Daily Prediction for April 29 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

The Moon continues her journey through the fiery sign of Aries today, forming a sextile to Saturn. Saturn is a malefic planet, so this aspect will cause some challenges in the part of our lives that Saturn is currently affecting. However, the nature of the sextile will ensure that the tension that comes out of Saturn’s lessons ultimately transforms into something positive and fruitful.


This Moon-Saturn sextile is affecting your 11th house of friendships, allies, and coworking relationships. You work find yourself working through and managing a lot of interpersonal dynamics today. Though it won’t always be easy, you will ultimately learn a lot about how to relate with others.


Saturn will challenge your career today as he is activated in your 10th house. Saturn’s stern hand will push you to succeed and ultimately excel today. While you may be pushed passed your limits by some trying experiences, you will ultimately be rewarded for your efforts.

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Blockages and frustrations will arise in relation to your studies, journeys, and spiritual practices today as Saturn is activated in your 9th house. This day will carry challenges especially for people who are in school or currently traveling. Fortunately, your blocks to learning today will pay off as deepened understanding of your studies later on.


As the Moon activates Saturn in your 8th house, you may experience anxiety and a racing mind today. Fears of loss and feelings of stuckness are also common with the 8th house. In this case, you will benefit from engaging in dreamwork and journeywork, because Saturn will ultimately bring extremely strong, valuable messages and gifts to you once you have released the blockages that keep you from receiving them.


Saturn will bring temporary turbulence to relationships and romance today as he is activated in your 7th house. Significant others can offer you a lot of valuable input today, even if it doesn’t immediately resonate. You may experience decision paralysis and self-doubt at times as Saturn’s opposition to your Sun is also activated here.


The Moon activates Saturn in your 6th house today, encouraging you to work, accomplish a lot, and push yourself today. Work may be more stressful, and people may lay more responsibility at your feet. Due to the positive nature of the sextile, Saturn will ultimately reward you greatly for the effort that you exert.


As the Moon activates Saturn in your 5th house, he will block your connection to the muses and the creative spirit. Personal projects may feel stuck, and your enthusiasm for work may wane. The issues are temporary – you are facing a blockage that, when you break through it, will serve as fuel for your work in the future.


The Moon is activating Saturn in your 4th house of home today. The challenges and difficulties that have been chronically troubling you will flare up again today, albeit very temporarily. There is a good chance that you will find some resolution today, as the positive nature of the sextile always energy to more forward cleanly and bring conclusions to difficult experiences.


The Moon is activating Saturn in your 3rd house of immediate community local personal connections. You may find small problems plaguing you today – traffic jams, disagreements with neighbors, detours on your commute, etc. Saturn will try your patient with petty issues, but in doing so he will open up doorways for things to be resolved with people in your life.


As Saturn is activated in your 2nd house, issues with resources and finances are common. Saturn can create anxiety about money matters and over-agitate the mind. Ultimately, this process will turn your attention to areas of your life that could stand to have some better management. You will end up more grounded and stable today.


Saturn is activated in your 1st house today, causing very personal recalibrations and reassessments related to personal identity and health. You may find yourself having to let something go that is important to you today. Ultimately, Saturn will bring something in that is much more meaningful.


As Saturn is activated in your 12th house, you may feel a lot of chaos and agitation today. Life may at times feel out of control and like it is moving far too fast. This roller-coaster will be very temporary – ultimately it will make you feel much more grounded and stable in your life.

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