Daily Prediction for April 18 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon continues her journey through the pensive, introspective sign of Scorpio. She will form a square to Saturn in Aquarius, which will bring emotional turbulence and obstacles and obstacles to success. However, she will also form a trine to Jupiter in Pisces, which will bring guidance from allies and mentors. This is also a good aspect for financial good fortune.


Moving through your 8th house, the moon will cause troubles and turbulence with friendships today as she activates Saturn in your 11th house. However, the Moon’s trine to Jupiter will help you to  find success and comfort in solitude despite these issues.


Your sun sign forms a T-square with the Moon in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius in  your 10th house. There will be challenges with career and work, and relationship issues may get in the way what you want to be focusing on. Friendships will provide comfort and solace while the Moon trines Jupiter in your 11th house.

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Saturn is activated in your 9th house today, creating blockages to learning an intellectual success. Schoolwork and studies are more challenging. Apart from that, your career and sense of purpose will flourish today as the Moon trines Jupiter in your 10th house.


Saturn is activated in your 8th house, creating anxiety and fluctuations in your emotional life, but also allowing you to uncover deep insights about yourself through this process. The Moon trines Jupiter in your 9th, so you will receive a lot of insight and wisdom from whatever discipline so topics you choose to focus on today.


Your Sun sign is forming a grand cross with Saturn in Aquarius, Mercury in Taurus, and the Moon in Scorpio. Deep shifts and adjustments will occur today, especially related to partners and home life. As Jupiter is activated in your 6th house, you will find financial opportunity and good counsel at work today.


The Moon has activated Saturn in your 6th house, creating an atmosphere of effort, discipline, and hard work today. You can accomplish a lot today, and see a lot of rewards for your efforts, but it won’t be easy. You will find solace and comfort from one-on-one partners and close friends as the Moon trines Jupiter in your 7th house.


You will be best off prioritizing your work and career however you can today as the Moon forms a trine to Jupiter in your 6th house of work, discipline, and service. Blocks to creativity and joy are indicated by the Moon’s square to Saturn in your 5th house – another sign that you will find the most success through diligence today.


Tension and turbulence may come up at home or with family members as the Moon activates Saturn in your 4th house. Ultimately, resolution will come to the issues that surface. Fortunately, Jupiter is activated by trine in your 5th house of good fortune, creativity, pleasure, and play, so you will find respite and joy despite these issues.


You may small, frustrating issues arising in your local area or with people in your local community as Saturn is activated in your 3rd house. Small, petty quarrels with siblings and neighbors are common. Your home and family, however, have a lot to offer you today as the Moon trine Jupiter in your 4th house. Keep your ears open for sage advice coming from parents or parental figures.


Financial constraints are likely today as the Moon activates Saturn in your 2nd house. You will learn quite a bit about managing the resources of your kingdom. Jupiter is activated by trine in your 3rd house, so your local community and immediate surroundings will have a lot of good fortune to offer you despite the financial responsibility.


As the Moon squares Saturn in your 1st house, confusion and turbulence can erupt regarding your self-identity and path. Health issues may resurface. Despite these challenges, your financial situation will improve, and your mastery of your domain will improve significantly.


Your day may feel chaotic and overwhelming as Saturn is activated in your 12th house. Extended periods of solitude are also common. You will, however, find a lot of personal growth and development occurring as Jupiter is activated in your 1st house over your Sun.

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