Daily Prediction for April 23 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the moon moves out of the heavy sign of Capricorn into the light, airy sign of Aquarius. The energy and atmosphere become more intellectual in focus, and people become more social and conversational. Dialogues and discussions abound.

She forms a square to the Sun in Taurus today. External circumstances tend to block our personal agendas and intentions. Obstacles and delays are common.


The Moon has entered into your 11th house, prioritizing friendships and relationships today. Conversations will abound with other people, and you will spend a lot of time at work connecting with others. You may experience some temporary financial tension as the Moon squares the Sun in your 2nd house.

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Career and purpose are prioritized for you as the Moon moves into Aquarius in your 10th. Unlike last month’s Aquarius-moon period, you won’t have to deal with the Mars-Saturn conjunction, and will find gentler, stabler growth happening at work. You may find stern input coming in from other people as the Moon squares the Sun in your 1st.


Your horizons will broaden today as the Moon moves in to your 9th house. You will learn new things and have new experiences. Any studies or spiritual practice you are engaged in will yield a lot of rewards. The Moon-Sun square occurs in your 12th house, indicating that today’s events may have a chaotic, unpredictable edge to them.


The Moon has entered into your 8th house, stirring up fear and anxiety. An overactive mind is a common effect of this alignment. Alongside this, friendships may be temporary tense as the Moon squares the Sun in your 11th house, but the issues will ultimately be very transient.


Romance and partnership will be prioritized for you today as the Moon moves into your 7th house. This is a good day to spend time with people you care about, whether close friends or lovers. The Sun is activated in your 10th house, driving you towards success at work.


The Moon has entered into your 6th house, indicating that your day will be very busy and active today, and full of effort. You will get a lot accomplished, but with the square she makes to the Sun, it may be difficult to see any concrete rewards for your effort today.


The Moon moves into your 5th house, affording more opportunities for pleasure, enjoyment, and relaxation today. This is a good day for creative expression and artistic pursuits. Writing projects are also very supported with the Moon in an air sign. However, in your openness and stillness you may find some uncomfortable feelings of stuckness arising as the Moon squares the Sun in your 8th.


The Moon has entered into your 4th house, prioritizing home and family matters today. You will spend more time at home, or conversing with people at home or from your family. Old wounds may be triggered too. Brief challenges with romance today may also develop as the Moon squares the Sun in your 7th house.


Community and local relationships will take up a lot of time and attention today as the Moon enters into your 3rd house. Sibling and other kinship relationships will also be activated today. You will find a lot of activity and effort required at your job today while the Moon squares the Sun.


The Moon has moved into your 2nd house, prioritizing the familiar, mundane matters of finances and resource management. You can take steady, grounded steps to build your kingdom today.  While she activates the Sun in the 5th, you will find temporary blocks to your creative process arising.


Personal health and self-care will become the priority today as the Moon moves into your 1st house. You will spend a lot of time doing things that bolster and support your well-being. While the Moon squares the Sun, you may experience brief, transient tension from people in your home and living situation.


The Moon has entered into your 12th house, creating feelings of chaos and of being out of control. This may particularly affect your sensitive, Piscean nature, so take it easy today. As the Moon squares the Sun, you may find tension and trouble with local community and immediate surroundings. Petty quarrels with siblings and neighbors are common.

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