Full Moon in Virgo March 18th. – The Rubber hits the Road Davina Mackail

Full Moon in Virgo March 18th. – The Rubber hits the Road Davina Mackail

Full Moon in Virgo March 18th. – The Rubber hits the Road by Davina Mackail. Buckle up, the week ahead is a bumpy ride. The basic story: Are you capitulating to your victim or are you ready to own your inner warrior? The moon is full in earthy Virgo this Friday as we head towards the Aries Equinox on Sunday. After the dreamy Piscean energy of the new moon, Virgo asks: ‘Now you’re clear on your dream what are you doing about it? Is the rubber hitting the road? And if not, why not?’

Buckle up, the week ahead is a bumpy ride

The Sabian symbol for 28 degrees Virgo is significant: ‘A bald headed man who has seized power’. Globally, there are a few potential candidates jostling for the role. This person emerges when an intense urge for cathartic change occurs. Existence is change and inevitably the time comes when the old and unsustainable has to crumble enabling the new to gain a foothold. Often the impulse for transformation crystallises in one person whose clarity and strength of intent has the power of an arrow focused on cracking the status quo. A power that can blast through collective resistance and allegiance to the past.

This is the dark night of our collective soul. It ain’t pretty. Forces beyond our control are certainly at play. The effects of the war are clear: The cosmic message is writ large. The fact remains, our world is changing. It needs to change. Our collective way of life has become unsustainable. If we don’t create the new, we’ll barely survive this generation let alone generate a future for the next seven. Get tapped into the morphogenetic field so that you can download the new forms we so desperately need to take us forward. Education, health, government, money – it ALL needs an upgrade.

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The fact remains, our world is changing.

The Aries equinox on March 20th begins our astrological new year, setting the tone for the next 12 months. Its volcanic. Our Martian warrior is taking no prisoners on his next turn of the cosmic wheel. The Mars/Venus conjunction square Uranus continues to inspire a strong urge for freedom particularly in the area of human rights. Protests and demonstrations will continue as the rebellious Uranus ruled Aquarian energy finds its footing.

On the 19th Venus squares Uranus creating further turbulence and disruption in financial markets and relationships. Uranus is the planet of the personal unconscious. It creates shocks because it’s where we project on to others. It’s sudden unpredictable events will force us to change if we don’t face the changes we need to make. Its lightning bolt is currently striking Taurus ruled events, financial structures, crypto, food, shelter, supply chains etc. Mars squares Uranus exact on the 22nd bringing further explosive energies. The pressure cooker has to let off steam. Uranus does this to clear the slate. It can equally be a delightful surprise!

But we are NOT without power.

It’s way past midnight. But we are NOT without power. We can stay in the martyrdom of Pisces or we can choose to move with the Sun into Aries and armour up ready to protect this precious gift of life. There is something favourable here if we can manage the Mars energy coming in with the Equinox. Gather with those you love. Get your hands dirty and start the process of re-generation. Plan and plant our planet back to life. Together we are mighty. Unplug from the fear porn. Move on. Co-create the life you would love to live.

We need this Virgo moon. In an ocean of confusion, grief and heartache Virgo wants us to take action on what we can deal with. It is the sign of the healer and in service to the whole. Yes, it can be finickity, but we need the grounding and the clarity. Virgo looks for tangible results. It’s interested in the minutiae of daily routines and habits. It is the consistency of small habits that create our manifested reality. How are yours holding up? Review how you organise and manage your day.

Full Moon in Virgo March 18th

This moon is focussed on the health axis of Pisces/Virgo at 27degrees. Late in the sign bringing issues to a head. We’re talking natural health, earth remedies, not big Pharma sickness. There is much we cannot influence but we can use this moon cycle to become strong and resilient. Virgo is the sign of the ascetic – purify and purge old toxic habits. Clear the clutter, emotional, physical and spiritual. Forgive and forget or you’ll never move on. Get clear enough to ground the dreams. The virgin rules discernment – what’s important to you? Where do you need to be more flexible, adaptable, understanding, compassionate?

Virgo is love in action; Pisces is Spiritual love the internal dream.

Virgo is love in action; Pisces is Spiritual love the internal dream. We have a choice. We can focus on all that is wrong, or we can take action to build anew like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Ask yourself; “Where must I change and let go of what is no longer serving me?’ Virgo is effort and focus. Roll up your sleeves it takes work to manifest on the 3D level.

Virgo holds our feet to the fire about what we are going to take action on. Yet we are needing to trust what we can sense but can’t quite see yet. This can cause confusion because Pisces messes with the Virgo mind in favour of our Spidey senses.

The grand trine of earth

The grand trine in earth signs; Moon(Virgo), Pluto (Capricorn) and North Node (Taurus) supports us stepping into our power and building power for a positive earthed future. Something is shifting with this trine and landing in our physical reality. There’s a readiness to make a change you’ve been holding back on or haven’t managed before. Pluto is empowering us to wake up into what we can do.

With the mystical, magical Jupiter/Neptune conjunction already gathering momentum optimise the potential of this powerful moment by using these weeks to clear the decks on all levels. We’re being prepared to wake up to the power of our own magic – get ready!

Mercury and Jupiter are inspiring big thinking, original ideas and inspirations. Allow space for this. New solutions to old problems are possible in the current cosmic vibe. Ask for the higher help, we are NOT alone. But we need to ask, we need to be in relationship with our higher consciousness. Empower yourselves and stay out of fear and powerlessness. Remember our imagination creates it all.

This full moon is enforcing what is done and complete even if the new isn’t quite obvious yet. Trust and allow the voids. Something is being re-shuffled as the Virgo moon interacts with Pluto and the north node. It gives space for the right things to arise. Unexpected and wonderful surprises. Something you are ready and have been unconsciously waiting for. People will leave and new people will arrive. Karma is complete. There is no further interaction. Trust what you’re feeling about the changes you are ready to make. Allow space for the unknowing and focus on being clear, clean and light. Clear the decks, take care of your health. It can feel challenging when we don’t know exactly where we’re going. Focus on the Virgo minutiae whilst Pisces supports us in the holding pattern. The breakthrough could come as early as the equinox or certainly by the big Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. Be ready for anything. Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual

Get your hands in the earth and plant seeds with intent. Use real seeds, preferably for something that will feed you, even if it’s an herb pot on your windowsill.

With each seed, hold it and blow into it a gentle spell for good health, strength, prosperity, good friends etc…. plant a seed for each of your heart’s desires.

Water and nurture these seeds into manifestation and watch how your life magically transforms along with the plants.

So mote it be……

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