Daily Prediction for April 28 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon enters into Aries today, where the heat and activity of this cardinal fire sign will excite and activate the previously calm, subdued, Piscean atmosphere. People’s desires and wills strengthen and intensify. People become more driven and focused with their energy and action. The Moon forms no aspects today.


You will become very activated and energized today as the Moon moves into your 1st house of identity, self, and health. You will feel full of fire and much more excited about life. You will feel more yourself, and more aligned with your purpose today.  This is a good day for self-care work and independent activities of all kinds.


The Moon moves into your 12th house today, and in the fiery sign of Aries she will stir up some chaos and agitate things more than you are comfortable with in your stable, Taurean identity. The day may feel like a wild ride at times, but you will find respite from it within any solitude or isolation you can get for yourself.

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You will find positive developments occurring with friends and coworker relationships today, as the Moon enters into your 11th house. The Aries energy will made these dynamics develop quickly and suddenly.  The extroverted, activating energy of Aries will cohere well with your own Sun placement in Gemini.


You will be pushed and driven to succeed at your work and with your career  today as the fiery Moon in Aries activates your 10th house. Your job may be more stressful, and the energy there may be much busier and more fast-paced than you are accustomed to. In exchange for your work, you will make real forward strides in your career today.


As the Moon moves through your auspicious 9th house of travel, study, and spiritual practice, your mood will brighten, and the wind will return into your sails in comparison to the Pisces-Moon period of the last few days. You will feel more excited about life and more enthusiastic about your studies and spiritual practices.


The Moon has darkened your 8th house of death, anxiety, and one’s connection to the other side of the veil. This can create uncomfortable emotions, and events can transpire that compel you to look at things that are uncomfortable. The fiery nature of the Aries Moon can cause a lot of sudden movement and destabilization that can trigger fear and insecurity.


Transiting your 7th house of relationships and romance, your energy will be turned towards the important one-on-one relationships in your life today. The Aries Moon can cause sudden emotional shifts, and rapid in mood. However, this alignment can also bring a lot of fun, impulsiveness, and spontaneity to your more measured Libran character, especially with romantic relationships.


Activating your 6th house, this fiery Aries Moon will bring a lot of busy-ness to your workplace. More tasks, harder jobs, accelerated timelines, etc. Work will be very active today. In the hustle and bustle, you will accomplish a lot, and increase your capacity for work and keeping up momentum in general.


As the Moon moves into your 5th house of pleasure, play, and creativity, you will find that  you flourish the most today by prioritizing non-work related parts of your life. In this house, the Moon focusses on activities done for their own sake – simply for fun. The expansive and expressive nature of the Aries Moon will naturally play on your own Sagittarian strengths, and will bring success to whatever you do.


Occurring in your 4th house, this Aries Moon will bring a lot of energy and activity into your home and living situation. This can sometimes aggravate stressful situations and brings undisclosed issues to the surface. You can get a lot of work done within your home today.


Local community and connections with people in your immediate social circles will become stirred up today as these relationships are activated by the fiery Aries Moon. A lot of your mental and emotional energy will be dedicated to interpersonal upkeep. This kind of alignment often indicates a lot of busy-ness.


The fiery nature of the Aries Moon can stir things up and cause more agitation than you may normally be comfortable with. Your financial situation will see lots of developments and adjustments today as the Moon moves into your 2nd house. This  alignment can open up opportunities to turn a unique profit or make financial headway in out-of-the-box ways.

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