April 16th Full Pink Moon in Libra, the Paschal moon – Finding Balance through Transcendence

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Today, April 16,th full moon in Libra at 27 degrees. April 16th Full Pink Moon in Libra.  Libra seeks, harmony and balance.  How do we find it in this existence of duality? There will always be the dark, the heavy, the oppressive. Just as there will always be the light, love and liberated. Our gift of free will gives us choice where we put our attention.  Here in the Northern hemisphere, spring has sprung.  The sap is rising, love is creating blossom and beauty amongst the destruction. Where is your attention focussed?

April 16th Full Pink Moon in Libra, the Paschal moon – Finding Balance through Transcendence,  Davina Mackail

Libra angles the spotlight on relationships and the ways we relate.  A cosmic opportunity is being presented to raise the bar on the ways we communicate.  Without this upgrade even long held liaisons are unlikely to last.  There is conflict between the personal (Aries) and transpersonal (Libra) – balancing your needs with those of the other, the collective.  Step back. Reflect. Is a genuine apology required in order to begin again with a deeper truth?  This moon demands important conversations take place. Through dialogue, possibilities and solutions arise that personal reflection alone cannot access.

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The Sabian symbol for 27 degrees Libra is “An airplane hovering overhead”.  A moment where one thing has the possibility of garnering all the attention, i.e. the single plane flying above.  It suggests focussing on the impossible dream.  The one big idea in an ocean of potential that aligns with your personal talent and vision.  Superhuman efforts will bear fruit – allow the wings of your dreams to unfurl fully.  Bathe in the emerging consciousness that is able to transcend the personal life.  It can carry us above the conflict to see the greater collective need and possibility for humanity.  We get to glimpse the realm of unity beyond duality.  To reach this promised land requires the courage to be vulnerable, to listen. It takes unconditional self-love and being receptive to the resonance of inner truth. Be the witness. Observe. Contemplate.

resonance of inner truth. Be the witness. Observe. Contemplate.

Quantum shifts are possible this week away from the contentious and controversial into the artistic and creative.  Lightning bolts of realisation periodically strike as we continue our awakening. Libra’s fulcrum swivels us towards more of what we want and less of what we don’t want.  We get there by evaluating where we are out of balance.  Too much doing not enough being? Too much work, not enough play? Too many takeaways, not enough whole foods? Where are you out of whack?  

Full moons bring something to a head.  They illuminate, reveal and complete.

This one squares Pluto inviting us to embrace and strengthen our most cherished relationships with an unerring commitment to the truth.  Libra wants a win/win, a compromise. The Sun in Aries knows what it wants for itself.  Pluto tightens the screws and says look deeper, get below the surface.  We can’t just agree with people to make peace or for an easy life. Where’s the deeper truth? Yes, it can be painful.  We’re conditioned to keep quiet against our better inner knowing.  We’re unlearning these toxic behaviours and entering into a new realm of what truth actually means. Choose the future, choose evolution.  Where is your energy wanting to move now?

In this phase it is important to take a step back. What do you need to shift, change or evolve? Find the spaciousness to assess whether a relationship is for the future or if it needs culling.  Pluto puts pressure on what you are not changing that you know you want to.  His pressure is uncomfortable, in Capricorn it’s about timing.  Something has to be worked out, so you stop repeating old patterns.  Pluto forces our evolution as it ultimately wants us to be in our power.  

Certain people simply don’t match your frequency any longer.  It’s ok to accept this and let go.  Give those conversations space to be held in a sacred manner not with the heightened emotion of this weekend’s full moon power.  Wait a while. This weekend tune-in to yourself and what your heart secretly yearns for. Be in gratitude for what was and what is but stop giving your power away.  How are you growing through what you have realised?  

What is ready to shift or evolve? We need to grow even within relationships.  Where and what are your needs right now? Know your value. What’s worth investing your time and energy in?  Observe the Power dynamic in relationships that are revealing their essence.  With Saturn’s influence there is the possibility for a new solution, something new to arise from the conflict or impasse.  It is a stabilising force that can be a way to re-direct the energy to make progress in a new way.  Venus in Pisces wants any necessary endings completed with kindness.

With a tight t-square between Pluto(Capricorn), Sun(Aries) and Moon(libra) power issues are once more illuminated. Individual and collective power – how we wield it and abuse it will raise their ugly heads.  Part of Pluto’s purpose is to reveal the shadows for transformation. In Capricorn it is about revealing power abuse. Financial mis-deeds will come to light as Libra attempts to bring the scales of justice to bear.

This Libran see-saw also invites internal reflection on how you have personally wielded power.  We are being challenged to find our power and not give it away.  Can you stand in your sovereignty?  Where are you being taken advantage of?  Humanity has to step into its power to change what is happening that we don’t agree with.  It’s time for that grass roots power to rise up.  In a fragmented society we need to find a way to recognise each other as part of the greater whole.  Social justice issues will rise to the surface especially around how power has been used in the world.  The disconnect between leaders and the people continues. Growing a parallel society, as the phoenix rises from the ashes, is the only way forward.  

It is through the integration of the collective that we find balance.  A little of all creates a harmony and balance that a lot of one thing never can.  Let us gather together and balance the scales.  We’re still working through age old issues of control versus freedom.  Saturn is about building for the long term and Aquarius wants to innovate – new networks and structures.  We are being asked to vision and build a whole new society. We have no choice. We have to gather together to find the balance.  Opposition and separation will always create conflict.  How can we resolve conflict by listening to each other?

This moon is not decisive. You need to seek other opinions, or refine your decision making to get really clear.   Give yourself space to make the deep, profound decisions that are required. What are you allowing yourself to be influenced by?  Is it fear based or heart expanding?  

The good news is Venus is exalted in Pisces. Here she’s wearing angel wings, and bathing in the rose-tinted glasses of the recent Jupiter/Neptune connection.  Giving rise to waves of bliss.  Enjoying being her best self she offers us a shift in perception as we become increasingly psychically sensitive and tuned-in.  This moon is activating these Venus themes awakening something deeper within us that we want and showing us how we can develop that in the 3D realm.  She brings unexpected elements, that can take us by surprise. Be very intentional about that you are feeling with the Pluto pressure.  Get out of your head and ego – the bigger picture is more important right now.

With emotions and relationship dynamics on overdrive overwhelm and exhaustion are possible. Take time to replenish the Spirit.  Our souls crave connection. The pause, the quiet moment. Hearing the birds sing, noticing the early bluebells peeping through, the sunny primroses and life affirming daffodils.  Reminding us that life is always in the process of renewing itself, knowing that there are times for cutting back and letting go, times for planting and sprouting, maturing and blooming, harvesting and preparing. This is true balance being ok with all of the complex paradoxes and ironies both inner and outer and walking that fine bliss line towards what makes your heart open, your soul sing, your Spirit soar.  Find your flow.  That unique pulse that emanates from you alone.  Nature does what nature naturally does.  We are nature.  Do what you naturally do – that’s balance.  Wishing you all infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual for the Libra, Pink, Paschal Moon April 16th

Bring your power back into balance every day.  Every evening before bed call your power back to you through your white bubble of light.  You can use your own words or use the suggested text below.  The important bit is that the energy is exchanged through the neutral, cleansing filter of white light.

“I call back to myself, through my bubble of pure white light, all power and energy that I have inadvertently left with other people or places.”

“I return back to other people and places, through my bubble of pure white light, all power and energy that I have inadvertently taken or received.”

So mote it be…..

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