Daily Prediction for April 13 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon continues her circuit through the earthy, practical sign of Virgo today. This placement is good for use of the linear mind, problem-solving, and making real, grounded change in your life.

Today the Moon forms a trine to Mercury in Taurus, which will create a lot of mental clarity, and allow for very strong use of the mind, especially since Mercury rules the Moon in Virgo.  The Moon also forms an opposition to Venus. This will cause some interpersonal discord and tension, but it will quickly ripen into good fortune as Venus occupies her exaltation and is fundamentally helpful and benefit.


The Moon in your 6th house will continue to push you to work and make concrete change in your life. The trine to Mercury in your 2nd house will activate your mind and give you the strength to solve a lot of problems with your job, career, and even financial situation.

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The Moon opposes Venus in your 12th house. You may put your foot in your mouth or say something you regret. Don’t try to be too social today.


Communication, dialogue, and interpersonal interactions will all be very strong today as the Moon in your 5th trines Mercury in Taurus. You will be able to express yourself very freely today, and experience bouts of creativity.

Friendships may hold tension today as the Moon activates Venus in your 11th by opposition. Although you will be more expressive, but may experience resistance and pushback from peers, friends, and colleagues.


Home and family will be activated for you today as the Moon moves through your 5th house. You will be more conversation and communicative with important people in your life as the Moon trines Mercury.

Interpersonal issues could arise at work as the Moon moves into an opposition with Venus. If you are patient with the disagreements, you will find friendships strengthening on the other side.


The Moon activates your 3rd house, forming a trine to Mercury in your 11th house. This points to strong communicative and verbal abilities with friends, allies, and communities members. You will accomplish a lot with other people today.

The Moon opposes Venus in your 9th. You may experience blocks to learning, growth, and studies that ultimately blossom into profound, deepened insight and understanding.


Finances are career are a strong priority for you today as the Moon in your 2nd house trines Mercury in your 10th. Work and career will see a lot of progress, and you will be able to problem-solve quite a bit today.

The opposition to Venus in your 8th may feel create feelings of stuckness and dullness at first, but you will ultimately come out on top. You may find positive developments with clients or other people’s money arising out of it.


You will experience luck and good fortune today as the Moon goes through your 1st house. The trine she makes to Mercury in your 9th house promotes study, research, and spiritual practice. You can apply your mind to learn quite a lot today.

The Moon opposes Venus in your 7th. You may experience some lover’s squabbles or small tiffs, but ultimately a lot of reconciliation and new insight will come out of it.


You will find great success and fortune through solitude and quietude today as the Moon in your 12th house trines Mercury in your 8th. Difficult emotions may be stirred up today.

The Moon opposes Venus in your 6th house. There may be a lot of work today, but you will be able to check a lot off your to-do list and see a lot of net benefits for your labor today.


Friendships and romantic partners will both provide you with comfort and ease today as the Moon in your 11th house trines Mercury in your 7th. Be open to new relationships and letting your guard down.

You will find Today is also a good day for pleasure and creative pursuits as the Moon opposes Venus in your 5th house. While the energy may be stifled and awkward at first, you will eventually find your creative juices flowing more readily.


You will find a lot of success with career and work today as the Moon in your 10th trines Mercury in your 6th. You will have to work hard for success, and may need to pay attention to more details and be more realistic than you like, but you will ultimately see a lot of positive change.

You may find tension and disagreement at home or with family members, but the disagreements will ultimately give way to good fortune as the advantages of the Moon-Venus opposition come forward.


You will find a lot of ease and natural success today as your sun sign forms a grand earth trine with the Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Taurus. You will learn a lot more and expand your horizons. Creativity and self-expression are also very supported. You will be able practice self-expression without compromising your Capricornian wryness.

Friends and communities may initially push against you today as the Moon opposes Venus in your 3rd, but they will ultimately give way to support and agreement  with your own agenda.


The moon has moved into your 8th house, creating feelings of slowness, doldrums, and listlessness. Anxiety can be common. The trine to Mercury in your 4th house ensures that you will find support for this period through home and family members. Your house is a safe space.

You will see strained financial success as the Moon opposes Venus in your 2nd house. Ultimately, the effort you put into today towards finances will see a lot of long-lasting results, as you currently have both benefic planets conjoined in your 2nd house.


Romance and relationships are the priority today as the Moon moves through your 7th house. While forming a trine to Mercury, expression and communication will be much easier for you. You may find it easier to express yourself more explicitly than is usual for your Piscean nature.

You will find a lot of personal growth and positive self-development occurring today as the Moon opposes Venus in your 1st house. You will receive a lot of blessings from this, even if not all the lessons are very easy.

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