New Moon Capricorn January 2nd 2022 – The Fork in the Road


2022 begins with a Sun Uranus tryst on the 1st followed by a new moon at 12.19 degrees Capricorn on the 2nd.  This offers the rare, new year, gift of a genuine portal of manifestation.  The Sambian symbol for 12-13 degrees Capricorn is “A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence”. Another name for this archetype is the Magician.  2022 is the year humanity learns to harness its inner power.  The shadow we have to watch is ego infested, limelight seeking, with no substance or value. 

New Moon Capricorn January 2nd 2022

Mars is working with the Great Attractor whilst Uranus, Sun and Moon are trine adding rocket fuel to your 2022 intentions.  Ignite the spark. Cosmic intelligence and higher wisdom here we come.  What do you believe and feel inspired to do?  You don’t need certainty – so 2019 – this is for the ‘thrill of the ride’.  We’re past five minutes to midnight – who do you want to be in 2022?  What do you want to stand for?   What is your unique contribution to the greater whole? We enter the year with a distinct shift in cosmic energy.  A returning sense of possibility. A positive amplification of the unexpected.  Windows of opportunity appearing from nowhere.  You can’t force it.  Open the mind. Soften the heart. Prepare to receive.

Jupiter has entered Pisces and is moving swiftly.  Dream mighty dreams in 2022. Tune-in. Trust your spidey senses. Jupiter offers benevolent protection. Remember the parts of you that are connected to something bigger.  It helps with the global psychosis we are breaking free from.  People are rising in their personal authority.  Whether through cold, hard technology or humanitarian collaboration, above all else, the Aquarian age seeks equality.

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Alongside the greater dream, Sun and moon in Capricorn, are co-creating a new energy.  Its serious, productive, industrious commitment to the essence of you. What do you want to say yes to in 2022? Reflect on what worked, what didn’t, last year.  What’s the next mountain in your sights? Follow the path of what calls or inspires you.  The key theme is independent power in collaborative rather than competitive efforts with others.  Yes, it IS possible and it’s very 2022.  The lone wolf has had its day.  Groups and collectives are the future.

The cosmic snow globe gets shaken not stirred in January.  You need to use that zen, razor focussed Magician mind-set to re-configure the snow to your liking.  Get clear on your big new dreams before Mercury joins Venus in retroland on Jan 14th. Set your internal GPS, trust the instructions and enjoy the journey.  The details will take time to work out.

On the 3D level the feeling of speed remains.  An edgy, challenging time. Disruptive and unstable as old beliefs continue to crumble especially around earth-based structures, Pachamama, money, governments, administrations etc.  Venus retrograde and Uranus in Taurus adds to the drama as we collapse the old and begin to birth new financial systems.

The difference is Saturn had the cosmic advantage in 2021 but the power balance tips towards Uranus in 2022.  Saturn favours structure, timelines, corporations those in ‘power over’ positions.  In 2022 – Uranus connects us to the larger galactic soup we all exist within.  Introducing the future, truth, innovation, unexpected, shocking events.  It’s more rebellious as it forces our awakening.

We know, in our deeper selves, that things couldn’t continue the way they were pre-2019.  Yes, the disrupter, the coyote trickster spirit of the virus, has created insane destruction on so many levels. Yet, remember, we need chaos to break what’s not working and birth the innovations needed to carry us to the promised land.  That’s the gift of powerhouse Uranus.  Not safe, cosy or comfortable. No. Rebellious, revolutionary, chaotic, turbulent, unexpected – a distinctly rude awakening.  Pachamama will participate in this chaotic maelstrom with a few of her own surprise earth events this year.  With 5 planets in earth signs the material realm will be our great teacher.  As Earth rebels develop resilience, strength, rootedness.  Deepen. Slow. Adapt.  Stay earthed in reality.

2022 marks a tipping point. Our Tarot archetype for the year is The Lovers – that delicate dance of the polarities, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, inhale and exhale etc. The big question of 2022 – How do we create unity in diversity? Conflict separates.  Forgiveness unifies. Power games, manipulation, corruption all gets exposed in 2022.  This catapults us back into our personal power. What do we trust? What do we believe?

Pluto in Capricorn cosying up to the North Node is completing your life renovation. Many of us have forgotten to own our power in the chaos.  When the rug gets pulled, we look for the nearest crutch to cling to.  Two years on, time to reclaim the driving seat of our lives.  Return to your inner authority – inward focus, inner power.  Saturn in Aquarius makes you aware of that quiet internal influence that you’ve been ignoring or bypassing. Before making bold moves in the outer realm check your motives.  Are you following your bliss or someone else’s story?  These are subtle influences so reflect deeply.

