Daily Prediction for March 29 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon moves through the sign of yin, water sign of Pisces. Pisces rules mysticism, nondual-awareness, intuitive insight, and a deeper connection to one’s own faith. While this may not be the best day for achieving and accomplishing a great deal in the material world, you can gain tremendous insight for a long while by prioritizing stillness for one day.

The Moon forms no aspects today, and does not conjoin Jupiter until tomorrow, so the atmosphere will be permeated with the undiluted power of Pisces. You will find a great deal of support and help from outside of you, and will feel more deeply connected to your sense of center.

Because less is occurring in the sky today, these will be a little shorter than average.

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The Moon moves through your 12th house today. Deeper emotional themes will surface that you are unaccustomed to looking at. You will be gently goaded towards solitude and quiet reflection.


You will find greater support with friendships today as the Moon moves into your 11th house. Spend time in community and connection. Intimacy and candid, open conversations with important people in your life will be greatly supported.


Career will come into the foregrounded today as the Moon moves into your 10th house. You will be driven to excellence at work and with your career. Authority figures and mentors will offer sound advice, though it may be felt as stern at times.


You will spend more time engaged with your own intellectual pursuits today as the Moon moves into your 9th house. Reading, study, and research are all on the table today. You will be able to engage in a gentle relaxed way.


The quiet, slow pace of the day today will cause discomfort for your fast-paced, leonine self as the Moon moves through your 8th house. Traditionally known as the “idle place,” feelings on ennui, apathy, and anxiety will arise. Lean into the stillness, as you will learn a lot in the process. You can’t do anything to change it anyway.


Relationships will become central today as the Moon moves into your 7th house. Your partners in life will serve as an emotional mirror to your typically logical, goal-oriented mind. Though uncomfortable, the Moon in Pisces can bring a lot of maturity and balance to the Virgo individual who acknowledges what the emotional world has to teach them.


The Pisces Moon will trigger feelings of responsibility and burden as the Moon moves into your 6th house today. This will intensify your attunement to other people’s needs as the Sun and Mercury are both in your 7th house.


Creative pursuits are greatly supported as the Moon moves through your 5th house. Artists and Musicians who are Scorpios will find great insight and wisdom coming to them through the watery, intuitive realms of Pisces, but any Scorpio will find great good fortune by doing something creative today.


Sagittarians will find that circumstances at the home become louder and take more priority in life. Because of the positive nature of the Moon in Pisces, the situations that arise will likewise be positive.


Capricorn can lean into local community a little more today as the moon elevates your 3rd house. Any time spent around town, engaged with neighbors, and investing locally will be well-spent.


Resources are Supported fort Aquarius today as the Moon moves through your 2nd  house. You can make money, be successful, exercise mastery over your domain without having too work too much today.


Good fortune abounds today as the Moon moves through your 1st house. This is an excellent day to work on yourself, invest time in personal projects, and engage with the people in your life who are truly meaningful.

Matthew “Merlin” Kenney is a practicing traditional astrologer, a trained philosopher, and a translator of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. He is a dedicated practitioner of astrological magic, meditation, Hatha Yoga, and Tai Chi.

As an academic and a scholar, he utilizes intellectual rigor to restore the worldview and astrological prowess of the ancient world and apply it to the modern day. As a spiritual practitioner and dedicated hermeticist, Matthew uses these techniques to guide his clients on their paths towards wholeness and spiritual flourishing.

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