Daily Prediction for April 14 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon moves finishes her journey through the industrious, analytical sign of Virgo, where she continues to bring our focus to the material world, our personal kingdoms, and the positive changes we can make within them today.

She only forms one aspect – an opposition to Jupiter. This can bring stern or firm teachings from teachers, authority figures, or anyone we respect in our lives. The interactions and exchanges that come from this, however, are extremely positive, given that Jupiter is inherently very beneficial, and very powerful in the sign of Pisces.


You will find a lot of success through solitude and any focused spiritual practice you engage in today as the Moon in your 12th opposes Jupiter in your 6th. A lot of this will be hard work, but you will benefit significantly from the time that you choose to take for yourself.

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The Moon opposes Jupiter in your 11th house today. While this could create some initial difficulties with friendships, peers, and colleagues, you will ultimately gain a lot of wisdom and insight from your relationships with these people. Be open to what they have to say for your life.


Your Sun placement in Gemini forms a T-square with the Jupiter in your 10th and the Moon in your 4th. Home life and your career will pull against each other today, and pull you in two different directions. You will ultimately gain a lot of rewards from both areas of life today, but your ultimate priority will be your home.


The Moon moves into an opposition with Jupiter in your 9th house. Your spiritual practices, studies, education, and any other consciousness-opening activities you cultivate will challenge you today. Spiritual teachers in this area will good you good counsel.


The Moon finishes her journey through your 2nd house and opposes Jupiter. Firm yet helpful advice will come to you from people you respect and admire today regarding mundane matters of money and finance. It is important that you listen to this input, as the mundane concerns of the Moon in Virgo will ground, center, and ultimately strengthen your own creative fire. Do your taxes, reconcile your bank account, and get control over your life.


You will have a lot of growth with romance and relationships today as the Moon opposes Jupiter in your 7th house. There will be some growing pains involved, but you will ultimately benefit significantly. This can also point to financial developments for people who work with clients.


The Moon-Jupiter opposition happens across your 6th and 12th houses today. You will have a lot of hard but very productive work ahead of you. Teachers and guides will push you to succeed and may make you look at things you’d rather avoid. This has the potential be a lucrative day.


You will find firm yet supportive help coming to you from your friends and peers today. Keep your ears and hearts open to what other people have to say about your life, as you have the potential to benefit significantly by listening to them.


Your Sun placement in Sagittarius forms a T-square with the Jupiter in your 4th and the Moon in your 10th. Career and home life will pull you in different directions, and both spheres of your life with be desirous of your energy and attention, but ultimately career will win out. People you respect in this area of life have important things to tell you today.


The Moon and Jupiter oppose each other across your 9th and 3rd houses. You will benefit tremendously by spending time in your local community today, alongside local people, even if you feel resistant and hesitant to doing so. Networking and engaging with others will be lucrative and profitable for you.


Financial success and positive financial guidance will be afforded to you as the Moon activates Jupiter in your 2nd house. You may find yourself being nudged to let go of something important to you today, as the Moon finishes up her stay in your 8th house.


Great personal growth and development will happen for you today as the Moon activates Jupiter in Pisces in your 1st. This is an extremely strong and beneficial alignment, but the opposition means it won’t be without its challenges. Some challenges and hard lessons may be activated by romantic partners.

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