Daily Prediction for April 25 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon begins her journey through the sign of Pisces. People become much more sensitive and intuitive. Everyone’s emotional lives are much more greatly prioritized. Spiritual practitioners oftentimes have spiritual experiences or greater progress on their path during this time.

Today she conjoins Mars in Pisces. People don’t necessarily become angry, but Emotions can become volatile and people can become overwhelmed easily. The Moon also sextiles the Sun, stabilizing and supporting our actions and the work we do in the world.


The Moon has moved into Pisces in your 12th house, conjoining Mars. These kinds of alignments can create a lot of chaos and agitation. You may experience a lot of emotional waves and stress.

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However, finances will be very supported today as the Moon sextiles the Sun in your 2nd house. The 12th house issues that arise won’t affect your foundation and resources too much, in fact, you may see growth in those areas of your life today.


The Moon and Mars are conjoin in Pisces in your 11th house. Friendships and relationships may experience some temporary rough patches today. Coworker relationships at work may also be strained, or at least muted.

The Moon does sextile the Sun in y our 1st house, however, so you will still experience good fortune regarding your health and self-care practices. Your own image and perception of yourself will also become more refined.


Work may carry some temporary choppiness today as the Moon and Mars align in your 10th house of career and reputation. Emotions can run high at your place of work, and you may have a lot asked of you.

The Moon does, however, form a sextile to the Sun in your 12th house. You will find good fortune and success coming from experiences in solitude. Any time you can get on your own away from work will sufficiently recharge you to handles those stresses.


The Moon-Mars conjunction in Pisces activates your 9th house of studies and travel. Any studies, schooling, or education you are engaged in will experience some upheavals and emotional upsets. Travel is also challenged today.

The Moon activates the Sun in your 11th house by sextile. Friendships will support, aid, and lift you up today.


Feelings of anxiety and stress may erupt today as the Moon conjoins Mars in your 8th house of fear and loss. Triggering experiences can arise, and emotions can run high today. If you are engaged in spiritual practice, you can use this as an opportunity to engage in spiritual practice learn from whatever arises.

As the Moon sextiles the Sun in your 10th house, you may experience more work and effort asked of you alongside these emotions. But the sextile ensures that your career affords you a lot of success today.


The Moon-Mars conjunction in your 7th house threatens to bring agitation and destabilization to your 7th house today. Emotions can run high today, so make sure to breathe if you feel yourself getting upset!

Your schooling or personal studies and explorations will afford you a lot of good fortune as the Moon sextiles the Sun in your 9th house. Spiritual practice is also very supported today.


Aligning in your 6th house, this Moon-Mars conjunction will cause a lot of aggravation and agitation at work. Emotional volatility is common with any interactions involving employees, customers, and coworkers.

The Moon-Sun sextile occurs in your 8th house, so you will find good fortune in spiritual practice and introspect, away from work-related stressors. Other people in your life may experience financial success.


Mars and the Moon are coming together in your 5th house, bringing stresses and challenges to work and to leisure time. the things you do to enjoy yourself when you’re not working will cause issues.

However, relationships and close friendships will offer a lot of support for you today as the Moon sextiles the Sun in your 10th house. This will bring good conversation and quality time with romantic interests especially.


As the the Moon-Mars conjunction aligns in your 4th house, tension and frustration may erupt at the home. Emotional outbursts amongst family are common, though very temporary in this case.

As the Moon sextiles the Sun in your 6th house, you may experience more work and effort asked of you alongside these emotions. But the sextile ensures that your career and effort is more productive today.


The Moon is conjoining Mars in your 3rd house. This can create disagreements with people in your local community, as also incite discord amongst siblings. The tensions that arise will be very temporary and fleeting.

You will find inspiration and creativity blossoming today as the Moon sextiles in the Sun in your 5th house. Creative projects and anything you are personally invested in will thrive and grow today.


Finances may see some fluctuations and upsets today as the Moon conjoins Mars in your 2nd house. Ultimately, however, these issues will be very transient, and subside as soon as the Moon moves far away enough from Mars.

Activating your 4th house, the Moon-Sun sextile will bless your home and family life with good fortune. You will have good conversation with people you live with, and feel more comfortable in your home today.


The Moon-Mars conjunction in your 1st house will make you feel like you’re on an emotional roller-coaster. Agitated feelings and mood-swings are common, but you can rest assured that this is a very temporary thing and will resolve once the Moon moves far away enough from Mars.

The Moon-Sun sextile in your 3rd house will bring good fortune to community and friends. You will see a lot of good come out of conversations with people around you.

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