Daily Predictions for April 7 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon begins her journey through Cancer today. This is an auspicious change, as the Moon rules the sign of Cancer and possesses a lot of power here. People find experience emotional growth and personal development, and find easy support coming from their environment.

While here, the Moon will form a sextile to Venus. This points towards great harmony between friendships and romantic partners. People will get along, and will generally be kind towards each other.


You will find good fortune coming to you from your home, as the Moon moves into your 4th house. Family members will be more supportive of you. You will also find solitary and alone-time t o be very productive, as the Moon se xtiles Venus in your 12th house.

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Community and relationships are greatly supported today as the Moon moves into your 3rd house and sextiles Venus in your 11th house. Friendships will be very successful, and you will find a lot of personal growth arising from time you spend with other people.


Resources and financial management are going to pull at you today as the Moon moves into your 2nd. You may find yourself feeling emotional anxiety and tension related to money. This will ultimately provide a great deal of support for your job or career today.


Luck and good fortune will come to you today as the dignified Moon moves into your 1st house of self and health. This is a good day to work on personal projects and focus on self-care. Venus in your 9th guarantees that your studies and consciousness-expanding activities are very successful and supportive today.


You will be more solitary and alone today as the Moon moves into your 12th house, but you will learn and grow tremendously because the Moon is so happy in Cancer here. Venus’ trine to the Moon also ensures that you find a lot of material support for your internal process.


Friendships flourish and blossom today as the Moon moves through her rulership of Cancer in your 11th house of friendships and community. Bonds between companions and coworkers strengthen. Venus in your 7th forming a trine points to romantic partners joining on in this fun, or potentially meeting a new romantic interest with your friends.


The Moon has entered in your 10th house, so career will become especially important to you today. Your sense of mission and purpose will strengthen, and the Moon’s essential dignity in Cancer will provide you with a lot of support and stability. Venus’ trine from your 6th house will give you a lot of work, but it will ultimately be very rewarding.


Your Sun forms a grand water trine with the Moon in Cancer and Venus and Jupiter in Pisces. You will find lots of ease, success, and clarity today as all three of these planets harmonize together to help you. This day is especially good for creative pursuits and deepening one’s studies.


The Moon has entered into your 8th house, slowing down the pace of life and making things less productive. You may feel a little stuck, or find bouts of anxiety coming at times, but you will have everything you need to take care of yourself with the Moon in Cancer. The Trine from Venus in your 4th also ensures that home will be a safe space today.


Relationships and romance will make your life more interesting today, but Cancer’s focus on the emotional life may stir some things up and force you to leave the comfortable realms of logic and pragmatism. Venus trining your Moon from the 3rd points towards more success and alliances with people in your community and social circles.


The Moon has moved into your 6th house – you will find yourself with a lot of work to do today. But Venus will ensure that the work is productive and fun, and that you’re not alone with you do it. Your daily grind today will have a positive impact on your financial situation.


This is an amazing day for creativity and play as the Moon moves through her rulership in your 5th house. The muses will speak very loudly to Pisceans who are artists or creators in any way. Venus trining the Moon from your 1st house also points to positive insights and developments to your sense of self.

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