Daily Prediction for April 3 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today, the Moon enters into Taurus, the fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. The moon is exalted here – this is very auspicious. The energetic atmosphere becomes grounded, and people’s emotional lives become very stable and even-keeled. Venus’ rulership makes people generally kinder and more agreeable.

The Moon forms a square to Mars and Saturn today, who are themselves very close together in the sky. This is a very challenging alignment. Roadblocks and obstacles consistently arise to thwart people’s intentions. It is easy to become aggravated and triggered by events. Fortunately, The Moon’s placement in Taurus assures us that any challenges that arise can be met with a cool head.


The Moon in Taurus will move through your 2nd house, so you will want to prioritize resources and financial mastery over the next two days. Taurus Moon requires that you develop impulse control and stay level-headed with your finances.

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Tension may develop between yourself and other people, as Mars and Saturn move closer into conjunction in your 11th house. Don’t be surprised at any major disagreements, but they will blow over the next day as this aspect starts to wind down.


Today is an auspicious day as the Moon moves into your first house of self, good health, and personality. You will have many opportunities to engage in self-care, personal development, and spiritual practice if that calls to you.

Despite the good fortune and helpful doorways that will open related to this, career and work will continue to push you. Disagreements can arise with your boss.


The Moon has moved into your 12th house, emphasizing solitude and quiet over the next few days. You will be best off disengaging from your wide social circle and retreating into yourself.

Mars and Saturn move into conjunction in your 9th house. You may have disagreements with teachers or mentors, and may find your mind becoming very overactive today.


Friendships and community will become very strong over the next several days as the Moon enters into her exaltation in Taurus in your 11th house. You can expect strong support and help from those in your life whom you trust.

Saturn and Mars will conjoin in your 8th house of death, anxiety, and loss. You may feel very tense and agitated. Fears of abandonment and losing things you love will be triggered, but they won’t be vindicated.


The Moon in Taurus will move into your 10th house, bringing a lot of powerful growth and dynamic change to your career, place of work, and even your sense of purpose in life.

While here, she will activate a T-square with your natal Sun and the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. These new insights and changes will come at a price – like may get very stressful today.


The Moon will activate your 9th house today as she moves into Taurus. You will have many opportunities today to use your precocious, detailed-oriented mind successfully. Any new studies or research you take up will yield excellent results.

Mars and Saturn conjoin in your 6th house of labor, illness, and injury. Work may be very stressful today. You will have to deal with many obligations and responsibilities.


Feelings of anxiety and stress may develop today as the Moon moves into your 8th house in Taurus. You may feel stuck at times. However, the essential dignity of the Moon in Taurus will ensure that you have everything you need to get through whatever challenges arises.

There will be restrictions to your ability to play and enjoy yourself today, as Mars and Saturn move together in your 5th house. You may have disagreements with children.


The Moon in Taurus will move through your 7th house, bringing growth and stability to your relationships over the next few days. You can find positive developments happening to your romantic life and with your spouse if you have one.

While here, the Moon activates a T-square with your Sun in Scorpio and Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. This domestic bliss will have a little bit of a bumpy start at first, but the essential dignity of the Moon in Taurus guarantees that you will ultimately overcome these challenges.


You will find yourself engaging in hard work and exerting a lot of effort today as the Moon moves into your 6th house, but everything you do will be very productive as the Moon is in her exaltation in Taurus.

You may find disagreements arising with people in your community, as Mars and Saturn come together in your 3rd house. Siblings may be more disagreeable with you, and things like traffic accidents and other small jams are common to and from work.


You are afforded a special opportunity to let your hair down and play today, as the Moon moves into your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and leisure. You should take a break from work and give the more social aspects of your life some energy.

Resources may become a source of stress today as Mars and Saturn conjoin in your 2nd house. Whatever issues and stress arise will ultimately be temporary.


The Moon in Taurus will move through your 4th house so you will want to prioritize home and family over the next few days. Spending quality time in place you feel comfortable will be ideal.

This is especially important because Mars and Saturn will conjoin in your 1st house of self, body, and personality today, squaring the Moon. Lots of complications of all kinds can arise.


The Moon will transit through your 3rd house today, bringing blessings and favor from local community, neighbors, and other people in your immediate surroundings. The Moon exalted in Taurus ensures that you see a lot of growth with your network today.

You may feel pulled at times towards isolation as Mars and Saturn conjoin in your 12th house, but ultimately nothing good waits for you there. These days are better for socialization than solitude.

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