Daily Prediction for April 24 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon continues her journey through the intellectual, noetic sign of Aquarius, promoting conversation, group dynamics, and strong use of the linear mind. Today the Moon conjoins Saturn in his rulership here, so we can expect challenging yet ultimately meaningful and fulfilling situations to arise in our lives.


The Moon-Saturn conjunction occurs in your 11th house of friends today, creating potential for disagreements and arguments with other people in your life today. The conversations you have will ultimately be very rewarding, and you will ultimately learn a lot in conversation with your friends today.


The moon and Saturn move into conjunction in your 10th house of career and purpose. You may experience self-doubt and confusion about your path in life today, and may find obstacles and challenges coming up that make accomplishment of your work more complicated and stressful. On the other side of the craziness you will come to very important conclusions about your work.

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Moving through your 9th house,  the Moon and Saturn will cause turbulence and blockages to any learning, studying, travelling or consciousness-expanding activities you are engaged in right now. This is a challenging day for students and people who are travelling. One things smooth over, you will ultimately feel more grounded and stable.


The Moon is applying in a conjunction to Saturn in your 8th house. This can create feelings of anxiety and stress, and aggravate an overactive, fearful mind. If you meet the fear and challenging situations that come up head-on, you can eliminate very old, deep-seated wounds. Spiritual power can come to you today.


Romance and partnership will become destabilized today as the Moon conjoins Saturn in your 7th house. You partners and romantic interests will offer many obstacles to your own leonine spontaneity. You may feel your enthusiasm for life blown out of you at times today.


Moving through your 6th house, this Moon-Saturn conjunction will cause a lot of stress and aggravation at work. There will be more tasks to accomplish, and life will feel more fast-paced. However, you will be able to successfully check a lot off your to-do list, and will recalibrate your approach to work.


Saturn and the Moon are conjoining in your 5th house, bringing obstacles to creativity, pleasure, and play. You may have more difficulty enjoy your life and may feel stuck in a malaise. Writing can feel blocked and stuck. As you work through this stuckness, you will ultimately find some gems for your creative life moving forward.


Tension and turbulence with home and family should be expected as the Moon-Saturn conjunction aligns in your 4th house. You may have disagreements with parents or parental figures, and may have disagreements with people that you live with. Once the Moon separates from Saturn, the disagreements will wind down and the confusion will begin to clarify.


The Moon is conjoining Saturn in your 3rd house. This can create disagreements with people in your area. Neighbors and siblings will commonly cause issues, and the character of the issues are often quite small and petty. Daily commutes and errands will also be unfruitful today, so drive any more than you have to.


Money matters may see fluctuations today as the Moon conjoins Saturn in your 2nd house of resources. Don’t expect these issues to last – they will ultimately just be pointing out ways in which you can  take better care of your finances from here on out.


You may experience self-doubt and a lack of inner clarity as the Moon conjoins Saturn in your 1st house. Feelings of ennui and being stuck in a fog are common. Once this aspect separates, you will ultimately receive more understanding about your personality and how to take care of your health.


The Moon-Saturn conjunction aligns in your 12th house. This can create a lot of wildness and chaos in one’s life. Frustrations, obstacles, and even dark nights of the soul can happen. You may not receive any new insight or knowledge from this – it’s an initiation for you to pass.

Matthew “Merlin” Kenney is a practicing traditional astrologer, a trained philosopher, and a translator of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. He is a dedicated practitioner of astrological magic, meditation, Hatha Yoga, and Tai Chi.

As an academic and a scholar, he utilizes intellectual rigor to restore the worldview and astrological prowess of the ancient world and apply it to the modern day. As a spiritual practitioner and dedicated hermeticist, Matthew uses these techniques to guide his clients on their paths towards wholeness and spiritual flourishing.

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