Daily Predictions for April 4 2022

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Today, the challenges the squares with Mars and Saturn to the Moon will come to a close. We will begin to see more of the gentle, stable sides of the Moon in her exaltation of Taurus. People will be more agreeable and polite, and you will find today to be p roductive without being stressful.

Today the Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter and a Square to Venus. Both of these aspects are very constructive. The Jupiter sextile will provide financial success and supportive advice from mentors and peers. Venus rules the Moon, so her aspect is inherently helpful. She will provide sturdiness and stability to friendships. The arts will prosper.


Finances and resources will ground and stabilize today, and you will have a lot of success at work. You will also benefit greatly from any solitary time you can take for yourself today, as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in your 9th house.

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You will continue to find good fortune today as the Moon moves through your 1st house of self, good health, and personality. The sextile from Jupiter in your 11th house point to strong, healthy developments with friends and coworkers.


The benefits of having the Moon go through your 12th house will reveal themselves today as the Moon is lifted up by Jupiter. You will find great insight in any time you allocate for yourself today. You will also find forward momentum happening at your place of work or with your career.


Friendships will continue to give you favor as the Moon moves through your 11th house. As she sextile Jupiter today in your 9th, you will be best off doing things with friends that stimulate the mind and broaden your horizons.


The T-square from yesterday is over, so the tension at work will be replaced by straightforward growth and success. Your purpose will make more sense to you and you will feel less weighed down today. You may find people who are very important in your life getting more money, and you will benefit indirectly as a result.


The moon in her exaltation in Taurus will bring great success to any work you do related to research and learning. Anything you do with other people will be especially successful, as the Moon sextiles Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships and romance.


The 8th house feelings of stuckness, doldrums, and anxety will begin to fade, and the power of the moon in Taurus will begin to bring more peace and a sturdy sense of calm. You may have a busy day at work with Jupiter being activated by a sextile in your 6th, but you will receive a lot of support and grace for it.


Romance and relationships will see positive developments today as the Moon frees herself of the aspects from Mars and Saturn and shines brightly in your 7th house in Taurus. You will find a lot of opportunities to enjoy yourself and relax with Jupiter activated in your 5th house. This is a good day to spend time with children if you have them.


The Moon in your 6th house will continue to give you lots of work to do, but you will now begin to benefit from it and see positive results from the effort you have exerted. You will find positive change happening with home and family today as the Moon activates Jupiter in your 4th house.


Creative pursuits and leisure are offered to you today as the Moon moves through her exaltation in Taurus in your 5th house. Freed of the rays of Mars and Saturn, she can provide you good fortune from unexpected places if you choose to trust the universe and let go of the need to work for a little while. Much of this good fortune will come to you from community, as Jupiter is activated in your 3rd.


Home and family will experience growth and development today as the Moon rids herself os Mars’ and Saturn’s influence in your 4th house. Home can be a place of comfort and rest for you as you recover from the challenges of the Mars-Saturn square in your 1st house. Jupiter in your 2nd will help to alleviate any financial stress you may have.


Community engagement and support is strong for you today as the Moon moves through her exaltation in your 3rd house. This is a great day to spend extended time with people you like in your local social circles. The Moon sextiles Jupiter in your 1st, so you will continue to receive positive lessons and growth regarding your sense of self.

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