Daily Prediction for April 26 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today the Moon continues moving through the sign of Pisces, continuing to prioritize the emotional and inner life. While here today, she will form a conjunction to Venus, who is currently exalted in Pisces. This provides a lot of support to interpersonal relationships – friendships, romances, coworking relationships, and more. It also supports creative pursuits.


The Moon-Venus conjunction will align today in your 12th house. This indicates that your support from this configuration will come from being in more solitary situations and circumstances. Tap into your Aries-esque independent side and see what happens to you along the way.


The Moon-Venus conjunction in Pisces will resolve any interpersonal challenges from yesterday and bestow good fortune and resolution on friendships and coworker relationships in particular. Any creative projects at work will also find a lot of success and growth.

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Your 10th house of career and reputation are rewarded greatly today as the Moon conjoins an exalted Venus in your 10th house. Time at work, or  time spent developing your career will be extremely fruitful today. Creativity and the arts flourish.


Studies, schooling, and any disciplines you are learning currently will see provide you with a lot of insight and clarity today as the Moon-Venus conjunction in Pisces activates your 9th house. This is an extremely fortunate time for naturally fruitful, rewarding spiritual practice and meditation.


As the Moon-Venus conjunction aligns in your 8th house, a lot of the feelings of anxiety and stress from yesterday will begin to diminish. Your attention will still be turned towards 8th house matters, but you will receive much greater amounts of insight from them. Spiritual clarity is very common during this kind of alignment.


The Moon and Venus will come together in your 7th house of romance and relationships. This points to good fortune and smooth relating and communicating with romantic interests in your life. It will also positively affect your relationships with close friends, and any work-related clients that you have.


The Moon-Venus conjunction will align in your 6th house of work, discipline, and effort. These kinds of configurations point towards a lot of stress and activity at work, but ultimate rewards resulting from them – due to the extremely positive nature of Venus in Pisces. This alignment commonly brings financial success from work.


The Moon and Venus are aligning in your 5th house. This points to great success with creativity and the arts. Any personal projects that you are currently working on will be very fruitful and profitable today. This is also a good opportunity for prioritizing rest and doing things you enjoy.


As the Moon and Venus come together in your 4th house, you will find a lot of good fortune and harmony developing within the realms of home and family. You will feel more comfortable at home, and enjoy spending time with people whom you are close to – especially family members.


The Moon-Venus conjunctions is occurring in your 3rd house of local community and immediate networks and relationships. Friendships with people in your local vicinity will strengthen, and smooth interactions will occur between yourself and any neighbors or siblings you may have.


Your finances will stabilize and blossom today as the Moon conjoins Venus in your 2nd house. Venus brings materiality stability and groundedness to this house. Resources and investments will all prosper today. An business or entrepreneurial endeavors you have will also flourish.


Good fortune, good health, and prosperity will abound today as the Moon conjoins Venus in your 1st house. A very powerful alignment that generally only happens once per year, this configuration will provide you with a lot of insight about yourself and your core values. Your health will improve, as well as your general mood and disposition.

Matthew “Merlin” Kenney is a practicing traditional astrologer, a trained philosopher, and a translator of Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. He is a dedicated practitioner of astrological magic, meditation, Hatha Yoga, and Tai Chi.

As an academic and a scholar, he utilizes intellectual rigor to restore the worldview and astrological prowess of the ancient world and apply it to the modern day. As a spiritual practitioner and dedicated hermeticist, Matthew uses these techniques to guide his clients on their paths towards wholeness and spiritual flourishing.

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