We propel ourselves to the top of Capricorn’s mountain by opening to a higher state of awakened awareness. We choose to live from that deeper, more mysterious place within us. Humanities salvation requires this.  It won’t change unless we change.  We are beings of infinite power. We can be cruel or kind, happy or sad but we always have power.  How are you choosing to wield yours today?  Our cultural consciousness is eroded by the anodyne media machine that spews daily fear.  What is the true nature of the culture you are immersed in? Find new ways to make your communities work through new thinking, new ethics, new cultural codes of engagement…and most of all engaging with the technology of Gaia – open hearted love.  Or in the words of Marianne Williamson ‘Only a critical mass of those who love deeply can counteract the power of those who do not love at all.’

To do that we need to own the grief for what we’ve lost.  Safety is a prime directive of our ancient limbic brain. For two years, the entire planet, has been engaged in variations of one conversation. One that has hijacked the meaning of what it means to be ‘safe’.  We have no choice.  We have to switch off auto-pilot and wake up. The sudden jolt into truth can be horrifying at worst, uncomfortable at best. Grieve the old.  Allow the transformation.  It’s deeply healing.  We crave and fear change equally. The duality of the Lovers. Change is inevitable. Embrace it. Allow the tears. It purifies, awakens, transforms.

A new moon at the beginning of any year is auspicious. A reset. An opportunity for a shift in perspective.  This moon brings strong initiatory energy.  A fork in the road. 2022 is the year we begin to get our act together.  We wake up to the now and give voice to how we want it to manifest.  Make three prayers this New Moon.  The first in gratitude for all you traversed, learnt and are releasing in 2021. The second for what you are calling in for 2022 and the third for what you are calling in for the greater whole? 

By the end of January you’ll begin to feel the propulsion forward.  Dramatic in the outer realm.  Keep yourself in the pause.  The continuous pause that gives rise to the now.  Stand rooted. Stand tall. Speak truth.  Let yourself become suffused by the light.  These times are not for the faint hearted.  Your daily practise of self-care continues to be paramount.  Consistency means daily, quality time for you.  What you do in that time is your choice – dogma is in its death throes.

We’ve all enjoyed the nap but some of us have overslept. Time to wake up in 2022.  You chose this and you have a life to live in this year of revolution and evolution.  No more dreaming of a Saviour – you’re IT! Wishing you all infinite new moon love and a mind blowing 2022.

New Year Ritual – Create your 2022 Signature Magic Sigil

By Davina Mackail

Sigils are powerful, personal symbols imbued with magical potency.  The power comes from your creativity and energy in making it yourself.  It doesn’t have to be pretty and you don’t have to be a creative genius. There’s no one way to create this.  The important part is that the symbol feels powerful and magical for you when it’s complete.

January’s new moon offers a powerful portal of manifestation for 2022.  Creating a sigil of your most potent, ambitious, Jupiter in Pisces, dream will help drive the manifestation of your prayer in the unseen realms throughout 2022.

You will need paper and pen (choose a colour that feels magical to you). Create your sacred space, play some music, light incense, candle, relax, centre yourself and meditate on what you would love to call in to your life in 2022 and beyond.  Dream big.  No limits.

To help you think about your answer to the question “how can I be of greatest service to the whole?”

Whatever your dream is you need to condense it into a short positive statement:  For example: ‘I enjoy a life of peace and joy’ or I’ am vibrantly healthy’ or ‘I travel the world freely’ etc

Once you have composed your short statement remove all the vowels.  I will use “I am Healthy” as an example.  This would leave you with:  MHLTHY

Then remove any repeating letters in the above example that leaves you with: MHLTY

Now use your creative imagination to create a sigil from the remaining letters:

You can break letters up, layer them on top of one another, add extra patterns etc.  Enjoy playing and creating until you get to a symbol you love and feels powerful.


Once complete, activate your Sigil by holding in your right hand and blowing your focussed prayer into it with three soft breaths.  You can periodically energise your Sigil throughout the year by bringing your prayer to mind and repeating the three soft breaths of activation.

You do not need to remember the original phrase you’re working with your unconscious mind here.  Keep the Sigil somewhere meaningful – in your wallet; under your pillow on your altar, taped to a mirror, screen saver – be creative!

Wishing you, your most magical, miraculous year yet…..Happy 2022.  So mote it be…..

- - -