Lucky charms based on zodiac signs

Lucky charms based on zodiac signs

The quest for luck and good fate has always been in human’s mind. Since the dawn of civilization humans have been searching for a shortcut to abundance, good health and success. Witchcraft was often employed to this cause and so did astrology. However, many knowledge was lost after the dark ages and few things have survived since. Lucky Charms based on Zodiac Signs are probably one of the few things that endured time and fanatics.

Each Zodiac Sign has several correspondences. Different planets who rule them but also different qualities, different elements and more. Hence, each Zodiac Sign need different energies as magic that runs into them is unique!

Remember to Look also for your Moon’s Zodiac Sign (along with Sun’s Sign). Click here to check where your moon is!

Aries: Figa Charm

One of the most potent lucky charms you will use is the figa charm. The figa gesture (or mudra) is a thumb wedged in between the pointer and middle finger curled in a fist. Interestingly it’s very popular in Brasil but also in India too. It promotes awareness, banishes negative vibes and invites good luck!

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Taurus: Tree of Life

There are many legends and stories surrounding the Tree of Life or Cosmic Tree. It is closely linked with the primordial forces of Earth and that’s exactly what Taurus symbolizes. Through this tree, wisdom abundance and stability comes. Tap into this amazing symbol to enhance these qualities in your life!

Gemini: Witch’s knot

The Witch’s knot – closesly linked to the Triquetra – is a symbol loved by Witches for centuries. It embodies the balance of different powers – elements, directions etc – into the wearer. As the triquetra symbolizes the union of the three faces of the Great Goddess, the Witch’s knot symbolizes the power of all elements. Gemini’s versatile nature needs this symbol to combine all these qualities within.

Cancer: Crescent moon

The Crescent Moon is the Lucky symbol of Cancer, a zodiac sign traditionally linked with the Moon. Of all the Lucky Charms, one that has persisted millennia is the Crescent Moon. Bearing this sacred symbol, you invite the power of Artemis and Selene in you and reminds you that everything is a circle. Also, it helps you manifest all your goals!

Leo: eye of Ra

Thousand years ago, in Ancient Egypt, the Solar God Ra was venerated as the creator and bringer of life and awareness! One of the most ancient symbols and lucky charms are the Eye of Ra, which brings protection, enlightenment and all blessing from God Ra.

Virgo: Hamsa hand

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient and powerful symbol of Protection for Virgo. Due to your versatile nature, mood swings may bother you because you are very sensitive to energy around you. The Hamsa Hand abolishes these terrible energies and psychic attacks, while inviting all good things in life!

Libra: the Wheel of Fortune

You are always trying to find balance even in the most diverse qualities and situations in life. This is why the Wheel of Fortune helps you attune with your cosmic centre! Usually portrayed as the wheel with 8 rays, the wheel is a global and mystical symbol of growth and good luck. Remember, that the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in every tarot Deck is actually a wheel!

Scorpio: Scarab

This symbol comes from god Khefra, whose name actually means “to come into existence”. Scarabs are amongst the most powerful lucky charms! Egyptians believed that scarabs come from the dead, from the underworld or that they are consisted from Underworld’s matter. Hence, Scarab is the personification of Light’s victory over darkness.

Sagittarius: Acorn

Acorns are amongst the most potent and ancient lucky charms. Hence, Acorns were used by Druids to ‘open’ the Gates to Wisdom and Otherworlds. Acorns are believed to keep our bodies and spirits strong and protected from physical and magical harm! This is why soldiers used to carry acorns with them, to be protected from Thunders and any kinds of hostile energies. Witches use it for Good Luck, Fertility, Potency, Abundance and Magical Protection.

Capricorn: Red bat

Red Bats are symbols of Good Luck and spiritual help in Asia. However, Red Bats are either presented solo, or coupled or five at the same time. Red Bats symbolize the 5 core blessings: Good Luck, Abundance, Fertility, Honor, Longevity.

Aquarius: Anchor

Anchor is a symbol of stability and power. It represents our soul’s centre. Aquarius is a sign with versatile qualities – many times looking at many possible directions at the same time. Unique and lonesome, anchor will help you attune with your divine source, hence become your lucky charm, bring your protection and blessings!

Pisces: Lotus

Sacred to Ancient Egypt, Ancient and Modern India, Hinduism, Tao and Buddhism this amazing flower is amongst the favourite symbols of Witches. As Pisces swim in the darkest of oceans some times, the root of Lotus lies in the darkest deeps of muddy swamps. However, the root springs and rises to the surface where it blooms greeting the rays of the sun with a wondrous scent. Hence, Lotus flower, symbolises that even in the darkest hours of our lives, we can pass through misty darkness and rise to the light and success. Furthermore, it gives us stamina to endure all problems until we are free from all the troubles.

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