Full Moon in Leo February 16th – Giving Mastery back to the Heart

This moon asks us to choose courage

Our fifth of seven full moons landing at 27 degrees – the degree of fate.  This time in fiery Leo.  Our courageous astrological lion rules the heart.  Whether we are conscious of the fact or not we are being smelted in the alchemical cauldron of transformation.

Full Moon in Leo February 16th

Emotions are off the Richter scale as our light and shadow selves peak with the moon. Gift yourself a healthy release by finding space to let those emotions rise and be fully felt. Full moons bring revelations, culminations and closures and this one’s on steroids.

Within the completions come pivot points into the new and with all planets fast forwarding the speed of change can feel overwhelming.  The old has to breakdown in order for us to breakthrough. We are in the process of giving mastery back to the heart. But for many of us, our cultures have been training us in the power of the mind. Consequently the shift is distinctly uncomfortable. How many times did your glorious, wild child, heart get closed down in favour of obedience and compliance? That’s the pain body we are collectively purging. Our hearts heal when we learn to open into the closed spaces.

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Venus and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn as the moon peaks. Passions rising, new love affairs imminent and the possibility of the masculine and feminine discovering a revolutionary equality on the earth plane.  There’s also the opportunity to fall in love with ourselves. Imagine what it would be like to genuinely live in love.  To feel safe to be utterly open hearted and to communicate with all beings from this heart centred space. The heart is the most important organ in the body – never  underestimate its power.

This moon asks us to choose courage

This moon asks us to choose courage, creativity, passion and leadership. Learn to mould the unmanifest into what you dream of – you are an alchemist by nature – step into your mastery and own your sovereign, royal self. This is the real gift of open hearted living. Be courageous in YOUR truth.

Our Leo moon is opposed sun in Aquarius where Mercury has just landed. This connects us to the larger collective energy fields of where we’re going next. This is evolution in process. The past and the old won’t help. Instead tune into what feels good within you.  Be brave, put your logical mind on hold. Do something new and different because your heart dreams it.

On the 3D level leadership issues are surfacing. Expect fast moving collapses, narrative u-turns and seeds of hope for genuine structural change. Mars trine Uranus is continuing to energise human rights issues, freedom and revolution.

With Venus and Mars sextiling Neptune we’re opening into new potentials.  New connections and surprising relationships emerge that are operating at new frequencies. Trust how your energy needs to flow in the world. How are you showing up?  Particularly in relationships both intimate and work related.  There’s no need to push you can trust this new Mars Venus dance. They dived into the underworld and have emerged stronger together. Their new agenda is establishing long term social connections with people of like mind.  Expect to find tribe and big new collaborative possibilities.

Our consciousness is evolving. The chaos, whilst inconvenient and disconcerting, is a necessary step. Things are coming together under the surface. We need this growth. The best way through is to surrender and follow the flow. Align with your heart. Know what you don’t want and what is done and dusted.

We’ll all feel the pressure and, potential stagnation, if you don’t know what you want. Connect to the heart space. Stay out of overthinking.  Stick to your truth peacefully.  The course of our lives is changing. We’re in an activation. A catalyst asking you to make choices about where you’re going next.  The gears are changing, new directions opening up.  The unexpected will surface. What are you learning and growing into? Keep out of the outer world as much as you can. Breathe into your heart and use the solar power of this full moon to choose a future that feels invigorating, energised. What lights you up at the thought of it? Brings you life, momentum and energy? What are you going to commit to in your life, right here, right now? That’s the work. Once you know your truth look to see how that harmonises with the collective. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

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