Daily Predictions for April 2 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Sun-Sign Horoscope – April 2nd 2022

Today the Moon forms a sextile to Venus in Aquarius. This indicates harmony and kindness developing between people. There is greater mutual understanding and respect today, and the arts will flourish. After this aspect, the Moon goes void of course and finally enters into Taurus at 16:50 UT.

This will be a very positive way to conclude the New Moon season, helping us all to enter into this new cycle with partnership and harmony instead of any major discord.


Friendships dynamics will have happy outcomes today as the Moon forms a sextile to Venus in your 11th. You will feel more comfortable being yourself, and learn more about who you are as the Moon finishes up her stay in Aries.

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You will reap rewards and blessings from any solitude and spiritual practice you have engaged in over the past day. The rewards will have positive effects on your place of work and your career, as the Moon sextiles Venus in your 10th.


Your friendships will strengthen as the Moon finishes up her stay in your 11th house. The sextile she forms to Venus makes this day auspicious for applying your inquisitive mind and love of conversation towards your friendships and relationships.


Career progress will conclude as the Moon finishes her transit through your 10th house. Your new sense of purpose will crystallize. You may find new doorways opening and relationships forming at your place of work.


You will find positive developments occurring today related to romance, as the Moon activates Venus in your 7th house by sextile. You will continue to gain a lot of wisdom and insight from your intellectual pursuits, any courses you are taking, and any spiritual practice you keep up.


The challenges and work of the previous few days will begin to dissipate as the Moon leave your 8th house and no longer forms sextiles to the planets in your 6th house. The final aspect the Moon makes to Venus indicates that you will be receive a lot of rewards for any hard work you do today.


You will see positive developments with romance and relationship today, as the Moon finishes up her stay in your 7th house and forms a sextile to Venus. With Venus in your 5th house, you will have the opportunity to do fun, creative things today with loved ones and children if you have them.


Work and focus are required of you today as the Moon finishes up her stay in your 6th house. You will spend today integrating and benefiting from the effort you have put in at your work and at your job the past few days.


You will continue to have more public, social interactions with the Moon in your 5th. These should be primarily friendly and agreeable. With the Moon forming an aspect to Venus in your 3rd, community and friends can offer you a lot today.


The Moon-Venus sextile will create positive developments related to your home and living situation. Familial relations will improve. The new moon will create smoothness and harmony within your family. With Venus in your 2nd, you will find financial success working with other people.


Venus in sextile with the Moon will bring support and good fortune to your body, mind, and spirit today, activated in your 1st house. You will also find continued growth and development with people in your community and immediate social circle.


Finances will stabilize today as the Moon sextiles Venus in your 2nd house of resources. You will move forward into the new lunar cycle with groundedness and stability.


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