Daily Prediction for April 11 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

As the Moon moves through Leo, she forms a trine to the Sun today in Aries. This will give people a great deal of enthusiasm and inspiration to accomplish things today. The energy is very yang and constructive.

In stark contrast to this, the Moon also forms an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. This creates impediments and roadblocks. People can feel depressed or like their in a malaise. While you may feel very excited and enthusiastic about one part of your life today (due to the trine) another part may weigh on you and bring you down.


While moving through your 5th house of pleasure, leisure, and creativity, she will trine the Sun in your 1st house. This can be an extremely expansive day, with great new personal insight and clarity. You will grow a lot as a person.

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However, friendships may cause you tension and disagreement today as Saturn is activated in your 11th house. Other people might rain on your parade.


The Moon continues through your 4th house of home and family, trining the Sun in your 12th. You will have positive experiences with family and people that are close to you, and will find a lot of growth happening at your home.

The Moon opposes Saturn in your 10th house, activating a challenging T-square with your own Sun. Work and work-related stress could invade the quiet solitude of your home life, so do your best to maintain good boundaries.


The Moon is still travelling through your 3rd house, activating community, local events, and making you feel more embedded within your own environment. As the Moon trines the Sun in your 11th, you will find positive developments occurring with friends in your local community today.

Your obstacles are found in the 9th house of study and travel today. Geminis in school and travelling with find things moving slowly. You won’t get along with teachers and authority figures. Anything you are learning just for fun may cause frustration, and you may have trouble understanding things as easily as you are used to.


The Moon in your second house continues to focus your attention on resources and financial management today Your career will offer you more support and success as the Moon trines the Sun in your 10th.

Saturn opposing the Moon in your 8th will create feelings of stuckness, slowness, irritability, and mood swings. Things will not happen as smoothly and naturally as you like today.


This is a lucky, bright day with the Moon in your 1st forming a trine to the Sun in your 9th. Any personal studies or explorations you are engaged in will be very successful and smooth today.

Relationships and romance is blocked today as Saturn in your 7th house opposes the Moon. Romantic partners may distract you from your own personal interests.


The Moon in your 12th house continues to prioritize solitude and quietude away from the hustle and bustle. With the trine the Moon forms to the Sun in your 8th house, this is a great day for spiritual practice and meditation, but you can expect a great deal to be stirred up in the process.

Saturn is activated in your 6th house, indicating that you will have a lot of work and labor ahead of you today.


Friends will continue to support you as the Moon moves through your 11th house. Peers and colleagues will offer  you help, insight, and support. Romance and relationships will also be fortunate today with the moon activating the Sun in your 7th house.

Saturn is activated in your 5th. This indicates blocks to creativity, joy, and happiness today. You may be very successful and productive with other people at work, but it may be hard for you to enjoy it.


The Moon is activating your 10th house, giving you a lot of forward momentum with career and purpose. Today, she forms a trine to the Sun in your 6th. You have a lot of hard work ahead of you, but the trine and exalted nature of the Sun will make the rewards well worth it.

The Moon is also forming an opposition to Saturn in your 4th, forming a very challenging T-square with your own Sun. Expect tension at home and potentially with family memmbers today. This tension may get in the way of your work productivity.


Any personal studies, explorations, or consciousness-expanding activities you participate in will be very productive today as your Sun sign forms a grand fire trine with the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aries.

However, Saturn in your 3rd house may stir up trouble and causes issues with people in your community or local vicinity. Relationships with siblings may also be strained today.


Doldrums and feelings of being bogged down will lessen today as the Moon activates a trine to the Sun in your 4th house. You will find support from people at home and amongst your family today.

Saturn is activated by the Moon in your 2nd house of money and resources, so you may feel some financial tension and stress today, but it won’t last long.


You will find great success in relationships and romance today along side friends and local communities, as the Moon in your 7th house trines the Sun in your 3rd. This is a good day to be social and put yourself out there.

Despite the good fortune you may experience with others, the Moon still activates Saturn in your 1st house. This can create feelings of being stuck, lost, confused, or frustrated with yourself in some way.


You will find rewards coming for the effort you have put into your work as the Moon trine the Sun in your 2nd house. Financial growth is common, but it can also just point to any grounded, realistic change in your life.

The Moon is also opposed Saturn in your 12th. Don’t do anything impulsive or super spontaneous today, as those kinds of things have the potential to end up poorly under this kind of alignment.

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