Daily Prediction for April 21 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon moves into her detriment in the sign of Capricorn, where the mood becomes humdrum, dour, and somber. However, people also become very industrious and hard-working, and becoming much more practical and effective in their concerns.

The Moon trines the Sun in Taurus and sextiles Mars in Pisces. Both these aspects give the Moon fire and dynamic energy without being too abrasive and activating. People will accomplish a lot and feel imbued with focus and drive.


Career will see a lot of forward momentum through hard work today as the Moon moves into your 10th. Finances will also be strengthened by the trine she forms to the Sun in your 2nd house. This is a good day for pushing yourself and striving to put your own will in the world – you will see long-term results for your efforts.

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The Moon activates the Sun in your own 1st house today by trine, bringing good fortune, grace, flow, and ease into your life. Your studies and spiritual practices will feel like hard work with the Moon in Capricorn in your 9th house, but the payoff will be tremendous.


Entering into your 8th house, this Capricorn moon will force you to slow down and be steadier and calmer than your Gemini self is comfortable with. Trining the Sun in your 12th house, solitude and isolation will be expected. Spiritual practice is supported and spiritual experiences are possible, but it won’t come easily.


Romance and partnerships will be prioritized today as the Moon moves into your 7th house in Capricorn. Other people in your life will serve as a grounded, pragmatic mirror to your own intuitive self. Friendships will stabilize and support you as the Sun is activated in your 11th house.


The Moon has moved into your 6th house, doubling-down on the already heavy, world-weary nature of the Moon in Capricorn. You will have a lot of work and effort ahead of you, and you may not see many concrete rewards for it. Instead, you will be rewarded with Capricornian themes of grit and character. This will have positive long-term effects on your career, as the Moon trines the Sun in your 10th house.


Your Sun sign forms a grand earth trine with the current Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Capricorn. This is a great day for creativity expression and exploration, personal studies, and any horizon-broadening activities you feel called to. You will learn a lot of expand your sense of self. This isa great day for extended spiritual practice and contemplation.


Transiting your 4th house of home and family, the Capricorn Moon brings a grounded, realistic atmosphere to your home and living situation. This is a good day for spring cleaning or any kind of home-based work. Trining the Sun in your 8th, you may find it difficult to find much success in the external world, so you will be best off focusing your attention to management of the mundane for the time being.


The Moon has moved into your 3rd house, bringing your energies and focus into local community, close networks and connections, and immediate surroundings. Conversations and work with siblings and neighbors will be supported. You will also find new developments to romance and relationships as the Moon trines the Sun in your 7th house.


Entering into your 2nd house, the Moon in Capricorn brings groundedness and stability to your finances and resources. Abundance and material wealth can be yours if you are willing to put in some good ol’ fashioned Capricorn effort. Trining the Sun in your 6th house, you will definitely see the most success through fulfilling duties and responsibilities today.


Good fortune and clarity will abound as the Moon moves into your 1st house. Of course, this good fortune will primarily come through the all-too-familiar Capricorn channels of hard work and diligence. Trining the Sun in your 5th house, you have a special opportunity to get creative and put beauty into the world in a grounded way that will satisfy your own nature.


Solitude and quiet will be the norm today as the Moon moves into your 12th house. You may feel confused at times, and your purpose may feel a little unclear. You will, however, find a lot of good fortune and support from family and people in your home, as the Moon trines the Sun in your 4th house.


You will find a lot of success and support with community and friendships today as the Moon moves into your 11th house. Local friends and networks will be especially rewarding and fruitful as she trines the Sun in your 3rd house. Any time spent with others will be time well spent today.

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