New Moon in Aries March 31st/1st 2022 – Igniting the Spark Davina Mackail

New Moon in Gemini June 6

After our recent solar return on the Aries equinox, we enter our lunar new year with the new moon in Aries March 31st/1st at 11 degrees Aries.  With the ram in warrior mode and all planets direct until April 29th don’t expect to be sitting on your laurels.  This month is fast and action-packed.  Be wary of pushing yourself beyond your limits, an Aries speciality. Create spaciousness – what you choose now will remain your energetic signature throughout the next year.

New Moon in Aries March 31st/1st 2022

New moons always offer the chance of beginning again.  But this being the first of the new astrological cycle requires a powerful seed to be planted.  The cosmic waves are offering an initiatory energy.  Initiation is the beginning of something, a crossing of the threshold.  But the journey to mastery can be convoluted and challenging. 

April is a big month of transformation with this moon preparing us for what’s possible.  It’s an internal shift. It’s about knowing who you really are.  Make way, make room, make space for the new you that you’re birthing.  With the recent cosmic conversations between Mars and Venus you have healed some part of your internal masculine/feminine energies.  This moon offers a moment of grace.  Certain habits, behaviours, thoughts, relationships will no longer resonate with you. But it will be an easy turning away as new and powerful possibilities and opportunities arise.  

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This moon offers a moment of grace.

With the Sun and Moon almost conjunct Chiron, the healer of the sacred wound, anything you’re not embracing or owning will quickly make itself apparent.  On April 2nd Mercury and the Sun hits the soft underbelly of our deep wounding’s.  We’re here to unwind them. Integration time!  An emotional and deeply personal awakening occurs as you connect with your inner authenticity and integrity.  In Aries, Mercury is full power, there’s no room for niceties and the truth can be hard to hear. Connect brain before opening mouth.  It’s explosive but Chiron wants you to integrate what is truly you.  We’ve been through a lot and we have to reflect on who we have become.  What have you deeply healed and worked through? What are you emanating and radiating to the world?  We are no longer the same beings.

It’s a liminal month, Chiron changes our resonance. A softer, more conscious, Aries energy is being birthed.  The old impatient, selfish, ego ridden ram is released and the new is pouring in.  Aries rules the head.  This new moon asks us to break out of our shell, not in the old aggressive head-butt way but as the evolved peaceful warrior.  Owning the great power of paradox.  Saturn square the north node in Taurus will attempt to curb more of our individual freedoms while the south node in Scorpio continues to spew out our collective toxins.  Stay in peace this is incendiary.  Don’t fuel the flames or freeze in fear. Can you speak your truth calmly and lovingly? 

Don’t fuel the flames or freeze in fear.

Despite the pioneer, independent energy of Aries the Sabian symbol for this moon is “A flock of white geese” – During long flights, the head goose tires and falls back to allow another to take over.  Similarly, you will achieve more embracing a spirit of teamwork and co-operation rather than attempting to go it alone this month.

This moon lands at the mid-point between the Aries solstice and the grand Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. This once in a lifetime Pisces portal heralds an upgrade in planetary consciousness.  It is a big Spiritual tsunami intent on awakening humanity to its highest potential.  A powerful time of the invisible, for diving into the mystery. Dreams will be activated along with healing, and intuitive powers. Allow your energies to be expanded. It will be 166 years before it happens again so don’t waste this opportunity on the propaganda machine.  Choose your heart, choose the bigger, connected, loving dream.  Like phoenixes rising from the ashes, we need to build new social structures for education, health, government and finances.  

Rage or peace?

In this realm of duality there is always the balance of the shadow and Jupiter expands whatever it touches and Neptune rules liquids hence rising oil prices, increasing toxicity of our water and the potential of mass flooding etc.  It can also ramp up humanities’ collective psychosis. It takes all of us to ride this wave.  What are you choosing to believe right now? Where is your attention focussed? War or bliss?  Rage or peace? Remember your unlimited self, your Spiritual potential.  Life is an organic unfolding.  Keep pausing and softening into the miraculous which surrounds you in every moment. What you choose to believe and see will become your reality. 

Uranus is still influencing the higher mind – allowing us to bring more awareness to how all of life is constantly weaving in and out of manifestation.  Impulsiveness and freedom of speech will continue gaining momentum along with rebellions and protests. Meanwhile, Mars in Aquarius is in conversation with Saturn.  Slowing down time.  Expectations and the future are being re-arranged. What are the exciting new ideas you have?  What do you want to learn, share, study?  


Be bold and brave as you step where angels fear to tread.  Stretch yourself. Push the edges of your boundaries. Shift your focus.  Trust the beautiful, the magical, the mystical, the miraculous.  You can ground something real, new and purposeful in your life by the end of April. Be brave, be courageous, you’re not part of the mainstream – be the gloriously unique individual embodiment you truly are.  Launch yourself, make a commitment and create the power to begin.  But also be kind, put in the request and let the Universe deliver rather than hunting it down.  Wishing you all infinite new moon love.

New Moon Ritual for Aries 2022

We’re dealing with a lot on many levels so use this recapitulation ritual to keep you in the centre of your own power and seal any energy leaks.

Create your sacred space, light a candle and some incense, meditate, breathe and get prepared.

Do the ritual standing up

Bring to mind the “issue” you want to work with and feel it in the body.

Ask “OK I have this feeling and I want to see a scene of my childhood that embodies this issue?” wait for it to appear.

Visually notice the nature of the entanglement.

Put this scene on your left side.

Turn head to the left saying “I take back my power”

Breathe in and turn head to the right shoulder saying, “I’m giving you back your power” and exhale.

Repeat for 10 -15 minutes

I take Left to Right

I give Right to Left

Take breaks if necessary.  When the feeling dissipates you know it is clear.

- - -