Daily Prediction for April 17 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon begins her journey through the deep, perceptive sign of Scorpio. As a water sign, people tend to prioritize emotions and intuitions. The mood and timbre are pensive and reflective. Dreams are strong.

Today, the Moon forms an opposition to Mercury in the earth sign of Taurus, as well as trines to Venus and Mars in Pisces. Clear communication and mutual understanding will be difficult to achieve. Despite this fact, people will still try to be amicable and considerate, and nothing will go terribly awry.


The Moon has moved into your 8th house, which will creating feelings of stuckness, slowness, and anxiety. You may have trouble communicating your troubles to others with the Mercury opposition.

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However, the trine to Venus in your 4th house will cause a lot of positive developments with your family and home, despite any inner turmoil you may feel.


The Moon has entered into your 7th house, forming an opposition to Mercury in your 1st. Romance and conversation are strained today. You may experience miscommunications and disagreements with partners or spouses.

You will, however, find favorable occurrences with friends today as Venus is activated in your 11th house. Time spent with others will be time well-spent.


Transiting your 6th house, circumstance will push you to work and strive harder than usual today, and you may find misunderstandings occurring at work with the opposition from Mercury.

Despite these challenges, Venus is activated in your 10th house today, indicating that this challenging day of labor will see ultimately rewards regarding your greater career and purpose. You may struggle to win the battle today, but you will definitely win the war.


Your Sun forms a grand water trine with the Moon in Scorpio and Venus in Pisces. There will be great developments with your studies, personal explorations, and creative process. This is an excellent day for spiritual practice and meditation.

The opposition to Mercury in your 11th house may create miscommunications with friends and allies. Other people may not understand your own personal journey today.


Activating your 4th house of home, this Scorpio Moon may trigger some uncomfortable issues from your past. Mercury in opposition will lead to misunderstandings with others at the office and at home.

These two indicators, coupled with Venus activated in your 8th, point towards something of a bumpy road. But Venus’ beneficial nature and aspects to the Moon and Mercury ensure that you gain a lot of insight as a result.


The Moon has activated your 3rd house, putting a greater focus on immediate networks and local communities. Siblings may play a greater role in your life today. Due to the opposition from Mercury, any engagement and dialogue with siblings or community members may be strained.

The Moon trines Venus in your 7th house, indicating that good fortune and positive developments will occur today with romance and interpersonal relationships.


The Moon has entered into your 2nd house, potentially creating some instability related to finance and personal resources. Debts or high expenses may surface with the opposition to Mercury in your 8th house. Whatever happens will only last as long as the Moon stays here.

You will find good fortune from the work and effort you put into your job and managing your life today as the Moon activates Venus in your 6th house.


You will find good fortune, grace, and insight coming to you as the Moon moves into your 1st house, though interpersonal disagreements or conflicts may get in the way of some of this as the Moon forms an opposition to Mercury.

You will, however, find great fortune related to creativity and self expression as the Moon activates Venus in your 5th house of pleasure, creativity, and play. The Muses will speak loudly to you. You will be afforded opportunities to enjoy yourself and relax.


Your day will be solitary and quiet as the Moon moves into her fall in Scorpio in your 12th house. You may be bogged down with work as well while she opposes Mercury in your 6th.

However, good fortune will be found in your 4th house as Venus is activated by the Moon there. You can expect constructive developments at home, as well as good conversation with family.


The Moon has entered into your 11th house in Scorpio, where friendships and alliances will be prioritized. Mercury’s opposition may create temporary misunderstandings with people at work.

You will find good fortune and growth coming to you from friends in your local neighborhood and communities, as Venus is activated in your 3rd house. Networking is very supported today.


Career and purpose may feel unstable and confusing as the Moon moves into Scorpio in your 10th house. You may find disagreements occurring with people at home while she opposes Mercury in your 4th.

However, you will find positive financial developments occurring today as Venus is activated in your 2nd. Expect your resources and house-hold management to see a boost.


Transiting your 9th house, personal studies or travels, or anything you are doing to broaden your horizons, will see growth and developments today, though you will may have to overcome some initial obstacles and confusion to reach it with Mercury opposing your Moon.

Due to Venus’ trine to the Moon in your 1st house, you will also see a lot of personal growth happening. This is an excellent alignment for healing and good health in general. You may be given unexpected gifts.

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