Daily Prediction for March 31 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon moves from Aries into the Pisces today, creating sudden passion, drive, and action where before there was quiet, reflective stillness. It is the astrological equivalent of a volcano rising out of the ocean.

Today, the Moon immediately goes into her darkened phase. Right as she enters Aries, she disappears under the beams of the sun, and then goes combust, as she prepares to shed her old skin. The ethers are in a state of flux in this time – emotions are turbulent, circumstances are choppy. Don’t be too attached to things working out.

Before she is reborn tomorrow, the Moon will conjoin Mercury in Aries. Conversation is strengthened, thoughts and words flow more freely, and ideas germinate within the self. Nervous anxiety and adrenal fatigue can be common with the fiery nature of Aries. People prone to sleep issues and an overactive mind may find these troubles worsened.

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Your energy will be highly activated, you will feel full of life and adrenaline. You will feel the rebirth of the moon very personally today as it occurs over your own Sun’s placement. You will release old ways and patterns of being – your whole identity will shift.

The Moon’s activation of Mercury will cause a very busy, overactive mind. You can be prone to racing thoughts and an agitated nervous system. Be careful not to overextend yourself today.


The Moon moves into your 12th house today, and in the fiery sign of Aries she will stir up more events and crises for you to manage than is normally comfortable for you. With mercury here, your day will be very mentally taxing.

However, the work you are called to do during this period will ultimately have very positive effects, though you won’t see it for a few days, until after the Moon has formed the sextiles to the planet sin your 2nd house.


You will find sudden developments occurring with friends and community today, as the Moon darkens in your 11th house. The Aries energy will made these shifts quite noticeable, and not always very comfortable.

Mercury here will give you a lot to talk about with other people, and a lot of opportunities to think, analyze, and reflect. Be careful not to overwork your already-active Gemini mind.


You will experience turbulence today related to your sense of purpose and calling in life. You will have the opportunity to leave, release, or terminate something that feels like it blocks you right now.

As the Moon conjoins Mercury in your 10th, you can express yourself much more clearly and loudly than you normally would. This will be far out of your comfort zone, but will ultimately prepare you for the transformation that the New Moon will bring.


You will experience reprieve from the challenges of the Saturn opposition to your Sun as the Moon moves through your auspicious 9th house of travel, study, and spiritual practice. While the Moon darkens here, you will have the opportunity to break patterns that keep you feeling stuck and trapped.

Mercury in your 9th will give you a lot of communicative power, and you will have a lot of opportunity to study, read, and learn new things. If you have a lot of fire energy in your chart, sleep issues could become triggered by busy minds and active nervous systems.


The Moon has darkened in your 8th house of death, anxiety, and one’s connection to the other side of the veil. This is an excellent time to meditate on loss and imperfection (those things Virgo loves so much). If you can allow the ebbs and flows of the dark Moon to loosen you up, you will find a lot of spiritual power coming your way.

The Mercury placement in Aries in your 8th house right now is not doing you any favors. Don’t lean into the discursive mind – it will only bring you agitation right now.


Relationships will go through great flux today as the Moon darkens in your 7th house of romance and partnership. Sudden shifts, heightened emotion, and  the standard release and rebirth that dark moons bring can all be expected today.

Conversation is your best tool for hashing things and engaging with other people today. You have strong indicators for success today through direct confrontation and approach, instead of beating around the bush.


Today may have a faster, stressful pace as the waning moon darkens in your 6th house in Aries. If you have a job, you can expect to be very active today. Your role as a worker may shift uncomfortably.

Mercury in your 6th currently will make communication about job-related issues easier. As the 6th is the house of injury, you are the most prone by far towards adrenal fatigue and overextending yourself today.


Problems will arise related to creativity and pleasure as the Moon darkens in your 5th house, preparing to be reborn. Artists will find problems with their creative process, parenting may be more stressful. But all these effects are temporary and will be resolved as the Moon is reborn tomorrow.

As the Moon conjoins Mercury in Aries in your 5th, a frenetic energy may be felt at your household, or any time you want to simply relax and enjoy yourself.


Occurring in your 4th house of home, this dark moon heralds changes related to your current home and living situation, at first challenging, but ultimately rewarding. Developments with parents and authority figures are also common.

With Mercury here, you will be investing a lot of mental energy at home, with family, etc. – anything that involves your roots and origins.


Immediate community and local environment are due to get shaken up today as the Moon darkens in your 3rd house. Sibling relationships could also experience some turbulence today. The challenges that occur today will ultimately bear fruit as the Moon is reborn.

Mercury here encourages dialogue and conversation with anyone whom you consider a friend. You have the opportunity to sort a great many things out today and move forward into the new lunar cycle with grace.


Finances will experiences some sudden shifts and turns as the Moon darkens in your 2nd house of resources. You may need to release some older, less responsible ways of managing money and resources. Ultimately, the changes you make will be rewarded as the Moon enters into a new cycle.

Mercury in your 2nd house points to a lot of conversation, dialogue, discussion, calculation, computation, etc. related to finances and money. This is tax season – if you haven’t started taxes yet, this would be a good time to do so.

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