Daily Prediction for March 28 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today, the Moon makes three conjunctions in rapid succession to Mars, Venus, and then Saturn. Mars and Saturn will makes this an intense day, containing stress and anxiety, especially related to the conversation, relational realm of Aquarius. However, Venus will provide some grace for difficult conversations, and the strong placement of Saturn in Aquarius points towards an ultimately positive outcome.

Much of this activity will begin to wind down in the afternoon after the Moon goes void of course. You will have the opportunity to integrate and digest the experiences and situations that the Moon triggered today.

Additionally, Mercury moves into Aries today, so language, conversation, travel, and technology will all benefit greatly over the next few weeks, compared to Mercury’s placement in Pisces. Mercury is now in the same sign as the Sun, you everyone will have a doubling-down on their solar lessons over the next few weeks.

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Friendships will go through a rollercoaster today as the Moon triggers the Mars-Saturn conjunction in your 11th house. But the challenges that arise will ultimately resolve themselves, and people will end up closer together.

Mercury moving into your 1st house indicates that you will have greater ease expressing yourself over the next few days. You will think more about your own calling as well as your health, and have the potential to make major strides in these areas over the next few weeks.


Business and career will go through turbulence today. You may have an extremely busy schedule, or lots of interpersonal conflict with coworkers. Everything has the potential to be resolved, though you cannot avoid the disagreements themselves.

With Mercury moving through your 12th house, you will find yourself more drawn towards thinking of spiritual matters and meditative disciplines over the next few weeks. You may become tired of the effort and work you’re putting into your career.


You may run into trouble with authority figures, teachers, or mentors of any kind today as the Mars-Saturn activates in your 9th house. If you are currently in school or travelling, you will face more obstacles today.

Mercury has moved into Aries in your 11th house. You will find yourself spending more time speaking with friends and nourishing relationships and community.


This will be an emotionally volatile day as the Moon conjoins Mars and Saturn in your 9th. You will have challenging conversations with others, as well as confront past wounds and triggers. If you are engaged in spiritual practices that cultivate power, you will find more success with them today.

Mercury has moved into your 10th house, so career and purpose will be very important to you for the next several weeks. You will have an easier time expressing what you want, and getting clear to yourself on what you want out of life.


Relationship turmoil will be noticeable today. Romance will be pushed to the side in favor of having difficult conversations and working through issues. But if you can be patient with the process, Venus will give you grace and strength to complete your work.

Mercury has moved into your 9th house, along with the Sun. You can get a lot out of study, travel, and doing anything to broaden your horizons over the next few weeks.


Events and circumstances will arise that compel you to work, make you stressed, and overwhelm you. People will ask much of you today. If you succeed in your work, you will receive a lot of rewards long-term.

Mercury has moved into your 8th house. This is a good periods for spiritual practice and meditation. You can receive deep insights into the nature of reality, as well as some spiritual power.


The Moon’s activation of the three planets in aquarius in your 5th house indicates that the sources of creativity, pleasure, and play that shaped your day yesterday will now sour. You may question or doubt whatever work you did in these realms yesterday, but the doubt will be temporary.

Mercury has moved into your 7th house. The next few weeks will be excellent periods for romance and deepening relationships with spouses and partners. Communication will be much clearer.


There will be trouble and tension in the home with Mars and Saturn activated in your 4th house today. Disagreements, old wounds, and strained communication will all be on the table today. Be patient with other people’s processes, and silver linings will begin to shine through.

Mercury has moved into your 6th house. Hard work will continue to be asked of you, and if you are employed by someone else you will be expected to put more effort into your job. However, this can create talent for managing other people and expressing clear goals.


Community will erupt today. Things will not run smoothly locally, and you may even feel at times like you’re in bedlam. This is not a good day to do lots of errands, visit lots of people, and spend a lot of time driving around town.

Mercury has moved into your 5th house. You will find yourself becoming much more expressive about personal creative projects and interests. You will have the opportunity to share personal interests with other people.


There will be short-lived financial fluctuations today, either manifested as external false flags that there is a problem, or internal anxiety and classically Capricornian self-deprecation about your current state. Be patient, your money situation is fine.

Mercury now sits in your 4th house. You will find a lot of attention pulled towards your home, away from work. Your communication with people at your home will improve.


You may experience a crisis of self today, as the Moon triggers the Mars-Saturn conjunction going directly over your sun. Conflict and tension can come at you from all sides. Just breathe and let it happen – it will be over soon, and you can potentially take a lot from this experience.

Mercury has moved into your 3rd house. Spend the next few weeks dedicating yourself to community a little more than usual. Invest more in those around you, and you will see a lot of rewards for your effort.


Unexpected, sudden changes could occur in your life today, as the Moon activates Mars and Saturn in your 12th house. The universe may throw a lot at you, and you may feel like you’re swimming in circles. Be careful not to make any bad decisions today.

Mercury has moved into your 2nd house. Your financial savviness will improve, and you will get a greater handle on your financial situation.

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