Daily Prediction for April 1 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the New Moon occurs in the Sign of Aries at 09 degrees of Aries. The turbulence and flux of the last few days will settle as our energies begin to coagulate and a new lunar cycle comes into being. We will all experience stronger personal intentions, and our desires will clarify and crystallize. We will all have a much clearer sense of what we want in life, and have the energy to pursue it.

Today, the Moon forms two sextiles to Mars and Saturn. The Sextile to Mars is very positive, as Mars rules the Moon in Aries and can provide the Moon with a lot of support and groundedness during this time. Saturn’s sextile will provide some hiccups and obstacles, but the positive nature of the sextile and the essential dignity of Saturn will win out.


You have the opportunity to completely transform your identity and sense of self for the better today. You can grow tremendously today, and will have the power to achieve the things you want in life today.

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The sextile to Mars and Saturn will create a lot of dynamism and transformation in your 11th house of friends. Be on the lookout for any intense aggravation, but you can be sure that any interpersonal issues that arise will be temporary.

The new moon occurs in your 12th house today, where she will continue stir up the energy of your life and cause more resistance showing up in your life. Ultimately, you will find a lot of insight and success in the absence of doing that this new moon will encourage for you.

The Moon activates the Saturn-Mars conjunction in your 10th house by sextile. May and job may be stressful and tense today, but there will be a lot of fruitfulness that comes from business.


You will see positive developments and growth to friendship today as the Moon is reborn in your 11th house. Yesterday’s turbulence will be replaced by good relations, and you will have the opportunity to move forward on a good foot with friends for the rest of the year.

The Moon activates Mars and Saturn in your 9th. Your naturally precious, inquisitive mind may lead you into strange territory today. You will have good fortune trying new things and interacting with new people.


Your sense of purpose and mission in life will take flight today as the Moon is reborn in your 10th house. This is a very special occasion that only occurs once per year – take every opportunity to get clear on what you truly want out of life today.

The Moon activates Mars and Saturn in your 8th house today – be patient with the slow pace and obstacles that the universe puts in your path today. They won’t keep you from getting what you need.


New studies, journeys, or any activities that expand your horizons and broadens your range of experience will be greatly support as the New Moon occurs in your 9th house. Don’t be afraid to indulge your childlike sense of joy today – you will receive long-lasting blessings by taking time for your personal interests today.

You may find fleeting roughness coming from romantic partners and close friends today as the Moon sextiles Mars and Saturn in your 7th house. Whatever issues arise will not last long.


As the Moon is reborn in your 8th house, you will be confronted with the some of the things that scare you most in the world: lack of control, impermanence, imperfection, etc. You will have the opportunity to release a lot of attachments throughout the next lunar cycle.

The Moon activates Mars and Saturn activates in your 6th house. Be wary of pushing yourself or too much overwork. You will find more obligations and responsibilities being thrown on you.

Positive Transformation will occur with partners, spouses, any romantic relationships. Clear communication and improved quality time are all to be expected. You can gain a lot of insight in relationships in general during this time.

As the Moon activates Mars and Saturn in your 5th house, you may find sudden, albeit choppy movement related to your creative pursuits. Children may try to distract from romantic pursuits today.


The Moon is reborn in your 6th house, so your job, work, and even your relationship to the very notion of work will change drastically throughout the next lunar cycle. Your work ethic will improve, though much will be asked of you in response.

The Moon activates Mars and Saturn in your 4th house. Be on the lookout for tension and friction at home or with parents. Dialogue with parents may be improved.


The Moon is reborn in your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and play. Your relationship to your down time and your time off will change greatly. You will be more social, and engage in more activities with friends and family.

As the Moon activates mars and Saturn in your 3rd house of immediate community, you may find some light drama arising with other people in your life. It’s temporary.


The New Moon occurs in your 4th house of home. Your connection with your family and parents, and your entire home and living situation will experience positive change. Expression and communication are much easier.

Mars and Saturn are activated in your 2nd house of finances. Don’t be alarmed if you have some strange financial fluctuations – they will be temporary.


The New Moon is reborn in your 3rd house of community, neighbors, and local environment, so you will see lots of growth to the relationships you have with people around.

The New Moon forms sextiles to Mars and Saturn in your 1st, so your interpersonal growth may come at the expense of continued self-doubt and other similar themes you have been wrestling with for the past year. Don’t get stuck in your head.


The New Moon occurs in your 2nd house of resources and finances. Though this may not excite your preferably intuitive, deep Piscean nature, your opportunities here are related to getting your financial life grounded and stable. If you lean into this, you can build a very solid platform with which you can anchor your mysticism.

Some of this growth may be initially rough and filled with more challenging conversations, as Mars and Saturn in the 12th house for a sextile to the Moon. Due to the nature of the sextile, the friction felt here will be temporary, and naturally morph into more positive exchanges.

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