Daily Prediction for April 22 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon continues to move through the reliable, understated sign of Capricorn, turning our attention towards material concerns and preoccupations. Moods can be low, and  the atmosphere can feel heavy, but you can use this energy to effect a lot of grounded change in your life.

She very forms a very auspicious sextile to Venus and Jupiter in Pisces, as well as a trine to Mercury. Conversation will flow smoothly, and people will generally be kind and agreeable with each other. Jupiter will open doorways for teaching, spiritual growth, and encouragement on our paths of life.


You will find guidance and inspiration coming to helping you with your mission and purpose in your life as the Moon sextiles Venus and Jupiter.  Your way forward will feel more clear, and you will feel more expansive and abundant. Finances and career will also see forward momentum as the Moon trines Mercury in your 2 nd house

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You will find great developments and growth with friendships and coworking relationships today as Venus and Jupiter are activated in your 11th house. You will also find clarity coming to your sense of self as the Sun is activated in your 1st house. This is a good day for journaling and self-care.


The Moon activates Venus and Jupiter in your 10th house of career and purpose. This will cause you to push yourself of your comfort zone with your career and job. You will be driven to succeed, and receive a lot of rewards for your efforts. As Mercury is activated in your 12th house, your day-to-day schedule may feel crazy and out of control at times.


Good fortune will come you from any studies, learning, spiritual practice, or consciousness-expanding activities you engage in today while Venus and Jupiter conjoin in your 9th house. You will learn a lot about yourself and progress quickly with any new disciplines you have taken up. Friendships will also support you today as Mercury is activated in your 11th house.


Career and job will become a priority today as the Moon activates Mercury and the Sun in your 10th house. You will work hard and be rewarded for it. As Venus and Jupiter conjoin in your 8th house, you may feel difficult emotions and anxieties arising related money situations, but the fears will be temporary. Whatever actions this fear drives you to take will lead to financial success later on.


A grand earth trine aligns between your sun sign, the Moon in Capricorn, and Mercury in Taurus. Your will spend the day learning and studying new things that you will be able to practically implement in the future. Romance and relationships are also fortunate today as Venus and Jupiter conjoin in your 7th house.


The Moon is sextile the Venus-Mars conjunction in your 6th house. This configuration, like all 6th house configurations, puts a lot of focus on hard work, discipline, and fulfilling responsibility. However, the positive nature of the sextile, coupled with the supremely positive nature of Venus and Jupiter, guarantees a successful outcome to your labor today.


As the Moon sextiles Venus and Jupiter in your 5th house, you will find creative inspiration flowing and more opportunities for enjoyment and leisure arriving. Artistic Scorpios will find the Muses speaking quite loudly today. You will also be more communicative with partners and romantic interests as the Moon trines Mercury in your 7th house.


Home and family will provide you with good fortune today as the Moon sextiles Venus and Jupiter in your 4th house. You will relate well with people who are close to you – be open to what they have to say and offer you today. Your mind will also be turned towards work and job-related matters as the Moon trines Mercury in your 6th. This is a good day for problem-solving.


While the Moon activates Venus and Jupiter in your 3rd house, you will find good fortune coming to you from friendships and relationships with other people in your community and immediate environment today. This is a good day for connecting with siblings as well. You will find new insights related to any personal or creative projects you have as Mercury is activated in your 5th.


Financial developments will continue to unfold as Venus and Jupiter are activated in your 2nd house of resources and personal domain. This alignment can also bring new insights and forward movement regarding personal health. As Mercury is activated in your 4th, you will find yourself conversing more with family members and people in your home.


Good fortune abounds around matters of health and vitality, as well as self-image and identity as the Moon activates the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. You will find lots of inspiration and insight coming to you today. This is a good alignment for having financial and physical needs met. You will also find yourself connecting more with people in your local vicinity or community as Mercury is activated in your 3rd house.

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As an academic and a scholar, he utilizes intellectual rigor to restore the worldview and astrological prowess of the ancient world and apply it to the modern day. As a spiritual practitioner and dedicated hermeticist, Matthew uses these techniques to guide his clients on their paths towards wholeness and spiritual flourishing.

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