Daily Prediction for April 16 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Happy Full Moon in Libra to all my dear readership! In keeping with the themes of Aries season, the Libra Full Moon is a time to release blocks to our own personal willpower and intention, as well as unhealthy feelings of responsibility and obligation that can weigh us down.

The Moon also forms a trine to Mars and Saturn today. Mars and Saturn may offer some difficult lessons, but these lessons will ultimately open us up to fresh perspectives and greater interpersonal, social intelligence.


As the Moon becomes full in your 7th house, you will release old, unhelpful patterns of behavior related to romantic partners and one-on-one relationships. Mars and Saturn will also purify your friendships as the Moon activates him in your 11th house, giving you a greater sense of how to manage your dynamics with others.

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The Moon will become full in your 6th house, and you will eliminate any negative  tendencies to overwork and overextended yourself for unhealthy reasons. Mars and Saturn will be activated in your 10th house, allowing you to form better boundaries in your work life.


Your Sun activates a grand air trine between the Full Moon in Libra and the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. You will find old patterns of relating to friends naturally falling away, and feel more comfortable relating to others. Mentors and anyone you respect will offer hard lessons today.


The Full Moon will occur in your 4th house, encouraging you to reexamine the social dynamics and relationships you have with family members and anyone at home. Some unhealthy dynamics can be resolved. Some of this work may become very uncomfortable as the Moon trines Mars and Saturn in your 8th house.


The Full Moon in Libra will activate your 3rd house, and so your friendships and connections with local people may go through a reassessment today. You may find adjustments happening in your general social circles. Mars and Saturn in your 7th house may cause challenges with romantic partners.


You will find resources and financial situations going through major developments today as the Full Moon aligns within your 2nd house. You will repattern your financial behavior and habits, and ultimately get much better control over your material life. Mars and Saturn activated in your 6th house indicate that a lot of work is ahead of you related to this.


Your whole self-identity and personal understanding will undergo great changes as the Full Moon occurs in your 1st house of self. You may find yourself being compelled to release unhealthy personal habits, and may experience some kind of ego-death, but you will ultimately reemerge stronger and clearer as a result of this alignment. Saturn and Mars in your 5th will create blocks to enjoyment and creativity as you go through this rebirthing.


The Full moon aligning in your 12th house indicates that you will release self-destructive habits and tendencies that do not resonate with your highest purpose. As the Moon trines Mars and Saturn in your 4th house, you will find hard lessons coming to you from your home and family situations.


You will find productive, fruitful readjustments and diplomatic conversations happen amongst your friend circles as the Moon becomes full in your 11th house. Friendship will experience growth as old patterns die. Mars and Saturn activated by trine in your 3rd house also points to hard lessons arriving from community and local connections.


You will find release and reevaluation happening in your place of career this Full Moon season, which may cause fear and anxiety for your Capricornian self. The reevaluations that comes from this will ultimately be very beneficial. You may also find temporary financial stress as Saturn and Mars are activated by trine in your  2nd house.


You will find new insights coming to you with your learning and spirituality as the Moon goes full in your 9th house. You may release old understandings that no longer resonate. You may feel stress and aggravation at certain points today as the Moon trines Saturn and Mars in your 1st house.


You may find a lot of intense emotions arising today as the full Moon occurs in your 8th house. This is a powerful alignment for spiritual experiences and psychic phenomena, but it’s not always extremely comfortable. Mars and Saturn activated by trine in your 12th indicate that you may feel a little out of control today.

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