water; 4 candles (gold, white or silver), paper and pen, your journal.

Always set your sacred space before beginning.  Create that special sacred ‘me’ space.  Physically clean, then smudge your space.  Burn essential oils and bring in fresh flowers, you can play meditative music you love in the background.  Do whatever it takes to create that feeling of specialness for yourself.

Set your four candles in a large cross (one for each of the cardinal elements and directions) and seat yourself with your bowl of water in the centre.  Light your candles (always making sure they are safe). Offer thanks to the water and ask it to purify your thoughts, values, belief systems in preparation for the new cycle.

Spend a few minutes in quiet meditation, relaxing your breath, centring and grounding yourself.  Reflect on the last year and consider the thoughts, actions and limiting beliefs that have held you back. Once you’ve allowed those thoughts to rise write each one on a slip of paper.

For example: perhaps you’ve had a belief that you’re not worthy of a loving relationship or are ‘destined to be single’ write that on your slip of paper.

Continue to write out new thoughts as they arise, each on a separate piece of paper.

Once you’ve finished writing, take each slip and place it over the flame of the candle that seems to represent the thought.  Eg The West rules water and emotions so would be appropriate for the above example. (if you’re not sure let your intuition guide you to the right candle)

As you watch the paper burn allow the thought to be cleansed from your psyche.

Make the slips of paper small so as not to create too much smoke.

As the paper begins to burn, drop it into the water to extinguish the flame. As the fire and paper hit the water consider that old idea or belief purified from your mind.

Repeat these steps until your mind feels clear.

Nature abhors a vacuum and will always fill it.  So it’s important once you are finished letting go that you spend time creating your list of what you want to place those old beliefs with. Use your journal to write the list.

Be specific.  Write in the positive as though it has already happened and write from the heart not the head. This is YOUR list.  Not what you think you ‘should’ have or be.

For example.  I am deliciously happy in a loving, committed relationship with a kind, sensitive, intelligent, independent person.

Once you’ve completed the list close with a spell such as:

Lucky, lucky me.

Purified and free.

Now prosperity flows easily to me.

Celebrate your purification and intention ritual by dancing your happy dancing.

So mote it be…..

- - -