Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius – Set a Golden Intention

Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Aries April 20th

New moon, total solar eclipse on Dec 3/4th at 12 degrees Sagittarius. The last eclipse in this sign for 9 years.  A significant completion and a rebirthing.   It falls on the exact ascendant of America. Over the next six months we will witness a re-defining of the American way of life as the old and new merge.  The eternal ouroboros emerging and returning.

New moon, total solar eclipse

It’s an intense juxtaposition of the new moon bringing a fresh start coupled with the South Node eclipse bringing our collective destiny to some form of closure.  Occurring in Sagittarius more dark, repressed truths will burst into the light of day.  The Ghislane Maxwell trial could be one to watch.

Cosmically there will be a distinct energetic shift. We’ll experience the rising of hope as renewal breathes through us over this solar eclipse.  Our collective karmic clean-up is underway as deep issues relating to our personal value and self-worth surface.

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We’re uprooted.  Spinning. Turbulent energies are shifting and changing at the cosmic level leaving us reeling down here on planet Earth. Our human is just a cell in the great cosmic being that is currently experiencing enormous change in relation to its environment – we’re moving into a new truth.  A paradigm shift away from fighting and competition towards synergy and collaboration.  

not a quick fix

It’s not a quick fix. It will take time and patience. Our emotional bodies have been battered by the fear machine. Until humanity purges every last drop of inner fear, we cannot birth this new consciousness. Fear is disempowering.  Find a way to feel it and release it.  The true path is the way of Love.  See the bigger picture – you are eternal.  As we release, we expand our hearts and allow more love to be expressed.  Intimacy is growing, our ability to show vulnerability is a great strength.  

Neptune stationed direct on December 1st bringing all planets into forward motion.  This brings momentum and intensifies the sense of quickening.  Neptunian qualities activate imagination, intuition and connection to Source but also contribute to mass hypnosis and delusion.  For those with eyes to see the fog clears, the veil is lifted, and mysteries revealed.  A deep remembering of our ancient power.

With the Eclipse square to Neptune discrepancies in the media could come to light. If you pay attention the mainstream narrative, no longer makes any logical sense. Watch the hypnotic programming.  Use your powers of critical reasoning to break the trance.  We are free of literal chains yet living within the mental chains of our programmed belief systems. Listen deeply for the sound of truth.  We’re moving beyond the old for good.    We are beginning the journey to collective mastery, the Christ consciousness birthing within all of us.  We won’t find it outside of us – collective salvation is an inside job.


On the 3D level the drama continues.  Trepidation, and an unnameable low-grade anxiety pervades as we anticipate a response to the media machines continuous spewing out of fear inducing headlines.  We’re in the endgame of Pluto’s sojourn in Capricorn where its investigation into power, deep-seated fears, death, transformation and rebirth is almost complete. It will destroy power structures that are past their sell by date.  It will also end things in our own lives that are no longer working.  

This eclipse is a huge activation point so take time to set your most powerful, shiniest intention yet.  An intention for yourself and one for the Earth you wish to inhabit. What you’ve been healing is completing.  It’s time for a new story that supports you as the hero of your life.  Old stories no longer support our evolutionary and involutionary processes.  It’s safe to let go.  Change is the only constant.   

A squared Mars and Jupiter adds a stubborn righteousness to events – Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, and Mars wants to get its own way. We’ll see more demonstrations and potential violence. Fighting in the name of freedom will continue.  We need to protect our rights to live as we choose not harming others, but we have yet to innovate effective ways of protesting.  Violence won’t work. Nobody’s listening, and it gives the powers that be more control not less. 

Yet, have faith, opportunity births from crisis. Expand and change from the inside not the outside.  The cosmos is providing a great opportunity to take a quantum leap in your self-realisation, knowing your own power and taking self-responsibility for it.  Together we can dream up new systems that support, truth, wisdom and sustainability.  Our inner Fire is alchemising and purifying – having lost our critical thinking in the last couple of years we are coming back into our questioning abilities.  

A quantum shift in consciousness is stirring deep within. 

A quantum shift in consciousness is stirring deep within.  Our genetic code is being upgraded as humanity begins the greatly prophesised evolutionary leap. We are part of the great spiral of life, those above us and those below us.  Are we going to allow ourselves to rise and ascend or are we going to give up and sink?  Be wary of the triggers. Dig out the gnarly roots of those outworn belief systems.  

Be willing and able to be in your heart. Smile, hug, connect!  It brings energy and that deep remembering of our true power.  Generosity of spirit is contagious – practise your graciousness.  Call on Universal help, call on Spirit.  If we all lived in symbiotic relationship with this invisible, but all-pervasive, force, life would flow a whole lot better.  

This eclipse is a wild card, the joker in the pack.  It can ignite sudden memories of dharmic destiny.  It carries the Spirit of the pioneer, the visionary, a new consciousness of transparency. A fresh idealism that shifts our higher vision beyond the old energies of war, poverty, suffering and sickness.  

A new feminine consciousness is birthing through Venus in Capricorn.  Our multidimensional beingness is becoming apparent and new energies are coming onto the planet.  Welcome in this higher sense of self and truth and focus on the LOVE. Stimulate your creative flow by getting in the zone.  Deeply listen to your inner voice – that’s where the real truth lies.  How big can you dream? How expansive can your beliefs become?  You will witness parts of your life starting to move forward in a wonderfully positive way. Wishing you all infinite new moon love. 

Solar Eclipse New Moon Ritual December 2021

Davina Mackail

This eclipse provides a rocket fuelled chance for setting a grand new intention. This ritual will help hone yours in alignment with your soul purpose.  Set a sacred space, gather your journal and pens, light a candle, put on some relaxing music, turn off your devices and dive into some deep questioning.  No holds barred – let those grand dreams emerge.

Centre, breathe meditate and now let your intuition answer the questions. Don’t think too much just write…..

I am happiest when… 

I am most creative when… 

I am most passionate when…..

I feel most alive when….

If I never had to worry about money again I would…..

What does my ideal life look like? 

What activities make me want to jump out of bed in the morning? 

What do I truly care about in life?

When do I feel like I’m living my purpose? 

What areas or activities was I brilliant at in the past?

What was my favourite game/activity as a child?

When you feel complete look over your answers and notice the words that repeat and also what stands out.  Identify your patterns and common themes.

Create a magical sentence from these common words and themes.  Ensure your sentence is stated in the positive as though it has already happened and feels absolutely right to you.  Keep this sentence somewhere where you will read it at least once a day.  Watch your dreams start to become reality.

So mote it be……

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