Daily Prediction for March 27 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Sun-Sign Horoscope – March 27th 2022

Today the Moon enters into the sign fixed air sign of Aquarius, which is an easier, lighter placement than yesterday’s placement in Capricorn. Conversations flow more readily, and the mental realm takes priority in the sky.

Additionally, the Moon forms a sextile to the Sun today, which indicates harmony and flow between ourselves and our surroundings. It will be easier to accomplish things and find success.


Today will be a good day for friendships as the moon moves into your 11th house. You will find that conversations happen more easily and natural, and you have less trouble expressing yourself than usual. You may even find that people are more amenable to your Aries-style initative.

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This lunar placement also activates the Sun by sextile as it moves through your 1st house. This will be a good day for personal development and self-care.


Today the Moon moves into your 10th house, highlighting career, mission, and purpose. You will find it easier to make headway at work, and feel more aligned with your own sense of center.

The Moon sextiles the Sun in your 12th house of solitude and isolation. You will find your best success today working on your own. You may find yourself being more solitary today, but you will benefit from it.


This is a great day for focusing on learning and expanding your own horizons, as the Moon journeys through your 9th house. Feel free to indulge your inquisitive, curious mind. Any time reading and studying will be well spent.

You will especially benefit doing these activities with friends, as the Moon sextiles the Sun in your 11th house. You will have good conversations with other people, and be introduced to new ideas that you hadn’t before considered.


The Moon goes into your 8th house today, which will create some obstacles and roughness. Things may not go to smoothly or as planned today, and you may feel stuck and bogged down.

The sextile to the Sun in the 10th, however, points towards success at your place of work and growth with your purpose in life. Any roughness that arises will ultimately feed this success growth.


Relationships will become highlighted today as the Moon moves through your 7th house. This is not the easiest day for romance, but you will find yourself strengthening in the crucible of interpersonal alchemy.

Take time today to expands your horizons and learn something new. The Moon sextiles the Sun in your 9th house, so you will have opportunity to develop greatly through any kind of self-development.


Challenges with work today as the Moon moves into your 6th house. You may feel stressed out and overwhelmed. People will expect a lot from you, and you will be working hard to keep them up.

The Moon forms a sextile to the Sun your 8th house. You will accomplish things slowly, but in that slow pace you will find some insights for how you choose to operate in the world. This is a good day for spiritual practice.


The Moon enters into your 5th house, associated with pleasure, play, and creativity. You will find opportunities to get creative both alone and with others. As this house also rules parties and fun get-togethers, you will also be able to simply enjoy yourself too.

The sextile to the Sun in your 7th house indicates positive developments with romance today. You will find an easier time relating to your spouse if you have one. Some of your partner’s idiosyncrasies will make more sense to you today.


Home and family will become a priority as the Moon enters into your 4th house. You will spend more time at home, and there will be more things and situations at your home and with your family calling for your attention.

Because the Moon forms a sextile to the Sun in your 6th house, there will be a lot of work and effort involved with the familial responsibilities today. However,you will find that you ultimately benefit from the work that you do.


Community connections will strengthen as the Moon enters into your 3rd house. You will find yourself connecting and engaging with more people in your sphere. Conversations and engaging with new ideas will be the most supported activities you can do with friends today.

Creativity, pleasure, and play are all supported today as the Moon activates the Sun in your 5th house by sextile. This is a very positive day for children in your life as well.


Resources will become a strong priority today as the Moon moves through your second house. You will find financial success and good fortune today, which will certainly be a good for way your Capricornian self to start the week off.

The Moon sextiles the Sun in your 4th house, so you will find good fortune and forward movement coming to you from your home as well.


You will have good fortune today as the Moon is in the 1st. You will have opportunities to take care of yourself, work through issues that have been nagging you, and get caught up on life.

Because the Moon forms a sextile to Sun in the 3rd, there will be good development with community and friends.


The Moon moves through your 12th house today, and this 12th house Moon will create a familiar solitude and compel you to examine your inner processes and engage in deep reflection. This will be very familiar to your own Piscean nature.

Finances are supported today as the Moon forms a sextile to the Sun in your 2nd house. You may be caught up in your own process, but you’ll still have a roof over your head.


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