Daily Prediction for March 24 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

General thoughts

Today the Moon moves through buoyant, expansive Sagittarius. While here, she completes her trine to the Sun, her squares to Jupiter and Mercury, as well as her sextile to Saturn. She will go void of course (no longer form any aspects) in the evening, and a peaceful lull will ensue until she moves into Capricorn.

This day will have continued ease and good fortune coming from the sky. There is optimism and enthusiasm within the heavens that descends down to earth. This is a good day for personal growth, creative exploration, and rest.


Luck and good fortune will continue as the Moon continues to trine your Sun from your 9th house. You will learn a lot today, and have the opportunity to experience a lot of spiritual growth.

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However, this day will be heavier than yesterday as the Saturn aspect is activated. You energy will start to subside, and you may find resistance and obstacles coming from friendships.


As the Moon finishes up her stay in your 8th house, you may feel stuck, blocked, and frustrated. Things will move slowly, and change will not happen as quickly as you want.

Lean into friendships and romantic partners today, as they will give you the support that you need in order to enjoy yourself and enjoy your life, despite the tension and stuckness that is getting cleared out right now.


Romance and work are strained today as the T-square between the Moon, Jupiter, and your Sun ends today. This workday will be easier than yesterday, as the problems introduced yesterday begin to resolve themselves.

As the Moon goes void of course, you will find your life beginning to settle down and quiet. You will have the opportunity to reflect and integrate. Whatever hard lessons people were trying to teach you will begin to make more sense.


Career and work success will come to you today as the Moon continues to trine the Sun in your 10th house and activates Jupiter in your 9th. You will find new growth and excitement coming to you, and you will spend the day quietly riding the success of the previous day as the Moon goes void of course.

Be careful, however, to allow yourself to rest today. You can become easily overwhelmed and overworked with the Moon in your 6th. Your nervous system can get easily frazzled today as the Moon squares Mercury.


You will find good fortune and success today, especially related to your own personal studies and creative pursuits, as a grand fire trine forms with your Sun in Leo and the Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius.

As the Moon goes void of course later in the day, the enthusiasm and spontaneity that you have experienced will begin to cool down and settle. In its place, you may begin to feel some of the heaviness of the Mars-Saturn square again – friendships and relationships may get testy.


The difficulties of the T-square that occurred yesterday will begin to wind down and reach resolution. You will begin to feel answers and context arising related to interpersonal and home life troubles that help them make more sense.

As the aspects conclude and the Moon goes void of course, you will find the natural buoyancy and joy of the Sagittarius Moon elevating your mood. You will begin to gain insight and wisdom from these lessons.


You will feel obligated to shoulder more responsibility today. This feeling of responsibility will come from children or from people in your community. While the Moon squares Jupiter in your 6th house, you have the potential to overwork yourself.

Once the Moon goes void of course, the hustle and bustle will resolve itself, and you will just be able to enjoy your community, friends, children, and all the other people who were previously expecting too much of you.


You will continue to have good success with resources and money today as the Moon moves through your 2nd house. Any fear or concern about money and related familial tension will subside as the Moon moves away from Mars and Saturn.

As the Moon goes void of course, you will find more joy and peaceful surroundings replacing the previous fear. The positive aspects of Jupiter in Pisces and the trine it makes to your Sun in the 1st will shine forth more readily.


Good luck and good fortune will continue as the Moon moves through your 1st house. You will find opportunities coming to you that encourage self-development and personal care. You will find the previous bursts of creativity drawing to a conclusion.

Friction and tension in the home will also end when the Moon goes void of course in your sign of Sagittarius. The difficult conversations and awkwardness will be replaced by more understanding.


You will find situations arising today that make you more social compared to the previous day, as the Moon completes her square to Jupiter. This won’t be an extremely comfortable experience, but you will receive good fortune from your interactions with other people.

As the Moon prepares to leave Sagittarius, you will return to solitude. You will have time to practically use what good fortune you have received, as Capricorn prefers to do.


Friendships and relationships will continue to grow, and you will be able to overcome tension with people in your life with grace and ease. You will find a lot of support in your community as the Moon in your 11th house trines Jupiter in your 3rd house.

When the Moon goes void of course, the challenges and heaviness of having Mars and Saturn in your first house the past few weeks will begin to reveal themselves again. Be patient as you go through this personal calcination process over the next few weeks.


You will see rewards today for ways in which you have pushed yourself and worked hard before, as the stern teachings of Jupiter’s square to the Moon blossoming into the rewards of effort and intention.

You will settle into a new normal with your workload and capacity for labor as the Moon goes void of course in your 10th house. You have successfully internalized wisdom from Jupiter in your 1st house, congratulations!

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